Newbie aims to earn $2000/mo, few questions!

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Hello everyone,

I've quit my job recently because I got sick of the office/boss environment, since I don't have enough money to startup a new business/store where I live and would prefer to do something other than getting another regular job, at least for now, internet marketing seems like a really great option and worth a shot.

I've saved up some money that will get me going to pay the bills/utilities for a while and to purchase some non-expensive tools to start my internet marketing journey (I already paid to get access to the war room so hopefully that will make things a bit easier).

A few things about me:

- I love using the internet, searching stuff up on google and reading.
- I have basic understanding of HTML and CSS coding, not advanced by any means though.
- I don't require a lot of money to live happily, $2000/mo net income is more than enough (at least as long as I'm single lol) and is my long-term goal.
- I like to have a headache free source of income even if it means less $, e.g I'd happily take a low maintenance without tons of headache $1500 income over $3000 that requires a lot more effort and specially my time.
- I don't live in the states in-case there are some stuff out there that are exclusive to US residents.

Now to the questions:

- What are the main realistic options to make some money online? I don't need a detailed explanation about each, just want to know the major categories I should be looking at and researching. E.g creating websites for google adsense revenue.

- Are forum based sites a bad idea?

- Would it be a bad idea to start online marketing projects with friends and share the workload/revenue? I'm talking about real life friends here who I trust and who I would start real life business with if I ever did that.

- How difficult is my goal to reach? I have a lot of free time right now so I can dedicate my time to it.

- Like every other human, we want fast results, but since I know good things almost never happen fast, how long do you guys think it would take for me to see results and get some income? e.g time to reach any of these marks per month: $200, $500, $1000, $2000

Any help would be really appreciated!
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    Fast results? All depends on you. Try this one - . Some friends are making not much but some money...
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    I think it will be pretty easy: I 'll write the keywords of what you need to do here and you just will have to search for some details.

    You should start making a list of the niche you are in.

    Choose a niche
    Choose a product in that niche to promote
    Subscribe for an autoresponder service like Aweber or Getresponse
    Create a squeeze page and offer something free( you'll find here in the warroom so much useful stuff).

    Then, for fast results, you can buy solo ads( Which is also here on the forum) .. and start earning $$

    I hope this will help,
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      Originally Posted by SarahSalah View Post

      I think it will be pretty easy: I 'll write the keywords of what you need to do here and you just will have to search for some details.

      You should start making a list of the niche you are in.

      Choose a niche
      Choose a product in that niche to promote
      Subscribe for an autoresponder service like Aweber or Getresponse
      Create a squeeze page and offer something free( you'll find here in the warroom so much useful stuff).

      Then, for fast results, you can buy solo ads( Which is also here on the forum) .. and start earning $$

      I hope this will help,
      Careful with this. Almost all solos here are for the ineternet marketing niche. If your niche lies outside IM, you'll be hard pressed to find solo ads for it.

      Enjoy this promotion-free space while it lasts before I get wiser.

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    If I were starting over today and knowing what I know now, here is what I would do.

    I would IMMEDIATELY pick a very profitable niche, that is easy to reach and has a large consumer base that buys most of it's products online.

    Having said that, I would focus 100% of my efforts on listing building.

    Squeeze page>Upsell>Downsell(if upsell was not purchased)>Freebie> Follow-up sequence.

    That simple model can set you up for a great future. I would not spend any amount of time buidling SEO sites,etc......but, that's just me.

    I would focus on learning 1 paid traffic method, inside and out. Than after you master one method, move on to the next. With paid traffic you can drive traffic and gather data ultra fast. Learn how to write copy and learn how to run tests on you pages to ensure maximum conversions.

    I'll say it again, that simple model can set you up for a bright future.

    Once you have your pages converting..........the work is done. Just drive traffic to it.
    Retired Internet Marketer.
    Gone Fishing....
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    1. If you have money to invest, try list building. You can start earning in a couple of months.
    2. If you don't, try Squidoo. You'll need at least a year to REALLY start earning, and it's a bit unsecure now (many accounts have been banned recently).
    3. If you have a little money to invest, try to create a review site: ( You can start earning in a couple of weeks.
    4. You can also try domain flipping, but this method has a long learning curve, and you'll need luck AND hard work.
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      Don't expect fast results because they will not come! IM is a thing which you have to work your ass off, fail miserably, prey that you don't give up, read tons of stuff and then actually figure out how to do it. Unfortunately for you there are tons and tons of crap out there which will direct you in the wrong way and will cost you a few months of your life. This is why I recommend that you google "thirty day challenge by dan rein" and do it! Watch every video, do everything that is asked of you. This will take you from nothing to earning $1 but it will give you the skills required to make a lot more, it is also free.
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    nice information
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    Thanks a lot for replying all and sharing your tips, will make sure to research all of those.

    Please everyone keep posting some more suggestions/tips if you have any.

    Also, just to make things clear, I do Not require an easy or fast route to get rich, I just don't want to waste time on things that work with very very bad odds even when done properly, e.g you can be an excellent football player but the chances of being a pro player in major leagues are slim to none, I'm not interested at all in doing such stuff that have Very low success rates even when done correctly, my luck is bad beyond belief.
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    1. Pick one business that you had confidence to make a lot of money from it.
    2. Create long take action plan to build your business.
    3. Take action and never give up.

