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Can anyone offer some advice here. I'm competent in creating websites and stocking them, i have a local TLD website for a niche product created, i have the T&C wrote up and manufactures found and ready to supply it with the products for retailing in areas reasonably local.

I don't have much additional money to invest in SEO and various other areas to promote the site and make decent sales fast, however, i am going to approach colleges and institutes to make contact with some students/course goers to get help in return for giving them a portfolio or other.

My question is, when i approach the colleges/institutes, who am i looking for? Would anyone here be able to name out the kind of students e.g. digital marketing students (but i think that is too broad) that i should be seeking to complete the process.

If you were me and were setting out to find 3 different people who are in, or just out of education pertinent to what i am doing, who would you seek with regard to where they are knowledgeable in?
Please give me some information on this, thank you.
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    As far as I understood, you are looking for a college student that might be able to help you with SEO. If this is the case, just post an ad in local universities and write in it, that you're looking for a student with some SEO knowledge. Computer science students might be into this field, although this isn't always a rule. SEO isn't something they teach you in classes, it's a "discipline" one can only learn by working in a company or by experimenting on his own.
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    I think that if it were me I would either:

    a) Outsource to someplace like Romania or the Philippines and have someone who knows what they're doing help. It won't cost much and you'll likely get someone with experience, vs a college student who doesn't have any.


    b) Get one of the WSOs like Signal Pigeon and just learn how to do it yourself. It's also cheap (or at least was) and will take about an hour and a half to watch the video/get familiar with the PDF. (I have no affiliation with Signal Pigeon at this time, just think it's a good product.)
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      Thanks for the replies, very good ideas there but would i be wrong in seeking just "digital marketing" students or are there more specific students that i should be seeking because before trying other things i want to give that a go. An older brother of mine in his late 20s attends a college but he's not sure who i am looking for.
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