3-Pronged Profit Plan for 2013 - for Newbies and Strugglers

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Hi Warriors!

I’d love for you more successful marketers to add your insight to this for both the newbies and those who have tried and are still struggling.

What tips can you provide to help our fellow members become profitable in 2013?

Here is my 3-pronged approach:

1. Approach this business as a money buffet.

We all read the horror stories of “all your eggs in one basket” and one problem I see newbies make is in saying to themselves, “I’m going to get one good business model going strong, and then I’ll branch out.

In fact some WF members may recommend that too – but not me. I say that you research your business models. Write it out on a piece of paper – a circle for course creation, a circle for affiliate promotion, a circle for mobile Apps – whatever piques your interest.

Spend time in 2013 learning about 2-4 business models and getting them going. Always be learning. Always. I like to use this free PDF calendar printer http://www.pdfcalendar.com/monthly/ and print out one calendar for each business model. I schedule tasks and work on several things during the week.

Boredom is NEVER a problem for me – and I do NOT panic when anyone shuts down something unexpectedly. I know this goes against the advice of many, but for some of you, it’ll be the right thing.

2. Personalize your profit approach.

Transparency is one of the biggest benefits to my profits. I never claimed to be THE expert on anything. Someone always knows more. So I’m open with that and share my successes and failures – and this can work in ANY niche – weight loss, skin care, whatever.

Personalization is what endears you to people. Okay it might create a few haters too – but who cares about them when you have supportive followers?

My conversion rate is between 20-25% when I review products. Why? Because I implement and show my frustrations, my “fall flat on your face” moments, and the thrill of my successes. No rainbows and unicorns for me.

Being perfect isn’t something people admire. Because they know they aren’t perfect. They like an underdog – someone who rises from the bottom to succeed, because that’s what they’re trying to do and it makes you more relatable.

Make your blog or site a community. Interact with people who comment on your blog – even when you get “big” and have no time. You’d better make time for those people.

3. Work your freaking butt off.

I would have phrased that much more bluntly, but I promised Paul I’d have a cleaner mouth in here instead of my usual sailor talk. (Their house, their rules).

I used to field calls from gurus at 2 o’clock in the morning. They didn’t sleep. There was no 4 hour work week. There might be a 4 hour night sleep once in awhile IF that, but the successful people are working their butt off.

Why? It’s not because they can’t take a day off – they get addicted to what they’re doing. I love my career because I’ve pursued niches and a strategy that fulfills me. Makes me happy reading “you changed my life” emails.

But can I take off when I want? Yes – that’s the beauty of this. A couple of years ago I did a 30 day challenge where I didn’t do any work – all I did was make 1 vlog a day to show what residual earnings had come in that day.

I didn’t promote a single product, created nothing. I just spent 10 minutes a day making a vlog and queuing it up. But that’s not normal – I was just stressing the point of residual earnings and trying to inspire others with that exercise.

Normally, I’m up at 6 AM, working until I go to sleep. But I break when I want. I don’t work if my kid has a school play or if I’m sick. I never fell prey to that myth of push button crap – I knew it took a truckload of elbow grease and I show up every day ready to put everything I have into my business.

What about you, Warriors?

What’s your key to profits? Or, for those who have none, where do you struggle most?

Is it that you think you’re not the expert? Pffft! No one’s THE expert. Learn and share – that’s what this business is all about. Leaders guide, they don’t bestow some miracle on other people.

Y’all have a happy New Year – I know it’s 2013 for some, but here in Texas we’re just getting ready to kick 2012 aside.

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    Great stuff. Tbpo, I think passion is the most important thing a person can have. Because passion almost always leads to ambition.

    However, I have also noticed that passion can have an ugly side, like anything in life.

    Like the nights you stay up working 14 hours, when you know in the back of your mind your brain isn't working, and you are just wasting time. That you'd be far better off just going to bed, and waking up earlier with a fresh mind.

    Or when you become so absorbed in working long days, that you start doing it out of mere habit, rather than truely being effective & efficient.

