Can anyone estimate the value of a forex email list?

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Hi I was wondering if someone with direct experience can tell me approximately how much a forex opt-in email list with 15000 subscribers would cost if I wanted to purchase one? I know there's multiple factors involved but I am just looking for a ball park estimate. Thanks
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    Originally Posted by beatstockpromoters View Post

    Hi I was wondering if someone with direct experience can tell me approximately how much a forex opt-in email list with 15000 subscribers would cost if I wanted to purchase one? I know there's multiple factors involved but I am just looking for a ball park estimate. Thanks
    $5 - $5,000?

    Your question is to broad so we can't really tell you how much.

    Lists normally depend on age and how many people have them.

    The older the list, the less it will cost because it's probably dead.

    A new list with hundreds of owners will be worthless because they are all spamming it.
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      As is true for any list, its real value is in the strength of the relationship between the subscribers and the person to whose list/business they've subscribed.

      The main reason that email marketing works, and that lists have "value" at all, is that people buy from/through people whom they know and trust.

      If I build a list of 15,000 forex subscribers, it'll be enormously valuable to me, because I'm the person whose recommendations those subscribers trust. It'll have almost no value at all to you, though. And vice-versa, of course.

      For these and other reasons (some mentioned by Razzy just above), nothing devalues a list as much as selling it.

      Originally Posted by beatstockpromoters View Post

      Can anyone estimate the value of a forex email list?
      No ... no, they can't, really. I think Razzy's suggestion above of $5 - $5,000 is a pretty good one, and you probably won't/can't get a more accurate or meaningful suggestion than that, really. Call me a skepchick, but if I had to guess, I'd say that the price is likely to be closer to $5,000 and the value to a purchaser much closer to $5.
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    Alexa's right, I'm a pro in that niche, buying leads is worthless, you need to be an expert and build a relationship over time, years, as with any valid approach. I like that price/value insight, exactly right. Alexa's posts have always been among the most valuable of any here at wf, because she's right in what she says virtually all the time wtg
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    You would be best selling it with the site they opted in from. As a list alone (as has been pointed out) is pretty worthless. However a list of buyers/free opt ins with the site they opted in at would be worth something.

    You could then value your site & list on the basis of your last 12 months revenue.
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  • I appreciate the response from everyone that replied. Is it even possible to legally send to a list that you purchased? I would assume people would need to opt-in to a new email address if using something like Aweber.

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      Originally Posted by beatstockpromoters View Post

      Is it even possible to legally send to a list that you purchased?
      This isn't a good place to ask for (or to take) legal advice, especially on this subject, on which many people have strongly-held but ill-informed opinions and fail to appreciate that it varies from country to country.

      The honest answer is that it doesn't really matter anyway, because they'll typically be people who've been spammed to death from having their addresses sold so many times, and you won't get anything back from it anyway.

      The reason why commercial autoresponder companies won't let people import and use these lists is that they cause "spam reports" and complaints from ISP's, and those are the same reasons you wouldn't want to send them out yourself either, because if you do that, it would be your internet-connection, hosting, domain-registration and so on that are placed at risk.

      And all of that's without even thinking about "legal" considerations at all.
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    I think it's better if you buy solo ads, rather than buying the list itself. It's cheaper and more effective.
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      I don't peddle false hopes, nor am I a dream merchant, so I don't know anything about marketing Forex stuff. However, I do know that currency trading is the purview of folks like George Soros, multi-billion dollar international companies and International Banks.

      It is a Zero Sum game. For every dollar you lose (which MOST will do in Forex or any other trading schemes) someone else gains that dollar. Nobody makes any money without somebody losing theirs.

      Again, what the hell do I know. But that doesn't stop anyone else from posting their opinions, so here is my take.

      Don't pay much at all for a Forex list as I would imagine you have a list of 'once bitten twice shy' type of folks if they have at all implemented any bots or techniques they have received from the list they are on.

      The vast, vast majority of people who think that they too can become George Soros and actually try their hand at Forex will lose their ass. And in a highly leveraged market, like Forex, it can happen quick. I have seen claims of scripts working off of pip movement, but all of those rich folks I mentioned earlier have those too. Zero Sum game. Your script is competing against other traders and other trader's scripts. Traders like Internationl Banks that run black box type trading schemes.

      International Bankers scripts will always be better than any IMers - and it is a Zero Sum game. For every dollar won, somebody must lose that dollar.

      Not knocking on people who market Forex stuff, just providing my honest opinion for those thinking about purchasing a list. Ask yourself who is on that list. Maybe it is a list of shiny object seekers, thinking that for $27 they will be handed the secrets to making a killing in the Forex market.

      People that are on this list are looking for a quick fix to financial problems with no effort. These people seem to not learn and will continue to buy the next shiny object, so maybe this list is a goldmine.

      ... But it is a goldmine for dream merchants and hope peddlers. The real question on the value of your list is determined by how astute and realistic they are. The more astute and realistic, the more likely they are to not open your email. I'm sure there are people that provide useful information to their Forex list, so don't get your panties in a wad over my post if you are in the Forex schtick, but like anything else, were it that lucrative and that easy, like all of the squeeze pages make it sound, all of your efforts would be focused on how to make more money trading currency, like the billionaire George Soros, not Internet Marketing and selling Forex information/scripts.

      George Soros doesn't do any IMing and he is an absolute expert at Forex. Why? 'Cause he makes way more money spending his 40 hours/week figuring out how to trade currency, not how to market his Forex knowledge to somebody sitting in their pajamas looking for a quick, easy road to riches.

      Any members of this list that have figured this out will be useless to you. If you are in the Forex arena, you are a dream merchant. Plenty of people keep buying those dreams, but that is what you are selling a Forex list, so as soon as they wake up to reality, the dream is over.

      So, how asleep is this list? The deeper the slumber, the more money you can milk from their dreams and desperation and into your own pocket and the more the list will be profitable to you ...
      One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain't nothing can beat teamwork.

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    Originally Posted by beatstockpromoters View Post

    To be honest I think becoming consistently profitable in Forex trading is a hoax for most people.
    I wouldn't go so far as to call the activity itself a "hoax", though undeniably the proportion of people taking up forex trading who'll ever make consistent profits is extremely small (just as is true of internet marketing, of course).

    But I do think it can fairly be said that many of the products designed to appeal to them are "hoaxes".

    Originally Posted by beatstockpromoters View Post

    All these people sell Forex trading robots, which they claim have been backtested to give for instance 50% returns a year. The problem is these are back tests and the systems don't really work like this in real life.
    Exactly. The problem is that they're not just backtested but backfitted.

    It's very easy to develop signal-based "indicators for Metatrader", or whatever, which have made steady profits over the previous 6 months, when the software you use to create them has the previous 6 months' charts in front of it, but unfortunately that doesn't relate to their ability to make profits over the next 6 months.

    My father has been a professional forex-trader since before I was born, and I myself typically do about 15-20 smallish, leveraged currency trades per month myself, and have done so for several years. But I have yet to find products in the "forex niche" that I'd be willing to promote as a marketer. It's pretty annoying for me, because I'm an article marketer with genuine, successful personal experience in the forex niche, and could easily start a niche site for it and write about it from my own experience, but there's nothing I can ethically and morally sell.

    More comments here:
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