How can I get real testimonials?

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How can I get real testimonials for an info course I'm selling?
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    You give it away for free to 3,5,10 people or you sell it to them at a special discounted price in exchange for a testimonial
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      Originally Posted by Kevin Thomas View Post

      You give it away for free to 3,5,10 people or you sell it to them at a special discounted price in exchange for a testimonial

      You can also ask for video testimonials.
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    Yes give some away for free, but do it with highly influential people so that he testimonials hold more value in the community.
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    Yep, sell it in a special discount then ask their review. Even so, make sure you give the best in that discounted or even free

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Hi aceshigh888!

    You can only get it to the people that brought your product and were satisfied. This is where customer to business relationship takes in place. When you treated customers right and get a deeper connection with them, all you have to do is to send them a request to testify to your product if it is okay with them.

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      If you have a good product, you should be getting glowing testimonials.

      However, you can also offer you product for free and request for testimonials..

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        The only way to pull this off is to get real people to be satisfied with your product. So your work must be very good; if it is, then distribute it to a relevant group and ask them to mark it. There are also review sites, like yelp, that can help you out with this.
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    Just ask a few people if they could take a look over it!

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      Ask the expert in your niche to review your product OR ask from the existing customers, you will get it if you offer only high quality products
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  • What I do is I tell people upfront that I like to track 'milestones'. And when I am mentoring them, I remind them of when they have achieved them.

    For example, when I'm teaching people eBay, I have certain milestones that I like to record.

    Their first sale, 100 dollars made, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, and 100,000.

    Whenever we speak, we set goals and when their milestone has been reached I send them to a page on the site where they will fill out a form to tell me about their 'experience'.

    This way, only REAL people give out REAL experience and it's at a certain juncture or milestone that they have achieved... They feel super great at that point and have a real sense of accomplishment and so the testimonials are always high, high quality.

    I'm glad you're seeking 'real' testimonials as well. Fake ones are always easily picked apart.
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