Content in long e-mail or short e-mail with click to content?

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how do you structure your e-mails in follow up?

There are two method:

- Long e-mail with long content (like ARM 2.0 shows this)

- Short e-mail with short notice and link to content on web-page, sometimes with video (like Frank Kern in List Control shows this)

I'm not sure what to choose.

I run my business since 2011 and tested all of these methods but still don't know what to use now (want to test a complete new follow up and I am unsure how to structure it)
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    Originally Posted by logilogitech View Post

    There are two method:
    There are many methods.

    I use long emails with long content, because that's what my subscribers want and expect.

    It's all about what they want and expect.

    That depends on the traffic demographics, and on how you've set their expectations with the information on your site and the information in whatever you've sent them in exchange for their email addresses.
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    The best you can do is to keep testing both methods until you have enough data to make an intelligent decision. There are certainly pros and cons to each method. (And by the way, there are a lot more than just two methods to choose from when sending out your messages.)

    My preference is to send a short email with teaser copy or a simple line or two which entices the reader to click on the link which then takes them to my web site or blog.

    Typically, it's a much better platform on which to present and format your message (images can be used, colors and fonts varied, etc) which isn't possible if you're sending text based email. Of course there is the HTML email alternative but many folks can't or won't read HTML emails.

    You also have the advantage of getting the reader to your web site (traffic count purposes) and in addition, they may be drawn to buy something while there.

    Do you own testing and see what works best for you.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      The best you can do is to keep testing both methods
      Thats the key point.

      A split test would work best. I have different lists that have to be treated differently, so some I keep it short and simple while others need a longer version, and then I have a list that I market through review pages.

      Please read the forum rules.

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    Originally Posted by logilogitech View Post

    I run my business since 2011 and tested all of these methods but still don't know what to use now (want to test a complete new follow up and I am unsure how to structure it)
    That does not make sense. Either you tested or not.

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    If your looking for new ideas to structure your emails, consider:

    IMAGE Emails — whole email is one large image, a promotion, a coupon with code, etc.

    This alone is a huge field worthy of multiple tests. We're talking right-brain communication as opposed to left-brain long copy style emails.

    The biggest factor I found in email testing however, wasn't email content rather headline. Response rates (EPIC or FAILED) begin with the headline. Test dozens. Once you have a solid, then start to test your content. No one will ever see your content if they don't open the email.
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    It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish within the email

    A long email is good if you're giving content and then you can include a link at the bottom
    as a soft sell

    Or you could create a small email and just link out to something else, this is what i do. I send people over to my blog to read the content

    The best way is to just create follow ups yourself and then adjust things and make changes as you go

    No one is going to give you an exact way to do it because every list is slightly different and reacts differently

    Over the years I have gone in and changed my follow ups more times than I can count. As you progress and grow you will work out what works and what doesn't and you can then tweak things accordingly :-)

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    I believe that your relationship with your list is what is most important, not the length of your emails.

    Sometimes you need to write a lot, sometimes you don't. If your list loves you, it won't matter to them.

    Dave Cisneros
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