How do I feed my hungry list

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I'm starting to build my own list but I'm beginning to realise that after subscribers opt in I need to promote products and make sales - obviously this will be mixed with email containing information only.

So, after my subscriber goes through my first lot of emails promoting my product, and if they don't buy, I would like to offer them other products. And, I would like to offer products with a low price point.

Where can I find good products in the IM niche to promote that:
  • are priced between $10 - $30
  • or perhaps come with a free trial period followed by monthly subscription
  • of good quality and really are of benefit to my subscribers
  • maybe come with a freebie of some sort - I especially like the approach where, after optin, visitors are brought to an info/sales page where they learn something and are also given the opportunity to make, a purchase. I think this is better than offering a free ebook where they all too often leave your site immediately and never bother to read it.

I really would appreciate advice from any experienced marketer that has an insatiable list that he/she needs to keep feeding.

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