What social sites besides twitter...

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Do u think are effective when marketing online.

I'm just updating my membership secrets book, and I'm adding a chapter on Social Media Marketing (thought I ought to)

Do warriors think social media sites are still reasonably effective for online marketing, or have they passed their sell by date.

Also be grateful for a list of Social Media Sites, I would imagine I've missed loads off

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    One of my sites gets a lot of traffic from FaceBook. From affiliates and others posting links there, so FaceBook is definitely good for traffic.

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    Hi Kim

    Personally I think that direct marketing on social networks is (or soon will be ) a thing of the past, people are getting numb to the constant bombardment of "buy my product" posts. But I also believe that Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites will remain valuable tools for marketers who know how to use them. Building a good reputation and then posting links to interesting information (on your own sites of course) will yield targeted subscribers who could then be marketed to in the more "traditional" fashion.

    Here are few links that may be of use to you:

    50 Social News Websites You Can Use
    Top Social Media Sites
    Categorized List of Social Media and Social Networking Websites | Traffikd
    50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on - Inside CRM

    Hope they are of some help with your updates.

    All the best...

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      I would ask, what's the point of putting content on the particular site? It is to be social, or build reputation, etc., or for linking purposes? I could give 50 sites that are effective for throwing content up there and linking to a money site. But if it's genuinely for quality, I think the prior post's list will work.

      In regards to facebook, perhaps your members would appreciate some distinction on a member page versus an organizational page (which can have fans).

      Also, discussing an application like twitterfeed and how it can feed twitter and other blogging platforms would likely be helpful.
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    The way I see it, social media is the future of
    marketing anything. Especially for an entrepreneur
    that does not have a large advertising budget.
    An entrepreneur can use social media and attraction
    marketing to build relationships with potential buyers.
    Allowing them to succeed even when there is very
    little capital.

    But the key of course in any social media setting is to
    bring value to the table, and build relationships. If more
    people would realize this,and not use them as a spam
    session, this might not even be in discussion.

    To answer the original question about social sites
    that are still effective besides Twitter. I would say
    Faceook will get even bigger. If Myspace
    were a country, it would be the 5th largest in the world.

    We love to easily share information for free. People are
    proving that in drones.
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      Originally Posted by mdunn123 View Post

      I LOVE Flutter...... hehe

      YouTube - Flutter: The New Twitter
      lmao these guys always have too much time on their hands to make fun of twitter with a pro video like this amazing...
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        Originally Posted by SirKhan View Post

        lmao these guys always have too much time on their hands to make fun of twitter with a pro video like this amazing...
        When they could be out there creating the actual flutter!!!! LOL
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    Seth Godin's Web2.0 Traffic Watch List:
    Seth Godin's Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List on Statsaholic.com

    is worth a gander.

    All the best,
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    Hi Kim,

    I would concentrate on the social sites that are easy to automate with Twitter. Go to www.ping.fm and sign up for a free account with them. They have a very good list of social sites that you can sign up with. I have a WSO concerning this, but you can do it "by hand".

    You can then use www.Ping.fm to update your entire network automatically from your Ping.fm dashboard. Ping.fm works with sites like Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, Twitter and about 20 more.

    Update one, and you can update them all. You can also use RSS to add blogs to the updating social network.

    Again, I'd focus on the more popular social sites that you can easily get to work together for maximum efficiency...
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    Twitter continues to be my all time best traffic driver/place to find new clients. I'm still working on figuring out how to do as well with Facebook and Linkedin. I get a little traffic from Facebook and Linkedin, too.
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    Yes, social media sites are now a powerful medium. You can't afford to miss them.

    I think some time back I've seen a list of social network/bookmarkings sites on warrior forum. Just do some search and I'm sure you'll get the list.
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