Article Marketing Case Study: Is Direct Linking Better Than Blog/Landing Page?

by Damz
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Dear Fellow IMers;

I was researching on my article marketing campaigns.

A. I redirect my traffic from articles to the product page.
I bought a .com domain very similar to the product URL and just redirect the domain to the product page.

B. I build a niche blog and post some related articles and redirect my article traffic to that blog.

The results was amazing.The Method A is more profitable than Method B.

I assume the reason is bellow.

A. I presell correctly in the article and then directly point my readers to the product page.No more waiting.No more readings.They get what they read in my article.

In this method I can send all of my URL clickers to the product page.

B.When I redirect my article readers to my blog/landing page they just forced to read more.And some times they might not click on my affiliate links and some times they just go away.
In this method considerable amount of my URL clickers are dropped.

So what do you think about my experiment?

What's the best method you're using?

A squeeze page with email marketing is worth more than above two methods?

In long term/SEO a blog is more profitable?

Thanks a lot.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shannon Herod
    Great test!

    Now do this, link your article traffic to a squeeze page and then after they optin send them to the aff. offer.

    Then follow up with the list and build a relationship. The whole time keep reffering more products.

    Let me know how that test works out ;-)

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  • Profile picture of the author Takuya Hikichi
    You're so right, but not only that, you'd have to buy a separate domain if you want to redirect straight from

    I have a whole ebook discussing this method and how that has worked for me if anyone wants to download (no opt-in needed, straight to zip file).

    Your question about long term SEO effect. If you get lots of clicks coming to that link, Yahoo will pick up your domain quickly. Google will take longer because they don't start placing value on new domains immediately.
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    • Profile picture of the author redrossero
      Is it ok to do re-direct from EZA to a cj PRODUCT? I saw that people do it for clickbank prodocts not for CJ or Amazon.
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      • Profile picture of the author PatriciaJ
        Originally Posted by redrossero View Post

        Is it ok to do re-direct from EZA to a cj PRODUCT? I saw that people do it for clickbank prodocts not for CJ or Amazon.
        Clickbank products are affiliate links and most directories don't allow affiliate links.
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  • Profile picture of the author JPaston
    There's no reason why you can't apply this strategy to any product for which you are an affiliate, as long as you use the intervening 'link' domain.

    Actually I think it is worth doing both A and B strategies. Publish your articles on a review blog as well as sending them to EZA. But link from EZA direct to your own domain which links through to the salespage. That way you get traffic from articles and Search Engines.
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    • Profile picture of the author reynald2790
      All I can say about your experimenting is great. We article marketers must do try many ways to get high traffics. Even we purchase a lots of efforts and time just to hit the goal but it is worth trying too. Keep up the good work.

      "All I can say is Don't stop earning new knowledge"

      Hi! I am Reynald Laque Logan | Reynald Logan Dreams, 22 years old. Living in Dumaguete City “The City of Gentle People.” I am a pure Filipino Citizen. I am a Freelance Provider preferably working at oDesk.

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