    This three step is basic thing to build your own business.
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    1.Find a niche
    2.setup squeeze page
    3.Drive Traffic
    4.Build relationships
    5.Sell /promote other people's products/ Sell your own

    That formula works and is proven.....
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    Whatever you do build business on what you love and have passion for, this type of thinking normally starts from child hood. This will enable you to overcome challenges you are likely to face along the line. My experience has convinced me that there are no really easy and fast way of making money online, it has to be gradually before it picks momentum, which could take months or years depends on how fast you work, resources and focus you are. Its often takes years (I mean building of online business not fly by night type)

    Submit your articles to FREE, approval within 48 hours

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    Hmmm don't you think it would have been a better idea to have some sort of income stream set-up online before deciding to quit your job and focus entirely on IM?

    There are people that haven't made a single cent, yet alone enough to live on that have been grinding for upwards of two years (at least according to some of the posts I've read here).

    I'm not saying you can't make money, obviously. Me and many other people on this site make a full time living online, I just think you should have perhaps either had something in place BEFORE quitting your job instead of starting fresh.
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      Pick a niche is NOT the first step.

      The first step is to sit down and be brutally honest with yourself. Grab a piece of paper and start two lists:

      One is what do you LIKE to do? List every real interest you have, preferably things you already are doing so you have some experience.

      The second list is what skills do you already have? What do you know how to do? Are you good at writing? Can you create videos? Are you good at selling in person? Are you good with people?

      Once you've done this, then and only then, do you consider what direction to go in. Since you've already quit your job, your priority should be to choose something where you have good potential to start getting some sort of income coming in.

      Don't base your direction on what other people tell you because everyone has different interests and skills. What they recommend, because it worked for them, may not be something that will work for you.
      Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
      Fast & Easy Content Creation
      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    I am not going to insult your intelligence here and tell you that anyone can do this. Anyone can succeed online but it takes time. There is no such thing as over night riches. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    The only way I can think of if you want to make $2000 per month is to sell products that will bank you anywhere between $300-$1000 per sale. You would only need to get like 5 per month which is very possible.

    Even then, there is no guarantee that you will make any sales. You need to first and foremost learn about how to market online. This is an ongoing thing.

    Then when you know how to drive traffic, it is all about taking massive action and doing everything possible in your power to drive as much targeted traffic as possible.
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    What I'd recommend is grabbing a chunk of change and finding a good coaching/membership program in the $100-$1,000 range. If you're a newbie, it's probably the best you can do for yourself.
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    Many internet marketers never hit the 2k/month paycheck, an if they do it takes many months and sometimes years.

    Your first mistake is that you quit a job because of its enviornment and you have no backup.

    Your second mistake is that you quit your job without any money to put towards your business.

    You really have to understand that this is a tough business and 90% fail.

    Not trying to turn you away, but you really have to think about the plausible future!
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    I recommend leaving your real life friends out of it. If you decide that you need help on the work load its almost always better to outsource it for cheap.
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    The easiest way to make money online is by offering services or selling products. Since you are not very experienced yet I recommend starting with services. The fastest way would be to make a listing on WF offering your website programming skills or so.. Also you may try using freelance websites such as Fiverr, elance, oDesk.

    That is until you can get some capital to invest into long term business and to support yourself while your at it (so you wouldn't have to find a new job).

    Profitability: depends a lot on what and how you do; you can make a living offering services or you can make nothing at all.

    Shoot me a PM if you need any tips on where to start.
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    Given your pre-qualified skills, why not become a freelance website designer. Charge x amount for the design a recurring y amount monthly as your continuity income.Could have an additional recurring income by managing social media accounts for businesses.

    Relatively simple work, not much hassle either.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
    If you've been looking for a way to get started with an information marketing business then your search is well and truly over. Here is everything you need to get started online.
    Join My 30 Day Challenge
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    traffic > squeeze page
    a)The "thank you page" for the optin form is an affiliate link
    - or an OTO for your own product (can even be plr based)
    b)Promote offers via your autoresponder

    With this, it's possible to make money the very first day with paid traffic. My goal is usually to try to break even within a week or so of tweaking- then I make money/profit from promoting to my growing list.


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    Thank you all very much for the help, lots of great info.

    I'm currently thinking about:

    - Improve my web developing skills and offer my services as a freelancer online and locally, problem is the competition is way too fierce specially from countries like Philippines and India who accept work for very little $.

    - I'm the type of guy that doesn't recommend something that I don't believe in myself even if it sells, not sure if that's called whitehat IM or something, I guess it'll make things even harder to earn cash via IM, but video games, home theaters, playing music & PCs are my passions, would love to find a good niche related to these fields and try my luck in IM.

