$15/day in 10 days... can it be done?

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Hey all,

I want to be making $15 a day within the next 10 days... working no more than 3 hours a day.

I don't have much IM experience, and no programs or subscriptions to help me.

How can I pull it off?
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      Originally Posted by misterkailo View Post

      You can do that with a job
      For some people manageable goals are the way to start. Once you get going you can always expand your reach.

      I think it can be done...sorta depends on what you want to do to make that $15/day in 10days.
      Xoxo, Danielle Faith
      Xo, Faith and DanielleFaith.me
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    What are your skills and resources?
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    Try to do something for people online, they can pay you 5$/h
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    That's three fiverr gigs per day if you want to go that route.
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      Originally Posted by John Rogers View Post

      That's three fiverr gigs per day if you want to go that route.
      Any ideas for a good fiverr gig?
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      Originally Posted by John Rogers View Post

      That's three fiverr gigs per day if you want to go that route.
      You only get like $3-$4 of that money (unless I'm mistaken)

      Just crank out some content on cheap sites like Odesk or iWriter and you'll make well over your $15. Sites like that are pretty much the minimum wage jobs of the internet and your clientele will be some of the pickiest people you ever meet but if that's all you're aiming for, best of luck to you.

      Skype: Coreygeer319

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    If you have a hobby or something that you would like to do which you might think is no value, still tell us over here and one of us can come up with an idea and suggest you something to make money out of your hobby.


    Originally Posted by andreashahn View Post

    Hey all,

    I want to be making $15 a day within the next 10 days... working no more than 3 hours a day.

    I don't have much IM experience, and no programs or subscriptions to help me.

    How can I pull it off?
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    You can but it's highly unlikely. Only a person who really puts his heart into it
    can succeed online quickly.
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    Sure you can. I don't think it possible without paid traffic and without the knowledge of how to leverage the success of people that is already successful in the make money niche if you do so choose to play in that niche.
    Affiliate links are not allowed.
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      iWriter. I could do it in an hour a day.
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        I make over $15 dollars an hour just writing web content, mostly on iWriter and Textbroker. This is not hard to do at all.

        You need to make a list of the skills you can offer, and then decide how best to maximize them. Good luck.

        It ends well. You know that, right?

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    Not that easy if you don't want simply selling your own time.
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    I would like you to go on Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun and more online services for $5 and make an service account there and provide services in the areas you are expert in... This way you can reach to your required Goal...
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    like most people have said try fiverr gigs within 3hrs you will probably make more money with it
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    Okay okay, I get the hint: Fiverr is where it's at when you need a quick buck.

    Thing is, Fiverr is just trading time for money. Are there any options that give me a little, y'know, equity? Because if I'm going to invest my time, I'd like to invest it, not spend it.

    ChrisWilliams: You suggested that it would be really hard without paid traffic. Now, paid traffic ought to pay for itself, else it's not worth paying for. How much would you expect to spend on traffic to get a profit of $15/day?

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    Now, why would someone want to do some Fiverr job for lousy 2-3 dollar hourly rate? If he wanted to simply sell his time, he could wipe floors which is far easier than filling the orders of cheap and demanding customers and would be paid more. It's obvious that the answer to this question is expected to cover IM, and include some system that would start at that level, but give hope for continuous future groth.

    Use these laws and make the Law of Attraction work
    QuantumMindSuccess Learn how to live a happy, healthy and abundant life.
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    Selling on ebay can yield you these results. What kind of products are you looking to sell online? Anything? Just realize that once you reach this goal, you will still have to maintain it to keep the $15/day going. A low cost Google Adwords campaign can do this for you too.
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    Where do you live? Are you in a touristy area? If so put an ad on Craigslist for a major metropolitan area, and say you will be a guide for someone visiting your area, or show them around. That would make you more than $15.
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    Offering a service is the quickest way to make quick buck online...
    What's your expertise?
    Graphic? Writing? Website buiding?

    If you can write...
    You can go to iwriter.com and get projects form there...

    You can easily get writing projects for $2-3 for 1 article
    Write 1 article a day and you can get $20-30 within 10 days.

    Hope this helps,
    Tenzho Lee
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    go to freelancer.com find out any project you can handle
    Earn $1,037.69 in daily is NOT a big amount.
    I can show you how to do this.

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      Go to Elance, find your expert area and start bidding jobs.
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    Easy. Join iWriter and write some articles. You could also try out Fiverr. People do the weirdest things for $5 a pop. You could too!
    >>>The MOST AWESOME Manual Article Spinning Service In The World<<<
    Top Notch Quality, Fast Turnaround Time, Excellent Service
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    I would also check out Fiverr. What skills do you have that you could offer. Thats a quick and easy way to make some money.
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    Checkout fiverr and freelance websites and see if there is any job that matches your skills.
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    You will not get to 15$ a day from fiverr within just 10 days. I am not saying it is impossible or something, I am just saying it is unlikely that you will hit those figures without any experience and knowledge. You should keep your goals realistic or you would end up with frustration only.

    Keep your goals like this:

    * First goal is to make anything online. Even 5$ works means this goal is achieved.
    * Then after you achieve that, focus on making your first hundred bucks online.
    * After that, you may set your goal to 15$ a day.

    If you go with this route, you will not get easily disappointed or frustrated easily. Why? Because you will see yourself progressing this way. Just think about it for one second. What if you end up making 100$ in your first two weeks? All you would get is disappointment if your goal was 450$ per month from the beginning (15$ a day). But if you keep your goals the way I mentioned above, you already achieved your first two goals and will get really excited about it. And hopefully, you will reach your 15$ a day goal afterwards. So always keep this in mind while setting up goals.

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    Also keep in mind there that it is very unlikely that you will get a good job (that pays 5$ per hour) on outsourcing sites in your first 10 days, because you will have no past work history. So keep that in mind.

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    Try fiverr, it is so freaking easy cashing there!

    Finally back.

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    Yes, it can be done with videos in fiverr. Search for videos you will get ideas to create nice unique gig. Here is the example
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    Just find some writing work. You could work for a really low rate, 0.01c per word, write 1500 words and then, bang, you have your $15.

    Doesn't take long to do.
    Freelance writer
    Available For Hire With Warrior Rates!

    2 HIGH QUALITY & Unique Weight Loss PLR Article Packs! Also selling 10 unique Weight Loss articles for $65, one time sale! PM me for details.
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    You have to study internet marketing and understand how the money-making process works before you’ll be able to make money online. There are a million things that you can do to make money, but you must know how to do it. Making money depends on a system. You have to learn all the possibilities available for you depending on your skills, your time, and your ambitions. This is something you have to do by yourself.

    Read many posts at this forum and learn. First of all you must be a good student and understand how everything works.

    The idea that making money online is easy is a misleading tactic to manipulate newbies and make them believe that the internet is a ‘magical’ way to make money. Making money online is exactly like making money offline.
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    The easiest "no brainer" job you can do is to transcribe audios. Start selling on fiverr, or go to odesk to search for transcription gigs. There's always a demand in this market as it is time-consuming even though easy to do.
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    Fiverr's possible BUT the OP said in ten days! Fiverr keeps your money as 'clearing' for a stupidly long 14 days

    eBay's the logical route for quick money if you have anything to sell or see if your thrift shops have anything exciting
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