What is your best strategy to get traffic to your site?

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What are some of your favorite strategies to get traffic to your website?
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    Article marketing
    Video marketing
    solo ads
    Forum marketing

    These are my favorites and they do work.
    Keep Pushing And Never Give Up
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    Facebook PPC all the way.
    Pick ONE Business Model. Stick With it. Do not focus on anything else. Also highly suggested: Learn Copywriting, and improve your mindset (Read and follow EXACTLY the instructions in 'The Law of Success'). If you do all of these, it is pretty hard to fail.
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      PPC always work. You can also create a contest in Facebook where you will give something for free for the person who gets the most share/likes. It can boost your facebook page dramatically (more traffic to your site if you're facebook page is interesting).

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    I produce quality content and create relationships with sites that already cater to my target audience. I use quality content to get the relationship going. Quality is the key to sustainable relationships and brands.

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    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    I suggest you to do something permanent and helpful for both increasing traffic and search engine optimization. Before doing so, check out the article for the detailed help on it.

    7 Key Strategies To Get Massive Traffic To Your Website

    1. Forum Advertising and Marketing
    2. Guest Writing
    3. Social Network Marketing
    4. Social Bookmarking
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    Originally Posted by strategic seo services View Post

    What are some of your favorite strategies to get traffic to your website?
    I prefer using free methods like using top article directories, social bookmarking sites, rss directories, forum and blog commenting...When you comment on forums and blogs, make sure they are in your actual niche. On forums, put your blog url in the forum signature. On blogs, put your url in the website url space only. Make relevant comments. Don't spam.

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    Long Sigh ...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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      Originally Posted by salegurus View Post

      Long Sigh ...
      This is the best response to this thread. How many times has the same question been asked in this section of the forum? There's a search bar at the top for a reason if you want to find out what others say about traffic generation and people's favourite traffic methods.

      I don't like saying this but the whole thread and many of the replies just seem to me to be saying "please click my sig link!"
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    If you want instant traffic then nothing is better than sponsored posting.

    But as I always believe in organic & social traffic so I'd suggest you to work on generating high quality back links for Search engine ranking and a good social media campaign so that your content could go viral to more number of audience.
    Monitor Scout - Website & Server Monitoring
    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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    firstly i would like to say very happy new year to you and you are asking about strategy so my strategy to increase traffic is bookmarking and article but i also use forum for my blog forums can increase traffic if you can do it then i will suggest you to do forums posting
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    My list is actually my most vibrant source of traffic. I'm quite big on email marketing - provide decent content, decent tips, real resources to people and it's the most loyal and high converting form of traffic imho.
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    Social bookmarking is just 1 great way you need to work on. IMHO
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    Email marketing and video.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    I used several methods to drive traffic to my website (on a consistent basis):

    1) Guest-Posting
    2) Content Marketing (not on article directories)
    3) Video Marketing (Both Free and Youtube video ads)
    4) Stumbleupon (paid discovery to my youtube video)
    5) Banner Advertisement on different blog networks (same niche or related niche of course)
    6) Press Release (well not always but once in a while)
    7) Relationship building (using social media platforms, mastermind groups and forums.. but not on wf)

    Hope you'll use some of the strategies I've mentioned, they work for me and I believe it will work for you too. If you do it correctly

    Good luck with your business endeavor and have a blessed 2013.

    With regards,
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    High Quality content placed on relevant high authority websites, otherwise known as guest posting.
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    Organic traffic and seo is the best. It is the cheapest way and organic traffic converts better.
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    1. My email lists.
    2. Solo Ads
    3. Classified Ad sites
    3. Social Media Postings
    4. Forum Marketing
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    It depends on the Niche - for my Newbie Neutronium I find posting on the Warrior Forum gets me the most traffic.

    for my www.thingstodowithkidsmn.com I find that article marketing and press releases actually get me the most traffic.

    for my Tomatoes website I have no idea where my traffic comes from but it just keeps growing

    Never give up!

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    Well it depends on what am promoting or selling but generally
    this are my most preferable traffic methods:

    1. SEO
    2. PPC
    3. Solo ads
    4. Email marketing
    5. Social networks
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      My best strategy is safe list marketing because even if I don't
      use it everyday, I still receive a steady flow of click thrus to
      my site. My next best strategy is forum marketing, which needs
      to be done frequently in order to be effective.
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        Leverage is always the best form of traffic...

        you can leverage other peoples lists, websites (banner ads), or effort.
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        What is frequently for you, once per month, once per week?
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    Forum marketing and paid traffic! That'w work best so far

    Don't worry be happy!