    - Create something that could potentially explode on the internet, like facebook, twitter, tumblr..etc, I know this is a very very long shot, but one can dream, right?lol

    As for the comments about leaving my job, it really was a dead end job with lousy shift hours and the salary wasn't good enough, I could potentially be offered another job within this month that has stable hours and good pay, if that happened I'll take it just so I can support doing a business (or spending $ on IM related stuff) at the same time and leave once it got good enough, life is too short to spend most of my time working for someone else.
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    Agree with much of what was said above, and will echo it:

    Embrace failure as a way of life for a little while, learn from it, and move on.

    Be a man. Get a job. Work hard, and stay dependable. You're going to have to eat, and use goods
    and services. You're also going to need money to keep moving forward in this business, if you really
    want to do this for a living.

    Also, if your only motivation is money, you're going to get sucked dry and disappointed early and
    often. If your motivation is passion then you'll have tenacity at your disposal regardless of the
    cash flow.

    That said, I'm going to give you some encouragement.

    A $2000/month income is achieved by taking just two (2) web properties to $33/day ea.

    Start with one site and work doggedly until you get it to $33/day ($1000/month). Whether
    it takes 1 month, or two years to get it there, don't stop, don't shift focus to something
    shiny and new.

    If you can just get it to $16/day ($500/month). Then you've already accomplished
    a goal that 90% of new marketers never see.

    From there scale your efforts upward to $1000. Rinse and repeat.

    I don't know what you're into, but I might suggest Amazon niches as a good way to
    get your feet wet.
    • Build (or buy) a well researched Amazon niche product site.
    • Send your traffic to a squeeze page to capture email addresses.
    • Then forward them post-signup to your amazon page where hopefully some of that
      traffic will click your amazon affiliate links and make a purchase.
    • At a later date, send product offerings and reviews to those who signed up
      to your niche list.
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      A dead end job is better than no job at all, there are many folks that would donate a kidney to have what you have just thrown away.

      IM is hard, bloody hard and don't let anyone tell you different. $2000 a month!!!! i hope you make it, prove me wrong but i think your nuts after throwing away a perfectly good income.

      In 6 months you may donate your own kidney to get back that job you just threw away.
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    Thank you for your input, but I am solely depending on myself to pay my expenses for at least the next 6 months, I know when I MUST find work again when I find myself being close to the edge, it's not like I quit my job without thinking things through.

    In the mean time I'm thinking about other means of income and if I got a good job within this period then I'll definitely be taking it.
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      Originally Posted by mgs metallica View Post

      Thank you for your input, but I am solely depending on myself to pay my expenses for at least the next 6 months, I know when I MUST find work again when I find myself being close to the edge, it's not like I quit my job without thinking things through.

      In the mean time I'm thinking about other means of income and if I got a good job within this period then I'll definitely be taking it.
      You have some good things going for you.

      Youth and inexperience being one of them. It is statistically proven that young
      people have a better chance of getting wealthy than older people, simply because
      time is on their side, and since they have less to lose, they tend to take more
      and bigger and better risks.

      I recommend a book about becoming wealthy called The Road Less Travelled.
      It has nothing to do with Internet Marketing, but rather what it takes to become
      wealthy. It's written by the guy who founded Maxim magazine, in small easy
      to digest chapters, and for the record the auther is a hoot.

      Good luck.
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    Never focus on just a single source of income and never put all of your eggs in one basket. That's the best advise I could give as of now.

    Back in early 2010, I created a blog (using a lot of blackhat strategies), my main source of traffic was from the search engine and my main source of income was only google's adsense.

    I was making a decent $900 - $1200 a month, I thought I was smart. Until Google did their major updates, I was wiped away like a piece of dirt. That website right now is as good as trash

    I don't know what you're planning to do but whatever you do, do NOT put all of your eggs in one basket. Try to diversify your sources and have more leverage (leverage is another important aspect you should take note of).

    I wish you all the best in your online marketing endeavor. Have a blessed 2013!
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    this is just an idea I've been throwing around but there are plenty of places to flip websites. One popular way to build a website is javascript sites (I was looking at some) doesn't look hard to learn and is unique. Another type of website is information sites, sites made of articles with adsense.

    You can flip these kind of sites all day long if you learn to make them quickly and well they do not need traffic. In fact script sites fall into the same catagory, classified sites, etc.

    I once bought a WSO from Tony Wang that taught to make a arbatrage site and flip that in fact that WAS in the Warroom I don't know if it still is.

    Flip on ebay
    flip on digitalpoint
    flip on flippa

    all you need is to learn a little about creating sites and installing scripts and get fast at it.

    jd swanson taught this years ago and had a membership site about writing. It's now part of Dennis Beckers which I recommend highly. Anyone that didn't get to see and meet jd really missed out it was amazing what he could create in a day. He's still out here somewhere I actually saw someone mention him. But hiding sadly.

    Search in the search engines theres an awesome report out there that JD gave away that is still applicable today for just what I am talking about. You probably could grab a copy that way.
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    I was all excited about two web properties at 33.00 a day until I heard it might take 2 years to get there and then google can swipe it away.

    Do you really want to depend on google and work that long on a site to see that happen? You need to put your eggs in a few baskets IMHO.

    Catastrophy is a given on here we all have tasted of it. Don't be one who eats it. Be smart.

    Believe me I speak from experience
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