Inspiration Thread: Have you made Money as a result of being a member of this Forum?

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As a new year dawns with all the possibilities, promises, and uncertainties let us as warriors help each other out by doing the one thing that we are all here for and that is to help each other in any way that we can so that we can all make money and support our families. We have all been warriors for varying lengths of time, we all have different levels of skill and experience but one thing we have in common is that we are members of this Warrior Forum. I have been a member for quite a few years and have contributed the best I can during that time. Today, while getting ready for my day, I was thinking about what the Warrior Forum has come to mean to me over the years.

I had my start here as a writer. Many of you are my clients and I support my two daughters because of the writing skills I honed here writing for other warriors. I have made many warriors rich by buying multiple WSOs over the years LOL and have a feeling that most of those who are making good money from the Warrior Forum are doing so because they are selling to the rest of us. I was taking inventory over the weekend of all the WSOs and WarRoom products that I have downloaded over the years and got to thinking about how little I have actually earned as a result of those downloads. Most of the time the promises they made never came true mainly because of the fact that they required more money to be spent in order to work, or there was (I suspect) a step or two that was left out and I just did not achieve the same result despite working the program or method as it was described.

As 2013 was beginning my family was hit with my daughter losing her health insurance. She is the one that is seriously ill and has to have infusions of an expensive medicine every 4 weeks. She takes many different prescriptions and supplements that are now not covered by insurance. Like many, my family is facing financial hardship and like many, we would like to be able to survive because we have the ability to earn the money we need. As a writer, the money I make is not steady but it is enough for us to survive. I started this thread because I know many warriors if not now, may find themselves in a position sometime this year, in which they too will get hit with a situation in which they need to make more money than they currently earn. I would like to see this thread become one of inspiration.

I would like to see warriors sharing with other warriors about something they found on the Warrior Forum that has enabled them to earn real money, especially on a steady basis. Let other warriors know what product, method or mentor you found to be the source of this ability to earn money.

It would be sad to learn that the only warriors making money are those selling WSOs to other warriors. I would like to find inspiration from those who genuinely were able to make money because of being a warrior and that they were able to take a WSO or a product given in the WarRoom and turn that into a source of real income.

If you have found success and are willing to share your experience as inspiration to other warriors in need of making more money than they currently make, will you please post in this thread?

Thank you,
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    This thread might be helpful for a lot of people: What to do if you're desperate

    And from what I've seen, the information shared within this thread will most likely be a whole lot more valuable than any WSO.

    I picked up some golden nuggets from it, and it's not relevant only to desperate people.

    Best wishes,
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    Yes, this forum is really something helpful. Here is the huge number of world class webmasters here to discuss with things that should be known by the newcomer and others who dont know about it. I have also learnt lots from here.
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      Not much as for now...
      However, I am focusing on doing it right and am working to put everything in place before actually trying to get some returns. I did gain a ton of experience and information so far though, and it's been really helpful. In about a week, I hope to be able to say I made at least some money. If not, even the experience I gained is priceless, and seeing how people here succeeded is a huge motivation to keep at it. :-)

      No marketing, just good free music to stimulate you while working:

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