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    For this year - 2013, my strategies:
    1. Social media - Facebook & Twitter
    2. Combination SEO & blogging - each blogpost get ranked on the top spot at Google
    3. Forum marketing
    4. Building list - with Aweber
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    Over the 1 year, been doing:
    1. FB PPC
    2. FB page
    3. Contributing on FB groups
    4. Commenting on other blogs

    Hasn't been visiting forums for a while. Have to buck up forum marketing.
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    You can get the lots of traffic from social networking sites.and do forums,Guest-Posting.
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      These days, Social Networking sites are the way to get massive traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ are just examples of social networking websites that are free and can get you organic traffic. These websites have communities where they discuss the same niche that you're into and they're your possible visitors/customers.

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    1. Guest posts
    2. Video/YouTube
    3. Facebook
    4. PPC
    5. Media buys
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    Depends on the type of website (what it promotes / offers), on a general note I prefer these:

    1) Long term steady traffic: SEO, Social Networks

    2) Short term 'Splash' to get the buzz started : FB Ads, Other PPC (only if req.)

    If it's an affiliate offer, I might go for PPV.

    "Be water, my friend" - Bruce Lee

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    Thats the million dollar question on everyones lips, Paid traffic is quick and easy, though stop paying and traffic stops, ppc, ezine, ads, banner ads, solos etc, etc. I use all these all the time, to keep a high level of traffic come to my sites, however I also outsource article writing and get 20 articles every week out the into the ether for residual traffic,, oh and dont forget blogging, it works

    Hers a couple of links to articles that may help

    I include these links to articles not for promotion, they may help

    3 simple traffic generation methods

    Facebook traffic

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    1. Blog
    2. Write posts on trending topics.
    3. In some cases, write a whole blog on just one topic.
    4. Create sought after content which is very linkable.
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  • Profile picture of the author WellnessWriter
    SEO and Pinterest are my top sources of traffic for one of my blogs... I don't get a lot but it's growing every month!

    Need a natural health writer for your blog or website? I can help.

    "Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later." Og Mandino

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    I've been using "nohands seo" software to help create links and trackbacks. My site has gone from 0 to 500 visitors per day in just under six months. I'm happy with the amount of organic traffic I'm getting, but my site is not converting / selling very well. Just a newbie here, but thought I would toss it out there for what's it's worth. Not sure if I'm not getting good "targeted traffic" or my site needs work. Have placed a post for help with it on this site. I could use some help figuring out how to convert if someone is knowledgable in that area. Thanks.
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    Social Media with a lot of effort and time spent maintaining my efforts and profiles as well as most aspects of SEO including on and off page optimization. I very rarely pay for promotional aspects such as PPC unless it is an e-commerce promotion, sale, stock left over etc and it can outweigh any spend on advertising.

    Social Media and SEO are the two big players just now and for 2013.
    Surminga.com - SEO and Digital Marketing Agency

    Here are a few of our Blog's : Social Media Marketing Guide
    Or if you Fancy a Holiday? - Holiday Guide
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    I have used various sources .... and mostly paid ones such as:

    Solo ads

    Also working on article marketing, blog posts etc. and a good balance of all of this works great for me.

    Please do not use affiliate/MLM links in signatures

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    My biggest source is going on TV. That brings in a boat load, but it is a big spike and after seven days traffic is back to normal again. Radio shows bring in some. However, not as much and they are not put on you tube. Put on you tube your TV show appearance. That will bring in a stream of people years later even. Also, make sure to mention the keyword several times in the show. Try to say some jokes and make people laugh as you want to be invited back again and again.
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    Social networking is the way i use to get the best traffic. because it will gives more traffic to the site by making the best content, unique and soon.
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    banner ads
    social media
    video marketing
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    1.solo ads
    2.youtube videos
    3.media buying
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    Facebook PPC and creating content (blogs / articles). Currently focusing my attention to giving value in popular blogs and forums like now
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    Using right keywords plus Social bookmarking sites, facebook, twitter accounts and guest blogging.
    WordPress and Blogging Tips from a seasoned full time blogger running multiple blogs.
    FREE course “Make Money Blogging” - Step-by-step instructions for starting a blog and making money from it.
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  • Ok .... there have been many outstanding warriors on here making their statements, most of which i agree with.

    As far as one strategy I personally use which i have not seen on here...

    1. Go to google, find 10 keywords that have a good ammount of monthly searches to them, try to aim for keywords that answer questions that your audience may have regarding your product/service.
    2. take those keywords, turn them into questions
    3. make 10 videos, 1 for each keyword, and answer the relating question in your video.
    4. rank them on the first page of youtube and google (this sounds hard, but its not hard to do at all)... just go buy one of the many WSOs that have previously been sold on here, for about $20 with fiverr outsourcing services and a bit of personal marketing knopwledge on the topic you can easily rank them within just 1-2 days and have them stay there.

