HELP! A question for you seasoned webdesigners about platform software.

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Greetings Fellow Warriors!

Recently I've been taking action in the IM world. I bought a couple of WSOs, purchased a domain name, and didn't even put up a theme, when I started getting prospects.

Now I'm stuck, after purchasing a domain name, I had a crash course in addon domains and sub domains and lets not leave out reseller packages.

I want to build A very specific webdesign company focusing on natural organic products and astral physics scholars and hand crafts. Those are the niches I want to target. Some of these people want access to their sites but still want me to maintain it for them.
They will be small business people.

Which platform should I use to keep them together? Is there a web designer software edit upload and view all of their projects in one place? The difference between the clients I have and other is they all give me free reign over design and everything. And I build the sites all the way out befor they ever get to see it.

Please no courses I already bought 2 WSOs and I've learned a lot from them.
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    Drupal 7 is a pretty good option. It has permission management. Drupal - Open Source CMS |
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      thank you but I prefer wordpress, just cause it's what I know.
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    If you're designing and hosting websites for others, you really should get a reseller hosting account for two good reasons.

    One - while most hosts will allow you to host websites of your own on addon or sub domains, their TOS most likely prohibits you from hosting sites for others.

    Two - setting up new hosting accounts is real easy with most hosts that use cPanel and WHM.

    In regards to designing the websites, while there is software like Dreamweaver that'll allow you to design, edit and manage many projects at once, I stopped using that once Wordpress evolved into a competent CMS and most web hosts offer a 1-click install option for wordpress which makes setting things up real easy.

    You might also want to look into Wordpress multi site which is something to let you manage multiple sites from one install of wordpress. I haven't played with it myself, but you can find a good getting started guide at

    Hope that helps!

    P.S.Wow - you purchased a domain, didn't setup a theme and already started geting prospects? You should be selling a WSO instead of buying them! :-)
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      I agree with what Steve above said. In addition, if one or more of these web sites you're hosting ever decides to detach from your circle, having a reseller account will be easy to make the change. If that site were on a subdomain or addon account, that wouldn't be the same.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        that's good to know.
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      Thank you for helping.

      Is this the only other option for managing multiple sites on WordPress, can I do this through WordPress free platform and have them purchase the full package every time I have a new client?

      I only have these clients because, I'm apart of the community, I'm an adviser to one of the board members and built a site for her and now we want this available to certain members that contribute majorly in the community.

      The best part is these people are not too concerned about SEO, because they are going to have the opportunity to market their crafts and share their knowledge with the other 6000 members, i won't have to do any major keywords research, when I build more site for them. I'm trusting the natural process of creating products added with their sites will take care of their business sites. Am I on the right track?

      I also wanted give them a membership site along with their new website with just a few videos and content on what they've gotten themselves into, but they are not at all interested in the tech side, so, the membership site won't be search engine attention grabbing thing,

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    Hey Carolynn,

    Backing up just a bit, I think you first really need to write down all the features you need or want to offer these webdesign clients so you can get the "big picture" view and get the most accurate advice here or anywhere else you're looking.

    Now that you've mentioned adding products and also a membership site there are wordpress plugins and themes that can do each of those things, but depending on everything you want to offer these people there may be other options you'd want to look at too.

    Also, what exactly do you mean by "can I do this through WordPress free platform and have them purchase the full package every time I have a new client?"
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      Well you know of their free platform well they have a $100 upgrade so that you can have a full featured site, instead of buying video here and space here. I could just work from the free account instead of having to purchase a reseller account to host their sites on so wp would then be the host.

      And yes i will take a step back to focus on the bigger picture. thanks for helping me out.

      I'll be back when I have clearer picture.

      Thank You
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