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So I've got this secret weapon to making money online...

If you're making money online you've probably got one too if you think about it for a moment.

My secret weapon is the perfect compliment to me. It makes up for my shortcomings and can do most of the things I can't do or would be a waste of my productive time to do.

Stuff like...

Backlinking and SEO
Web Maintainence
Lot's of horrible research

and the list goes on.

It leaves me to work on products and marketing and only the best secret weapons do that!

Her name is Michelle, 35, fiancée, mother to my child and an unsung hero in our home and business.

To boot...

She was there when we were flat broke, when business failed, when I couldn't make a cent online.

And no she is not writing this thread! Is she? :rolleyes:

Anyone else got a secret weapon of their own?
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    I have one of those .. she spends everything I make and gives me incentive to make it faster.

    Just kidding baby .. if you were to read this!

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      Originally Posted by Troy_Phillips View Post

      I have one of those .. she spends everything I make and gives me incentive to make it faster.

      Just kidding baby .. if you were to read this!
      Very funny!
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    The desire not to fail... or should that be "the desire to succeed"?!

    I have been an active member of The Six Figure Mentors since early 2011 where I actively mentor others in the promotion and sales of high ticket products using the latest online and offline marketing strategies in addition to tried and tested classic strategies.

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    Great post.
    Having a companion to help us out can be so wonderful!
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    My secret weapon is my morning ritual...
    Healthy Breakfast
    15 minute motivational reading...

    I then start my days work and have never been more productive.

    Since I am the most important part of my business - It just makes
    sense to start the day with a clear focused mind and energized body.
    Imagine going to bed a blue-collar worker and waking up calling yourself a Doctor
    …and then going onto forums to dish out medical advice?
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      A wonderful reminder of the benefit of having a supportive wife/significant other/partner. It makes doing business so much more pleasant if you're not constantly in the dog house because of your "stupid hobby." When you share a dream or a goal with someone close to you I think you both benefit from going on the journey together, even if you're not super successful.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Haha, nice post mate. Ditto here, although in my case it's in her support, belief, and the coffee machine she got me that keeps me awake.
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