    Then at the end of your videos simply Call your viewers to action, tell them to visit your website to learn more, or for a discount, or w.e the case might be.


    I also like to use fiverr for clients. If applicable you want to offer a smaller package of your service/product or a cheaper version or something tyhat relates to your main service/product on there. Then sell and add value, and more times than not, you will have these people connecting with you outside of fiverr and purchasing your more expensive stuff.

    Hope this helped a bit, best of luck!
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    • Profile picture of the author rossm
      Here's a very simple and free method:

      Whatever your niche is, google "niche + forum"

      Check the activity on these forums, pick the busiest 3.

      Register on each and offer useful solutions to problems, always leaving your signature on each post.

      People who read your post may appreciate the value you have contributed and click your signature, taking them to your site.

      Best way of free targeted traffic I know!
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  • Profile picture of the author SuperKristen
    Selected Social Networking Site
    Selected Forums
    Blog Comments
    Guest Blogging
    Yahoo Answer
    YouTube ........
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    Maybe if you can add your own affiliate program to your site and or product. Then you go out and try and recruite affiliates. If you find one really good affiliate they'll do all the marketing you need and more. The point being if you eventually got 100 affiliates all marketing for you then you dont' have to do a lot of marketing.

    I think another good way is to go on fiverr and find out who's offering advertising packages. Use them. Or on freelancer.com or elance. They all offer various packages they'll do for a fee. I think fiverr is probably the best bang for the buck though. For 100 bucks you can get 20 ad packages. They're probably not that good but they're cheap right.
    EXERCISE: Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds, release. ..... There see you feel better now???
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    My favorite traffic strategy is direct to sit media buys . I use to focus on SEO until 25 of my sites lost their rankings all at once and almost put me in bankruptcy.
    Google is so undependable that I found that SEO instead of being my main focus it is just a added extra now.
    This way I do not ever care about my ranking again because I can get as much targeted traffic as I want!

    The key to traffic no matter what method you choose is to make sure that it is highly targeted to your offer.
    A Simple Formula For Online Success
    This is what's putting money in my pocket Right Now!

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  • Profile picture of the author paul nicholls
    The way i generate traffic to my IM blog is from

    These are the main ones

    My list
    Link bait (getting other blogs to link to me sending me traffic)

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    My best method = CONTENT

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  • Profile picture of the author david haines
    Sorry for a late response. The niche is working from home. The site has tips and info., and trying to introduce opportunites as well. I also have health and fitness material as well as family situational help. I'm trying to monitize through e-books for recipes, e-books for health, fitness, family help. I also have affiliated links for products, and I have my own drop ship products. It is a really divirsed site, that may be why it's not converting well. Don't really know, working on-line is new for me. Computure savy to some degree (enough to build sites without to much difficulty), but not a lot of marketing experience or on line selling experience. A bit of a difficult learning curve for me.
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    Originally Posted by strategic seo services View Post

    What are some of your favorite strategies to get traffic to your website?
    Blog commenting,
    Guest posting,
    Forum marketing,
    Pay per view,
    Ezine Ads and
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  • Profile picture of the author trafficmasters
    Paid traffic, search engines can be unpredictable - one month your on top and the next your on page 7

    Once you have a positive ROI on your campaign you can then outsource SEO so that you can ensure targeted traffic from both areas.

    Social media should also be considered - but this depends on your niche
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    Chris Farrell's membership site offers a good strategy - at least it did this morning. Just checked and the site is down.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Ten
    That best strategies that I have used for driving traffic to my websites have been search engine optimization and social media marketing.
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  • Profile picture of the author thedanbrown
    joint ventures!!

    Whether you need content or traffic to money pages establish joint ventures is the best way to do it!
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  • Profile picture of the author alvinchua91
    1) Article marketing for long term SEO benefits
    2) Guest posting for the same reason as above
    3) Video marketing on YouTube..
    4) Developing a social media presence
    5) Social bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon <-- SU is really good)
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    Check out how Shark Web, Singapore's leading SEO and SEM services company, can help you get on Google page #1 with our effective and safe white-hat SEO techniques.
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    Free methods:
    1. Forum marketing
    2. Social media
    3. Guest Blogging(very effective)

    Paid Method:
    1. Solo ads
    2. FB PPC
    3. Media buys
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  • Profile picture of the author dukegman
    Social Media Marketing
    Forum Posting
    Video Marketing

    These are my favourites and do work for me..

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    Can also do some SEO for longtail keywords. Not so useful to create authority site these days with Google updates
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    Guest blogging any day baby!!!

    Twitter is the bomb too!!!
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  • Forum marketing and SEO
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