    I think its just as important to be passionate about life, as it is to be passionate about work. But work should never become a persons life. Humans need recovery time, they need oil, they need peace and quiet, they need breaks as often as possible. I'm always focused on the quality of the work I do, and I always find that the quality of my work changes really fast. Within only a few hours. I also find that my thinking patterns change too. I tend to become hyperobsessed with useless details and lose focus of the larger goal. To me, its always a battle between the right and left brain. The left brain being obsessed with logic and detail, the right brain being obessed with intuition and systemic thinking (aka "seeing things from a holistic perspective").

    I often go into tasks with a perfectly clear head, focused on the larger goal, to find myself completely overwhelmed and stressed out over details. Then I have this habit of "pushing through". Brain hemisphere tests largely suggest that the left side of the brain is arrogant like this. It wants to complete tasks even when its aware the tasks are being done wrong. The right brain is intuitive and always focused on the larger goal. It knows when things aren't going as planned. And the majority of people are not right brain thinkers (unfortunately).

    All I want to mention is when you see this happening, take a break. Step back. Go make a cup of tea, turn on some music (art reactivates the right brain, its pulls a person out of a logic/detail obsessed mindset), distract yourself, get away from work for an hour. I know for myself, this greatly improves the quality of my work. Its too easy to become a slave to your own passions.
    And its to easy to ignore the right side of your brain. Especially when society conditions us never to use it (there are excellent books on this like "drawing on the right side of the brain").

    Anyway, I'm getting carried away now. But great post.

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  • Profile picture of the author Stuart Walker
    Nice post Tiffany.

    “I’m going to get one good business model going strong, and then I’ll branch out.

    In fact some WF members may recommend that too – but not me
    I don't think having a single business is necessarily a bad thing as long as you have multiple traffic sources and it's not reliant on one single means on making money or a third party / something out of your control though like yourself I diversify and have my fingers in many pies so if one thing is no longer feasible I have others to fall back on.
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  • Profile picture of the author GailTrahd
    Thanks Tiffany!

    I agree that diversification is key - whether it is business models or really well planned traffic strategies. The key is not to get too penalized when one, two or three sources of traffic dry up.

    I think that one of the real pitfalls of many WSOs is that they promise the rainbow with a few clicks of the mouse and NO WORK. When did work become a four letter word? Marketing products and services online is the same as marketing offline - except with a different vehicle.

    The difference is that I love what I do and do what I love. If you don't enjoy what you are doing then it really FEELS like drudgery - much worse than work. Give me a good days work and I go to bed satisfied that I have helped others, produced good products and offered quality services.

    #4 Confidence. Be confident in the knowledge you have and get the knowledge you need. When I first started I spent hours learning and doing but didn't have the confidence in my own knowledge. I could intubate a child, diagnose medical conditions and prescribe medications but picking up the phone or writing an email freaked me out Find your confidence and believe in YOURSELF!
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    Accurate, Researched and REFERENCED
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    • Profile picture of the author jakejoh10

      Reading your post was a breath of fresh air, and an inspiration for someone who just started internet marketing.

      I'm a student-athlete, and I love to write, so I've been writing articles and running my blog along with going to college.

      I wake up at 5 AM to write articles (during school, thank God for Christmas break ) before my earliest class, which is at 8 AM.

      And I do it because I want to. My friends and roommates call me old man because I go to bed at ten and wake up at 5 to a few cups of coffee, read books and write blog posts, and get on with my day; while they're playing video games until 2 AM and sleeping until noon.

      I know 2013 is going to bring me great success as I continue to learn and work hard, and I thank you and the rest of the Warriors for taking the time to give newbies like me advice on how to be successful in this business.

      Happy New Year,

      If you have any fitness or nutrition related issues, head over to
      JJStrength for tips on getting fit and staying healthy.
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      • Profile picture of the author TiffanyLambert
        Originally Posted by jakejoh10 View Post

        I wake up at 5 AM to write articles (during school, thank God for Christmas break ) before my earliest class, which is at 8 AM.

        And I do it because I want to. My friends and roommates call me old man because I go to bed at ten and wake up at 5 to a few cups of coffee, read books and write blog posts, and get on with my day; while they're playing video games until 2 AM and sleeping until noon.
        Well we know who's going to be successful now, don't we?

        I try telling my oldest son this - he wanted to take 9 hours in college this semester because he was working. I was like, "Um, no - I was a single Mom who worked AND took a full load of classes and made Dean's list and if I did it with a kid, you can do it solo."

