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Hello all. I hope to eventually be contributing to this forum as an expert, but now I need some advice as a newbie to IM.

I've recently created an ebook on sight reading music and put it up on Clickbank with the highest commission they allow. Now I honestly have to admit that I have no idea where to go from here, or if what I've created is even attractive to affiliate marketers.

So if you wouldn't mind taking a look and providing some brutally honest feedback (I can take it), I would really appreciate it.

The site is simplesightreading (dot) com. Add /affiliate for that landing page.

Thanks for your time!
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    landing page looks okay, not watched the video yet though if I'm honest.

    to get started to market it I simply reccommend going to where the people who want to learn this kind of thing. Whether it be in music tuition style forums, or music forums in general. Maybe look on YouTube under videos where people have already uploaded such videos. Maybe start a collection of your own free videos to share some valuable information with readers/viewers.

    Maybe run a blog section on your website too that could target specific keywords. Maybe to talk about certain additions to the paid only area such as new lessons. You should also probably sign up for an AdWords account and claim a free voucher and the same with Yahoo and test out some keyword (post research of course).

    Hope these help you getting started.
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    forgot to mention in that post too that you dont appear to have an opt in form there for people who may just want to claim some sort of free information that you can share, some kind of related report, maybe an inclusion of part of your paid product/service who want to build up more of a trust in the type of information they can expect.

    A money back guarantee alone will not secure trust, it's helpful and polite to advertise that fact but you need to establish credibility/authority first.
    If you've been looking for a way to get started with an information marketing business then your search is well and truly over. Here is everything you need to get started online.
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    It's a decent start but can be improved a lot. First, get rid of the questions up top. Replace them with a benefit-oriented headline. How will someone who wants to learn sight reading feel when they've mastered it? That's what belongs up top.

    The next thing you NEED to fix right away is the massive blocks of text in your letter. People see that and they click away pronto. Make your paragraphs two to three sentences at the most. Good luck.
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    Hi Brian -

    Here's what I see:

    1. Watched the video and it is nicely done. Take the suggested videos off the end of your video - it is distracting and you'll lose people.

    2. If you can re-record the video I would try it with a more upbeat tone in your voice. NOT salesy -just more upbeat.

    3. Take the questions off the top of the page as TravlingGuy noted above immediately and make that space about the BENEFITS of learning to sight read - what it will make the person feel like or how it will help them. . . reduce private lesson time, playing at parties, improve their performances etc.

    4. Not only does the text have blocks but because it's colored and boxed I thought it was a massive testimonial at first - without reading it. The testimonials on the right are fine in the different color - the main page should be white.

    5. Graphics are nicely done.

    6. Put an optin box on the page - either that pops over or in the right column above the testimonials. Those that won't buy immediately may be tempted to get on your list.

    7. Make the headline more clear - take off the drop shadow.

    8. Main text should have bullet points and subheadlines for those who just won't read the whole thing.

    9. Stress your expert status a bit more in the video, the headline or the bullet points - I don't mean in all three places, just pick one of those

    10 You have two comparison charts on the bottom of the page - can you combine them? One graphic really fits the page (top one) and the bottom one looks a bit less like it belongs.

    Understand it's my opinion

    Have a Happy New Year!
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    If you query was on how to make it more appealing and market it to direct customers - 8485marketing, GailTahd have given a neat roadmap on things to do for you. Excellent pointers there.

    If you were however asking on how to make it appealing for would still need to do all of that, and then promoting it on a JV site, or consider running a WSO, and such. Is that the direction you are looking at?

    "Be water, my friend" - Bruce Lee

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    If I had a list in that niche, I probably wouldn't send it to that page.


    because when I look at it, it doesn't look like the person who made it has studied copy writing and sales letters, and therefore it probably wouldn't have a decent conversion rate. I'd end up having to do ton of work pre-selling and doing everything the sales letter should have done.

    Grab a dan kennedy book on writing sales letters.. it's one of the best investments I ever made.


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    As far as making your offer more attractive to affiliates, make it easier for them.

    Write an e-mail follow-up series they can just dump into their auto-responder or use in solo ads. Give sample ad copy for PPC campaigns. Do more extensive keyword research and share your results. Identify on-line communities where there will be people interested in your product and share these with your affiliates.

    Create a two-way relationship with your affiliates. Setup a facebook fan page where they can communicate with you, and with each other. Consider if there is a way to rebill with your offer, so you can make recurring commissions available to your affiliates.

    Build a MASSIVE list with this premade, highly optimized funnel plus $16 front-end commissions

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      Thanks everybody for the feedback. It's important to know what I don't know. I'll look into making the changes you have all recommended. I tried to look at other sites as a guide. Anyone have some great sites I can model after?

      By the way, how do you thank someone for their response? I see the "thanked" part of your profile, but don't see where I can do that.

      Thanks again for the great advice!
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    Hi Brian,
    Have a look on the forum here for someone called Jamie Lewis. Hes big in the music niche, mostly producing your own music using software he has developed. Not directly your field but he's a hugely successful marketer in general. One of those rare 7figures a year kinda guys. If you cant find him on here try looking up IM With Jamie or Income Entourage. These are two products of his that have had massive success for the students involved. May be very much worth your while getting involved in one of these.

    Jamie is a cool guy and gives clear and sound advice.

    Oh, and the way to thank people is just to press the thanks button that appears in the bottom right of each post made.

    I wish you well with this site. Hope it brings you much success in 2013.
    If you've been looking for a way to get started with an information marketing business then your search is well and truly over. Here is everything you need to get started online.
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    I wouldn't look too much into modeling other pages/sites ... go to the source, grab a copy writing book at amazon.

    I know - repeating myself


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