[Case Study] How I REALISTICALLY made $2000 in 2 weeks

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The Backstory
I've been going through the online marketing world now for about 3 years, i've been slowly learning but I always refused to pay for products. I only ever bought a few to start with but found out most of the paid information wasn't helpful. I turned to free blogs and compiled all the free information that people gave out together to be able to get to where I am now.

I currently work as a graphic designer on the warrior forum designing sales pages, banners, headers, advertisements etc that internet marketers need.

But I've always wanted to try my hand at Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Flippa etc and all these exciting websites that have massive potential. I'm currently building up an adsense site which is slowly giving good results.

One thing I realised is that I'm making it more complicated than what it needs to be. So many ideas and methods to make money were flying for my head, I had all these plans but wasn't implementing them. So I literally hit the delete button on everything to help me focus

How I made $2000 in 2 weeks
So, I focused on clickbank. I still work in a Job and from the earnings of my graphic design online I put a small investment into creating a wordpress blog and outsourcing a bit of work - as I'm not a professional at writing for example, so I outsourced that to make sure my blog / website was quality.

I got a free theme - outsourced one BIG blog post about 1500 words and made it a one post blog, included a few adsense advertisements on the website (Nice idea, however I didn't make much through adsense)

I created the blog based on a product I had found from Clickbank, I went for the health and fitness niche as back in December when I created the website, I thought of new year resolutions and people trying to loose weight / gain muscle for the new year. So I took a weight loss product, got a 'review' post written for me in great detail including images, videos of fitness training etc and things related scattered with lots of my affiliate links, being a graphic designer I also created a few nifty advertisements to go on the side.

From this I put £200 into my adwords account and did some keyword research to target the people who would want to buy this product. After finding the keywords and setting a budget, I let my adsense account run dry from £200 to £0 and see whether I could at least break even.

Being christmas I was really really busy so didn't actually look for 2 weeks, until just before christmas I took a look at my adwords account to find it had dried up, then checked my clickbank to find I had made over $2000 on a 75% commission and I also had a small form of passive income from 'recurrent billing' subscriptions that people had taken out on the product, I couldn't believe it.

After all the confusion, I took 1 idea and went with it. I believe that without investment of your time and partly your money you won't be massively successful. I may reinvest this money into SEO now to get more natural traffic.
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    Well done on your earnings. However I strongly dont recommend anyone else reading this thinks it's okay to throw £200 into an AdWords account and hope it will make you a boat load of cash. It made you big returns, great, but 9 times out of 10 this WONT happen without testing etc.

    What you/anyone else should have done is set around lets say £30, and set low daily budgets, and had several keywords and tracking set up. From then, if you see something that is working really well, you up the budget, do some slight tweaks, and so on.
    The cheap, newbie friendly, and super high quality autoresponder.

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    This is a great post. The one thing newbies or anyone really trying to make money online should take from it is to focus on one thing at a time. Too many people, I did this too when I first started, jump around from one opportunity to the next never sticking with anything long enough to actually see some success with it. Thanks for sharing this! Very inspirational.
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    Consolidation of time/energy is power. Like the tip of a spear. Unlike a blunt object who's surface area is spread about, a sharp point of focus is power. This is truly concentration.
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