        Gotta push hard - especially when you're young and full of energy

        Good for you!!
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        • Hi Tiffany, let me admit I'm one of your newsletter readers, and I've especially appreciated your last email of the year (at least checking the time in Italy, where new year started more than one hour ago).

          The three tips you provided are really good, and I hope any newbie will use them as a daily routine, because they are really able to make a change.
          It's real that to make money you have to put all of yourself at work, but it's also real, and you said it, that you can stop whenever you want for other most important things (family, for example).

          So I wish you Tiffany, and all the others on Warrior Forum, a spectacular and profitable 2013!

          Thanks so much and see you soon!
          Alessandro Zamboni
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  • Profile picture of the author kerrymc
    Thank you Tiffany for this advice. As a relative newbie it's something I will be taking notice off & it helps me to make my plans for 2013 more focused & not so overwhelming.
    Have a fabulous 2013 mate cos' I'm going to!
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  • Profile picture of the author intergen
    My tip is to recommend that everyone who wants to succeed in the IM space to read "The Lean Startup".

    I see too many people asking for feedback and permission. Go get it people - and it doesn't have to be perfect.

    Get a site up (or even a test site) and have testing software installed (Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely) and get started immediately. Test, test and test some more.

    Your customers will interact with your site and give you the best feedback so you can make changes and move towards making cash.

    Bottom line - too many wait for the best circumstances. There is no such thing as perfect. Just do it - get started. A heat seeking missile is never on target until it gets to its target - when it is fired it continually keeps making adjustments again and again and again until it hits its target - its never perfectly on target.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeffery
    Excellent advise Tiffany. I think I am like you in many ways and one of those ways is too seriously dig into a project be it something old and certainly something new. That does not mean I will become a expert, but it does mean that the end result will be professional and informative to the market.

    Only one suggestion for beginners and that is to.. Create a product or service that 100% of the target market requires to be successful and make it available to them. Scale it up when warranted.

    Recently, I pulled out a eight year idea collecting dust in my "book of ideas" that I knew for certain would be a good earner. The road block was the technology to make it happen. After working my butt off on the code and new advances in technology it is now "bank".

    Like Tiffany says.. "Work your freaking butt off"

    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    • Profile picture of the author Tina Golden
      I'm one of those people who teaches to get one thing going before branching out. While I see your point, I think most people can't handle juggling several projects at once - at least not at first.

      I'm talking about real newbies, who have to learn all the technical stuff AND the business stuff. I believe it's more effective to get all the techie learning out of the way first, then when it's time to diversify, it will go much easier.

      However, I definitely agree you should never have all your eggs in one basket. You can add multiple sources of income while sticking to one business model, though.

      The rest of your post I agree with completely, though.
      Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
      Fast & Easy Content Creation
      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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  • Profile picture of the author wfhblueprints
    Hey Tiffany,

    This is an excellent post for a number of reasons, but I want to echo you work your freaking butt off comment!

    If anyone gets any thing from this thread is that they need to take action.

    Every single day you've gotta be asking yourself what you've done to move your business one step closer to its goals...

    Ill go further before you even start on a task ask yourself whether that task will get you closer to your goals or not....if the answer is no, then drop it and start working on something that will!

    That simple question will make you take the right sort of action...

    Which leads to my next tip....write your goals down.

    What are they? What do you want to achieve? By when do you want to achieve this? How are you going to achieve this?

    Make sure you know what your goals are and how you are going to get there. Not only will this help you focus....it will prevent that shiny object syndrome which causes newbies to buy neverending push button products.

    Hope everyone has a smashing 2013!

    Kind regards,

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  • Profile picture of the author Monkeh
    Self control!!! Three phrases for 2013:
    Self control, Actions, This is easy!

    Live by these phrases. Become succesful.
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  • Profile picture of the author ProServices
    Tiffany, this thread is a gift to newbies and experts. Really feel inspired to make 2013 the best business year.
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  • Profile picture of the author Slazengeer
    Originally Posted by TiffanyDow View Post

    Normally, I'm up at 6 AM, working until I go to sleep.
    This sentence inspired me. Really!!!.
    Thanks for great advice Tiffany.
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