Gmail with Hosted Domain with Gmail, Anyone?

by Mohsin Rasool 18 replies
Hi Warriors,

It is true that most of the IMers are using Gmail,
and they are kinda addicted to it.

But being owners of own domains, and selling pro services to
offline world, we really need to stick with our old gold email
addresses like instead of

I am sure most of you already know that you can signup,
with google as partner (free account), and use Gmail server
with your own domains....

i.e. you keep email addresses
and you use great service, server, and interface of GMAIL!

I would like to listen some tips/suggestion from you if you are
using this already....

And if you are not using this service i will suggest you go
to this page and learn more about it, you will be glad to
know that what google is offering to domain owners free of cost..
Google Apps ? Smart business apps for email, documents, sites and more

1. It is very simple to make it work for you,
simply sign up at above page for free a/c.

2. Then add and verify your domain name.
Add the same email accounts in gmail which
you have already setup in your domain/host

3. Go to your hosting panel , and change the MX Entry for
the mail server to shift all emails traffic to GMAIL server...

that is it!

Wish you best,
Mohsin Rasool
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    Yeah ive used gmail for my own domain for a while, it's great.
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      I just turn it off. The first time I saw it I thought Google was trying to get into my sites too. Google, taking over the internet one mailbox at a time B)
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        I have a VPS server but use the Google service you're talking about for all domains I set up now

        I like it for the following reasons:

        1) Gmail web interface is WAY better than 'horde' which is the webmail my server runs as standard
        2) Uses G's mail server so if my server had issues, then email would still always work
        3) I don't know this for sure but I'm pretty certain that Google will have better email deliverability than the mail server on my VPS
        4) Maximises resources on my VPS for web server and database use
        5) Has the option to use IMAP which my VPS doesn't

        Definitely recommended by me!


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          Yup, I forward everything to Gmail, and use the different email addresses to sort with different labels using filters.

          For instance, affiliate programs are all signed up for using an "" email address, and they come into Gmail with an "Affiliate" label (archived so they don't fill my inbox, but I know where to find them).

          Any subscriptions go to a "" address and... you guessed it, are labeled automatically as "Lists" and archived (I go to "all mail" or the label to see what's coming in, but there's never any confusion as to whether something came from an email list or is a personal email, and it saves me a LOT of time!)

          One email address is used for personal things and labeled "Personal", another for biz communication... you get the idea.

          I love it, and it's definitely helped my productivity!

          Heather Vale Goss, "The Unwrapper"
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            I prefer to do what Heather does above, I forward all mail back to my gmail account - so mails from my domains look professional still and I can use the "send reply from" when I reply to an email in my gmail account. The main reason I like it is because I don't want to go all over the place checking different email, easier to have it all redirected into one account then use filters as Heather says.

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              Yeah I'm addicted to gmail too. I have everything forward to my personal gmail account and just go from there.

              I'm a big fan of gmail and when you have heaps of different sites its a pain to have to log into to a bunch of inboxes all over the place.
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                Yep I use gmail with my domains too, it rocks!
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                  Yup me too.

                  Gmail and my own domain, sorted!
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                    Is there anything better or any drawbacks to using gmail. I think its pretty darn good


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                      Oh damn it! Looks like i've been living under the rock. Just know about this... thanks for the heads up!
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                        I love gmail on my domain. I own a dedicated server but it's nice to know that if the whole datacenter blows up - my email will still work!

                        I'm in the process of packing to move so I don't have time to go into detail but I love the catch all email address, the + email addresses (which you can do with normal gmail - like if I want to subscribe to kerns list I'd give the email and then make a filter that any mail going to should get labeled 'kern'), oh and broadcast lists - something normal gmail doesnt have (make one email like - then have any email that goes to that address be mailed to everyone on the broadcast list, the great thing is they don't have to have an account on that domain - it can send mail to any email)

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                        Yup, I do the same as Heather too...

                        Whenever I setup a site, I create "email forwarders" from cpanel,
                        support, admin, aj, payments @ -> to -->

                        Never use a "Catch-All" and forward to your gmail account.
                        You're just begging for spam.

                        After setting up your forwarders ya gotta confirm your domain email in gmail.

                        Just go into "settings" -> accounts -> add another email address -> confirm...

                        Then hey presto. You can control, send and reply to ALL your domains
                        from ONE gmail account.

                        Then I setup filters and labels to sort everything out.
                        It's sounds like a mouthful but its a breeze and organises everything in one place

                        Hope some of that helps


                        Everyone has more than one gmail account,
                        but i use two main ones...

                        One gmail account for "everything", opting in,
                        signing up for shizz. and one personal one.

                        The use of forwarders and 2 gmail accounts also
                        helps you protect your main gmail/adsense/adwords and paypal accounts too.

                        i.e. I have something like, and

                        all email goes to but all the REAL personal stuff gets forwarded to and I "reply" from the other email address ...

                        Try wrap your head round that one
                        It works though.


                        Noobs. Feel free to spam those email addresses with your amazing
                        affiliate offers... coz they aint mine
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                        • Profile picture of the author Mohsin Rasool
                          Hi All,

                          thanks for sharing your experiences, glad to know i am not alone , addicted to Gmail :-)

                          Well Many friends posted the simple easy to use technique to Forward all emails to Gmail...

                          Also I suggest you guys check the Option of Integrating whole Google Apps to your domains, as shared in my first post.


                          Few friends asked is there any down-side of this FREE service....
                          LOL yes we think the same way, it is free, it has a catch!!!
                          But as we already now Goooooogle is different, they are VISIONARY guys,
                          so , so far no obvious short-coming or catch i have found in this service,
                          we have helped many many clients to deploy the Google Apps in their businesses/domains
                          and they always thank me for introducing this great Google thing in their businesses!

                          So rest assured there is not catch in there :-) Google is always thinking WIN-WIN,
                          I am sure they will monetize it without affecting users.....

                          BTW they have one limitation for free a/c that is your organization for one domain
                          can have maximum 100 email addresses for that domain... LOL not a big deal :-)

                          Best Wishes,
                          Mohsin Rasool
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                      Originally Posted by Phil Jacobson View Post

                      Is there anything better or any drawbacks to using gmail.
                      Nothing better that I could find, either. One drawback is GMail doesn't let one
                      create folders, which could've made for maybe easier segregation, though it's
                      using starred labels instead.


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                      • Profile picture of the author brilliantjv
                        I use the service and it works well.

                        If you want to add an elaborate sig. though you have to set it up via pop or IMAP and run it from OE or Outlook.

                        Other than that it works great.

                        JP Zaayman
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  • Profile picture of the author WinsonYeung
    Lol, i use gmail only for spam account.
    Use that to opt-in other products, don want so much spam with my main account
    But i prefer Ymail, look cool

    And hotmail is my last option, because lots od delay and error.
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      I prefer to do what Heather does above, I forward all mail back to my gmail account - so mails from my domains look professional still and I can use the "send reply from" when I reply to an email in my gmail account. The main reason I like it is because I don't want to go all over the place checking different email, easier to have it all redirected into one account then use filters as Heather says.
      Just a head's up when using this technique...

      When using "send reply from" some email clients (like MS Outlook I belive) will actually display something different at the top of the email like the following:

      From: "" on behalf of ""

      Personally, I think this can actually look *less* professional

      It's up to you of course, but thought some people might like to know


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      • Profile picture of the author George Wright
        Hi All,

        Just a heads for those who said that they forward their email from their domain to their gmail account. Don't be quick on the "report spam" button. If it is one forwarded from your domain email to gmail and you report spam you are reporting yourself for spamming.

        George Wright
        "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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