Combining Multiple RSS Feeds and Manually Filtering the Posts

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I would like to know how I could something like this:

I would like to compile a list of all the RSS feeds I want to keep track of into 1 feed. From this combined RSS feed, I would like to manually delete items in the feed that I do not want. This cleaned list would provide me with great content for my web sites.

Please note that I am not looking to use something like a RSS feed combiner with filters like Yahoo Pipes. I was thinking of something like a Gmail inbox where I could check my unwanted items and delete them.

Any idea how I could so something like this? Is there a PHP script or service that can do this?
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    Hi Vincent...

    This is exactly what my Scrubz Tuel does. It lets you pick and choose which items from an RSS pheed you want, then combines all of them and exports them into a custom RSS pheed., where you can use it like you would any other RSS pheed.

    Just getting rid of the "junk" greatly improves the quality of RSS pheeds.

    You have 3 options for Scrubz:

    1) Free: Download the ltd versions of my Tuelz for free. This version of Scrubz is limited to one project.

    2) Buy a 4 project or umlimited project version at

    3) Get a full version with membership to my Bombsquad (see sig)

    Here's a video:

    Scrubz Tuel: How to create limitless semi-automatic, high quality content by picking and choosing and editing the BEST RSS news items:
    Created by Camtasia Studio 3

    Again, if you only want to export one RSS pheed, you can do so with the free version of Scrubz.

    (Note: This video is 20 seconds longer than Youtube's limit, so I couldn't embed it)
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