Is it worth using iSnare's article distribution service?

by ripsnorta2 9 replies
I know eZineArticles are the best article directory around, and that a lot of article marketers use them to send traffic. However, I was wondering if iSnare's article distribution service is worth using.

I'm thinking more of getting backlinks to my site, but of course any extra traffic wouldn't be frowned upon.

They also seem to be reasonably priced.

Does anyone have any experience or opinions of iSnare?
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    Hi there,

    I've used iSnare in the past and found it to be pretty good. You have to remember that a lot of the smaller article directories don't get a lot of traffic and some search engines aren't keen on duplicate content.

    However, others don't care about that and it works really well for you in those search engines.

    I'd recommend give it a go, track the results and see how well it works for you - then you'll know exactly how beneficial it is for you.

    All the best

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        I've tried other services, but I always come back to them. They do take their time sending out, but if you submit regularly, there will always always be something getting distributed.
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          I have good results with I got many sales from the website traffic that was distributed by isnare.

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    I've had pretty good results from isnare. It's a quick and hassle-free way to get your articles distributed, as well as to get some backlinks.
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      Thanks guys.

      I took Jason's advice and gave it a go. I rewrote one of my EZA and bought a few distribution credits.

      Topgun, it does sound like they take a while. They state on their site that it can take seven days for article approval. I guess they're a smaller operation than EZA and that slows them down.

      Anyway, I guess in a week I'll see what happens.

      Just a further question. iSnare states that they distribute to 40,000+ publishers. Does this mean that I'll be getting 40K+ backlinks, or is the number somewhat smaller than that?
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