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by Alminc
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I've got enough of google s**t during 2012 and I'm leaving seo world forever.
I want to learn about and use paid traffic sources instead.

If you are willing to share some really good paid traffic sources/methods (apart from obvious ones like adwords ppc...) please list them here.

Also, if you know of some wsos that really deliver on paid traffic methods (cheap or not) please list them here.

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    Solo ads - plenty of warrior forum members have these.
    Buysellads - you can runner banner ads on other sites.
    Warrior forum - you can run banners here.

    Are there any forums you frequent? Many offer paid stickys or they have a marketplace you can promot products in.
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    The only paid traffic method which i use on a regular basis to build my list are
    solo ads

    The main reason is because i'm able to generate plenty of buyers out of them

    And also the ease of set up and speed of which you get traffic

    You can be getting traffic within a couple hours if the solo vendor can fit you in

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    Originally Posted by Alminc View Post

    I've got enough of google s**t during 2012 and I'm leaving seo world forever.
    Too many people use this strategy and it is one the hardest to accomplish good rankings. I would never rely on the search engines to get me all the traffic I need.

    That is one of the main reasons why most "internet marketers" fail. They put all their energy into this. They work as hard as they can for months, and still don't get the results that they want.

    When nothing happens, a lot of them quit.

    One of the strategies that can work for a person if they want to get free traffic is to write articles and post YouTube videos. Sure, writing a few articles is not going to get you very far, but if you just stay persistent with it and have 1000-4000+ articles on your website or in any article directory, there is a good chance that you will get lifetime flow of targeted visitors.

    Same thing with videos. You need to have large, very informative type of videos that will get you clicks for years to come.

    It is all about the numbers.
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    Depends on niche which you get involved. Not all paid traffic sources work for any niches.

    What about Facebook ads?
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    Yeah it depends on the niche, If you have the budget get into media buying with minimum $500 deposit but this is "top tier" traffic
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    Paid traffic can definitely be great, but you'll quickly find that many of the traffic sources are niche sensitive. I personally have stuck with tier 1 PPC such as Adwords, Adcenter, FB, etc. for the bulk of my traffic. However, Even tier 2 traffic sources, or even Social Sharing traffic such as StumbleUpon can be beneficial if you test, tweak, test, tweak, etc.
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    Get yourself a big bankroll, get ready to fail a lot, learn to track and test everything and keep a close, constant eye on your pc daily.

    Ok, good luck in the paid traffic world.
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  • Solo Ads can be the best option for you. I think you will get success with it.
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    Check out and They offer daily and weekly advertising, which is better than paying per impression or click.
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      Regarding niches: traffic for mainstream niches like IM niche, weightloss, health & fitness, dating, etc.

      Email traffic:
      Solo ads - plenty of warrior forum members have these.
      - I purchased David Eisner's recommended providers list some time ago, but didn't test this technique yet. I am learning how to use AdTrackz Gold tracking software and will definitely try this method soon. I really hope there are still solo ad providers with good lists that deliver value for money, because it's not cheap.

      Many people recomend even ad swaps, but I don't believe in that, those lists are to my opinion more or less beaten to death.

      Media Buying (paid banner ads):
      Buysellads - you can runner banner ads on other sites. - Will check it.

      Warrior forum - you can run banners here. - Allright, this one is obvious and for IM niche, but thanks. minimum $500 deposit but this is "top tier" traffic - Sounds good, will check it.

      More suggestions?

      Facebook ads - I might be wrong, but I believe those 'social' leads are extremely hard to convert

      Mixed: - any good experiences with this one?

      I think that paid solo ads and media buying could be good to start with.
      Thanks guys, any more good tips?

      Do you know some recent wso on paid traffic sources that really delivers?

      No links :)
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    I get links because I build relationships. I don't really do any of the above mentioned except those things that help create or strengthen relationships like email. We are in the Alexa top 10,000 pretty often and I just don't mess around with what everybody else is doing.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      If you want to try something new and different try your hand in using Outbrain

      Very cheap clicks and a great way of getting alot of traffic. This is how alot of the big news sites are getting there traffic.

      I been going at it for about 2 months now and been the best traffic I have ever received in all the years marketing.
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