Amazon Conversion Rate?

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Just a simple question here. What is a good conversion rate for Amazon?
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    What conversion rate do you need to get, to make it worthwhile? It really depends on the price of the items you're promoting, whether or not you're capturing emails (so you can get repeat sales) etc etc etc.

    If you convert 2 out of a 100 clicks, is that worthwhile for you? Is that profitable, considering your average sale and the cost of getting the traffic?

    Good luck,
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    A good conversion rate is the one that you're happy with for the amount of traffic your driving (and your efforts).

    The amount of traffic (plus the direct and indirect costs associated to generate it) is crucial. If you conversion rate is 30% but you only have 10 visits a month, you could be happy with the conversion rate but your income will be probably too small.

    Always this about your conversion rate in terms of traffic generated & income. I never compare my conversion rate with others for several reasons:
    • those that are posting their conversion rate most of the time won't also post the niche they're in (for obvious reasons)
    • you have no idea on the quality of the traffic they generate
    • you have no idea about the quality of the content they produce
    • and they don't usually post the amount of traffic they receive (although they could)

    Think about the following imaginary scenario:

    John has a website about potato peelers and has a 14% conversion rate while driving around 500 visitors a month. Amy owns a website about tv stands and has a 6% conversion rate while driving 26.000 visitors a month to her website.

    At the end of the month John smiles for his conversion rate, while Amy is probably enjoying life while traveling the world

    PS: I think everything related to conversion rates and benchmarking is way more complicated.
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    The thing you have to remember with Amazon is that your referrals have to buy basically straight away, as the cookie only lasts twenty four hours. So if they come back tomorrow and buy what you sent them for, you won't get credit.

    For that reason, you can expect Amazon conversion percentages to be relatively modest.

    As the folks above say, whether you like the conversion rate you get or not can depend on circumnstance.

    However as for what you might call "normal", I'd suggest it's very common to get between 2% - 5%. If that's where you're at, be happy with the rate but keep trying to tweak your approach to increase your conversion.

    It's a sign you're doing quite well and should keep replicating and scaling if you're getting 5% - 15%. This is still a common rate and is very achievable with good niche selection and content.

    It really comes down to picking the right market and being effective at giving them what they're looking for.
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    Conversion rates for Amazon are around 2%-3% and 5% is considered a very good figure. Rarely will you see conversions beyond 5% though I have seen claims of 8% without any solid proof.

    I believe in giving a simple answer to a "simple question" :-).
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    All depends. Last month, I got 16%. Some months I get 5%. Fluctuates.
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      Originally Posted by ldiaz117 View Post

      All depends. Last month, I got 16%. Some months I get 5%. Fluctuates.
      Do you have proof of the 16%. Just kidding based on the statement above yours. I would say 5-8% would be considered damn good.
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        Great insight, I would say the same 5-8% is pretty good. Like some warriors pointed out sales volume and niche market will make a difference in your results and happiness. Maybe you give up on a niche market, look for another better one, etc. Someone here once put it like, leave the dogs behind and run with the Stallions.

        All the best.
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    I'd say around 3-5% is the norm, higher conversion rates around the holidays. Also will depend on the products you are promoting. For instance I have set up a review for a relatively new product that targets the product number on my site and the conversion rate is around 50%, other sites I might get 50 views a day on and only convert 4 or 5 products a month.
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    Amazon a leader in e-commerce market provides some of the best features and deals.It has one of the best conversion rates since people like to purchase products from amazon easily.
    Please stop promoting your website in your posts.
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