How did you get into internet marketing?

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Hi, everyone I was just curious how most of you got into internet marketing. I got into it because I lost my job back in 2008 and was looking for a way to independently make my own money. What about the rest of you? What drives your passion for internet marketing?
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    6 years ago I was looking for some business ideas and came across an article on saying that affiliate marketing was a great business to get into, I looked into it decided to do it, not give it a try, made $300 my first week and almost $3,000 my first month and haven't looked back since.

    there's an extra zero on my monthly income now, best decision I've ever made
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    I got into IM by total accident. My husband had a stroke and he loved computers so I bought him an IM course because I thought it would be a way of encouraging to do something he liked. Wrong - he didn't like writing so I ended up doing all the writing and then I got hooked.
    This is my third year online and I know it is going to be my best year every. It is exciting just seeing what I have coming up.
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      Very interesting. . Cann't remember but started in 2000, when finished my BIT and then got a job as a DBMS Admin and company was looking to market the product and soon after that, slowly we went on various training program and started my post graduate course and did my final thesis on internet marketing 2002 and before even realizing the fact, joined the online marketing + Added offline marketing + Media marketing together to get a new flavor and started seeing so many bumps coming on my way and keeping myself updated everynow and then. Now actually, feels like, how much you learn it does never finish and for internet marketing which is a never ending learning curve + :confused: for me and will be for the rest of my life.

      Hope this helps.

      Reason, I have kept the small explanation is because, there are many internet marketer in this WF who actually came from Academic Background of IT and Marketing Blend with prior knowledge and you might be missing them on this thread as, I haven't seen the option of a) Took it as a profession being a webmaster/developer/consultant.

      But surely it would be great to see out come.
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        I started internet marketing to enable me to quit my job, well in truth I am to be made redundant and I did not fancy the thought of starting all over again.
        So I started researching ways to make money from home.
        I started out in MLM or network marketing with varying degrees of success, and then I stumbled into the internet marketing niche.
        I love this business now, and I also love learning new skills and ways to improve .but it hasn't all been plain sailing.
        I have wasted a ton of time and money on dodgy software, products, and coaching programs, and got extremely frustrated along the way.
        I had to shake myself out of constantly buying new products -(chasing the next shiny objects) and focusing on building a sustainable business.
        After finally finding a 'Mentor' , and following a step by step formula, I am now learning exactly what it takes to create a successful online business.

        Oh and I am still waiting for redundancy!!

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        Brian Oliver
        The Honest Marketer

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        None of the above.

        I started playing full time poker online when it was a lot easier and lucrative. I wanted to supplement my poker income by teaching new players how to make money, so I created a website. I took the "build it and they will come" approach, it obviously didn't work, so had to start learning. Ended up at DP, then came to WF (probably learnt more here, and became more frustrated here).

        Please read the forum rules.

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    I first started 8 years ago when I got involved with web site design. I was obsessed with working for myself and working online. Haven’t looked back since.
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    Originally Posted by nthomas00 View Post

    Hi, everyone I was just curious how most of you got into internet marketing.
    In that case, a "none of the above"/"other" option in the poll wouldn't hurt ... otherwise how will you even know whether the summated responses to your poll reflect a minority or a majority? I'm obviously not the only Warrior who'd be happy to vote but didn't get into internet marketing in one of the ways currently specified.
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      Yeah, I should've added a "other" option, but I wasn't thinking.
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    I was always a graphic designer and web developer. Once I learned about IM, it was a perfect marriage.
    Build your online empire! Web development services that'll develop and grow your online presence! Visit here
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