Paid traffic for buidl list

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Which paid traffic is good for building list,

By the way happy new year, warriors
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    Depends on your niche.

    If you're in the Internet Marketing niche, then use solo ads.
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      Try mobile marketing. I have had success in Dec 2012 in the IM niche where I was paying as low as $0.03 per click through a mobile media ad network. I got to choose the demographics and geographics targets and got about 43 new signup leads and two sales. I think this could work for your listbuilding needs.
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      Originally Posted by rmolina88 View Post

      Depends on your niche.

      If you're in the Internet Marketing niche, then use solo ads.
      may i know what is the meaning "solo ads"?
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        Originally Posted by kampret262 View Post

        may i know what is the meaning "solo ads"?
        In super basic terms, a "Solo Ad" is when you (generally) pay someone to mail THEIR email list, on your behalf, with a recommendation and link to your free optin offer squeeze page.
        Source - What Are Solo Ads and Ad Swaps?

        Don't worry be happy!

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    yeah it does depend on what niche you're in

    if it's the IM niche then solo ads work well

    some other paid methods that work well are:

    media buying
    private banner ads
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    Actually i am interest in weight loss and anti aging vertical
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      Originally Posted by thisisraz65 View Post

      Actually i am interest in weight loss and anti aging vertical
      I hope you have some serious money . Theres loads you could do PPC (Adwords, bing, yahoo etc...) Solo ads, advertisements on websites, media buys, social media... But yeah as I said above, them niches are expensive so be prepared.
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    If you are just starting out some suggestions as above are great, I was in the Health and Fitness niche and have contacts such as Vince Delmonte, Craig Ballantyne, Holly Rigsby and Patrick Mcguire. I would personally get in contact with some of these popular guys, it's worth a shot and tell them about your ideas.

    If not (If you have a product) JV Giveaways are a great way to get a list building, then working your way up to Solo Ads if you can't afford to pay for them. But then again if you have a great offer, then there's no reason that the price of a Solo Ad, would highly work in your favor.
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    i would think FB ads and/or Google AdWords would give you the best results for the niches you're interested in.

    those two would help you laser target the demographic you're trying to reach.

    if you can find solo ads for that niche and/or afford them as well, that would also be a great way to get good quality paid traffic.
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    Use cheap link redirect traffic. They are so cheap that you can focus most of your resources on making alternate landing pages to pick up leads. You have to keep tweaking your materials though. At first, you won't get too many conversions. Keep at it though.
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    I wish there were more Dating solo ads
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    Do media buys. This is among the methods you can use to build a responsive list in any niche.
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    Forums are good places to collect leads. Make sure that you get involved to proper forums which related to your niches for the list building.
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    Solo Ads
    Direct Advertising (buying links on blogs in the same niche)
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    Solo Ads are what I've been focusing on I've been able to build my list with them (in the IM niche).

    Next month's focus is going to be on PPC, and thanks to a comment on this threat, looks like I'll look into mobile PPC as well.
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      Adwords works great! There area things that you should take into consideration though.

      How To Rank A Website Fast And Start Making Money In The Process! Visit The Link Below!

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    I recommend CPV.
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    PPC, Media buy are good. But before get start, make sure do some homework and stand by some fund.
    Earn $1,037.69 in daily is NOT a big amount.
    I can show you how to do this.

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    This year I am going to try FB traffic seriously! I´d like to build a fresh list...
    Solo ads worked quite well for me in 2011 - 2012 :-)

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  • Solo ads, ppc, ppv but of course you also need a good converting squeeze page
    How I Generated 140,302 Visitors In Just 30 Days Using 100% Free Traffic: Click Here To Find Out
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    Write on forums which are in the same niche.

    Provide useful answers to questions and post great content.

    Place a link in your signature to your bog. Free traffic!
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    If your niche is IM, then usually part of the answer you will receive is solo ads.

    Solo ads can still work but keep in mind the effectiveness of the average solo ad has gone down. The prices have generally gone up while the quality has generally gone down. If you are going to use them, it's better to purchase from solo ad sellers who include their buyer's list. Make sure it is someone you can trust and make sure to track your results, which you should be doing anyway.

    In my experience, it is better to use a variety of methods and to think a little outside the box. For example, you can purchase ads (banner ads, text ads, etc) from other sites in your niche. Bypass the networks and approach site owners directly. If you search hard enough, you can find great sources of traffic at great rates and traffic that hasn't been beat to death.
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