what would you sell to an email list in the fitness niche?

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Hey guys!

Currently, I am building an email list in the fitness niche. My question to you is:
what is your recommendations for what to sell to people interested in fitness?

I am aware of clickbank ebooks and other digital products, but I refuse to send an email to my list with an offer, I don't believe in personally.

My ideas right now are things like supplements, training gear, and ebooks (if they are very high quality).

Any ideas I haven't thought about? It just has to be ethical.

Thanks in advance

- Andreas
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    in your follow ups you could promote some amazon products

    the commissions may not always be that high at first but the conversions are usually good

    there are some good clickbank products you just need to be picky and go over the
    product before you recommend it

    if you're going to be staying in this niche i would seriously be thinking about creating your
    own fitness product though just so you can build a buyers list yourself
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    You could write your own ebook, or become an affiliate for a dieting or work out program.
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    Provide them with useful, valuable, free information first. Once you build up their trust first, then you can sell them almost anything. You will receive a higher return doing this over selling to them right away. I would provide information or reviews about training programs, equipment, supplements. Don't stick to just one product, but go for them all. And don't be afraid to give negative feedback.
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    I would go with the same approach as Murphysmurfy above!

    Write your own ebook ! Promote some quality workout programs .etc
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      If I had a huge list in fitness I'd promote either Beachbody or ViSalus MLM's. Can make some good money long term. PM me and I can show you a site I have as well as some others if that idea interests you. If your not into MLM I'd just take the other suggestions mentioned in the thread already.

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    Buy or get review copies of Clickbank offers first before sending to your list. That way you can guarantee the quality.
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      I would suggest the MLM's or ebook products such as Martin Berkhan's Leangains Intermittent Fasting (IF) program. I follow someone who created a membership program that involves a inner circle that consists of many experience lifters and people looking to learn and educate others.
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    Having your own give aways is always a good idea with a fresh list. Informative content that they can translate into an action to see results themselves. As already said here, your own product/service in this niche is the way to go forward. People are in the fitness niche for results and if you can help people achieve these results through practical advice, you're on to a winner!

    Try negotiating with a few other product owners about getting people involved in their course as a case study to promote to your other subscribers. If people see your other members having results with it from a few blog posts on your own website with an affiliate link then your quids/dollars in. =)

    Good luck with it!
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    Own product is best product.
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    Originally Posted by AndreasJacobsen View Post

    I am aware of clickbank ebooks and other digital products, but I refuse to send an email to my list with an offer, I don't believe in personally.
    I'd suggest you take the plunge and gamble to investigate a few.

    That way, when you do hit upon a quality product you can claim back your investment and profit from an beaming pre-sell pitch.

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    See if you can sell Boflex treadmills/stair steppers/ellipticals to your list.
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    Try CPA as a monetization option, and check markethealth for suitable offers for your site/campaigns.
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    Sell them a monthly recurring physically shipped product like Shakeology by Beachbody. They also carry protein bars and supplements. All can be sold on autoship.

    Also review and sell products like P90X, Insanity, Slim In 6, etc...

    If you live in the US and are interested in learning more about Beachbody, just PM me. I'll be glad to provide you with all the information you want and sponsor you into the Beachbody program if it turns out to be something you want to go with.

    Another option you could sell your readers is a online coaching and support service. Lot's of people have questions and need guidance and motivation and are willing to pay for it.

    Rob Whisonant
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    I would suggest you to make a blog or review site reviewing latest offers of fitness equipments, supplements, gear etc and everytime you add a new review to the site, email your list and let them now about it. In the long run, it will increase the traffic to your site and also improve the ranking due to it popularity. You can also add an opt in box to add more subscribers to the site. Hope that helps. Cheers!
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    Forget clickbank. Write your own ebook about workout routines and diets for getting an aesthetic body (google it) that's what most guys look forward to achieving when they go to the gym.
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    There are other places that you can work with for higher commissions. One of them is called Shareasale.com. That website has some great products that will bank you higher commissions.

    What I would also suggest you do is to work with programs that have the potential to earn you monthly residual income so that your income grows as your customer base grows too. Clickbank has some programs for that too.

    I would send them anything that has to do with fitness like how to naturally grow your muscles without drugs, how to work out less and get better results, how to do weight training effectively, the right foods to eat for healthier body.
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    I've been in the fitness niche for over 12 years now and
    have built several different lists.

    In my opinion, the best thing to promote in this niche
    is supplements, and here's why.

    When you promote ebooks, you get a one time sale.

    But with supplements, you get potential repeat business,
    because most people continue to use supplements each

    For me to promote anything, I want there to be some
    kind of built in, repeat sales.

    Supplements can do this for you. Before I sold my fitness
    business, I was an affiliate for several supplement sites.

    I was an affiliate for Bodybuilding.com and I'd often
    write up valuable content about certain supplements,
    I'd send that content to my list, and of course, mention
    how they could get it.

    What I started noticing was, the affiliate checks from
    Bodybuilding.com got bigger and bigger, each month,
    simply from repeat sales and reorders.

    So, that's what I personally like recommending when it
    comes to fitness lists... supplements because of the
    sheer nature of reorders. With most affiliate programs
    giving you lengthy cookies, you can get paid over and
    over again for just one email sent out.

    Heck, I used to get checks from Bodybuilding.com a year
    or so after I stopped sending out offers promoting them...
    and it was all from repeat supplement orders!
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