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Hi all, I intend to upgrade my basic, non-for-profit blog (dedicated to topics on my main line of work (resources sector)) into a money-making authority site. Which monetising strategies work best for these types of sites? I was thinking of adding directory and news sections to the existing blog, and then selling advertising. Any other options? Should I maintain this strategy, expand it to other avenues?

Thanks a lot for your comments and observations.
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    First off, you need to get the word out about your site.

    Be a busy body and blog, then distribute that content onto directories, spread it through social media and whatnot.
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    My Experience (Chinese Blog)
    Post high quality articles like tutorial, review, latest world news ...etc.
    3 - 5 Articles per day.
    You will get more traffic and revenue.
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    Hi Andrew,

    In the Resources sector, you could also create and sell short, laser-focused reports on specific topics e.g. "Special Report: China's Radical Rethink On Steel in 2013-2014" or research reports on specific companies in the sector like BHP Billiton.

    With a good Analytics package like GA or Statcounter, you'll be able to see what your current visitors are already interested in and create reports along those lines e.g

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    Is there software your industry uses? If so, and I suspect the software merchants don't have formal affiliate programs, approach the leading software providers and arrange a referral deal.

    I did this in a very niche industry and do very well with it. If the software is cloud software and they charge clients every month, be sure to require recurring commissions where you get a % every month from every referral. A decent % for SAAS cloud software is 20 to 35% RECURRING. In fact, I'd only promote recurring commission software. In 2 years you can have a full time income just from this if your blog is an authority in the industry.

    Also, ask the merchant for a small, exclusive discount for your readers. This way you can promote the heck out of it to your readers and come across as a good guy by offering the discount. I also did this and it's been an excellent selling feature.

    If the merchant says "how do we track referrals" ask them to simply set up a landing page for your referrals. It's old school but it works. They also provide you a discount code your readers provide which tracks sales to you. Yes, this works ... I'm doing it with 2 merchants.

    Other products ... think about what your target audience uses. I'm assuming they are businesses. The sky is the limit ... consider:

    Insurance (many industries have niche insurers)
    Credit Cards
    General business services - marketing, software, etc.

    Can you promote physical goods? If so, check out Amazon and

    Businesses need so many things/services and if you're an authority within the industry, it's super simple to build a loyal audience. Treat them like gold. Give away killer info on your blog and via email marketing. It works.
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    Excellent guys, thank you so much for your insightful comments. I've laid out the changes I want to make in the blog (add a news aggregator and write an editorial 1-2ce/week, an international company directory, a jobs/education reference, and an investor's area with updated stock quotes, etc). Hopefully all this extended, continuously updated information will bring in a steady #viewers and a nice passive income; my concern now is how to automate the inflow of information so that the site only requires part-time hours as I plan to maintain my offline work the main one, at least for the middle run. Is it realistic to create such type of site and expect to maintain it, say 1-4hs per day?

    Thank you all again for your very valuable comments.
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