Infographics: Cheap Way to Viral Profits

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Hi Warriors!

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone - even on day 2 of the flu and hyped up on tamiflu. So if I can do this, you can too!

I've seen snazzy looking infographics all over the place - TONS in non MMO niches on Pinterest - diet, anti aging, cooking, etc. So it's a GREAT tool to use to get traffic to your site.

So today when someone sent me an email asking a question about the mechanics of making money blogging, I wanted to do something different - because I've text blogged and vlogged about it a million times.

I've heard of info graphics but the resources I saw were pricey services. Then I somehow stumbled on a site called Piktochart - Piktochart | Infographic App & Presentation Tool - no affiliate link. It has a free and upgrade level. I chose free to test it out.

I would think this would also be a great service for one of you Warriors to launch. Or even a PLR option of some sort. I know many bloggers who would love to grab an infographic for their content.

It's great for Pinterest, too. For my stuff, like online marketing, it felt awkward to post the text blogs - but this gives me something cool for that site.

Go do some keyword research - people are searching for a variety of infographics - on coffee, travel, motivation, food, for resumes! (niche service idea right there!), energy, money, and more.

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    You are badass! Thank you for this share!
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    Thanks for the share to piktochart. Got me thinking about adding a free infographics with articles I write. Also, I am thinking of using it for my own blogs. Thanks for the awesome post, Tiffany.

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    Hey Tiff,
    Awesome find! I will be signing up as soon as I have some free time. They have some great looking templates on the site.
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      Thanks for sharing this resource Tiff! I agree, this could be something a warrior could make a go of as a service. Nice find!
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    Great share and tips!

    After you create your infographic, you can then submit them to websites that accept infographic submission to build up the backlinks or traffic

    You may find this website useful: Infographic Submit - Infographic Submission Made Easy

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      Originally Posted by iPresenceBizSolutions View Post

      Tiff, I, myself, have been looking for a software or an online tool where I can design my own infographics. It's good that Piktochart offers a free trial. I went to their website and I don't see there if that free trial is good for a week only or so. Is there a limited time for its free trial? Oh yes I know I could have just checked it myself but since you already signed up for their free trial, I guess, it won't cost me an arm and a leg to ask you.

      Thanks in advance for your reply, Tiff.
      I couldn't see any time limits myself but I think it just limits you as far as capabilities - which themes you use, etc.

      Paid is $29/month or $169/year - will have to see how dedicated I am before I pay.
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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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    I got piktochart a while back when appsumo were offering an upgraded account for a decent price. Have to admit that I've hardly made best use of the account...

    Maybe it's time I get down to it...
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    however custom made infographics are always better marketing tools than the cloned graphics
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Content, as ever, is king., CONVERSION IS KING, having the best content in the world and not converting won't do nowt for your business. I used to think content was king as well a long time ago
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      Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

      If you have an infographic with crap information, nobody will bother to go to your site.
      if you had an infographic with the best content in the world and no call to action i.e. PLEASE VISIT OUR SITE FOR MORE INFO, hence it don't convert, then what use is the content being top notch?

      conversion doesn't just mean making a also means whenever someone takes action i.e opting in a list, sharing a vid or clicking a url link.
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    I was thinking of creating some infographics for my site. Thanks for the tip!
    Digital Marketing Author | Speaker | Consultant

    Read my Blog:

    @ Bangalore, India.
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