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We have roughly 1,000 email addresses that I got specific to my niche. Question is how to get them to signup for aWeber or mailchimp. Is there any way I can simply send them an email to get them engaged to possibly become a subscriber. Meaning I can send them an email and not have my domain blacklisted?

We can import them through aWeber or the like but it's the optin deal, how does one send a non-optin email, like a one time deal that is safe and not too spammy?
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    How did you get the list of e-mail addresses? Sending unsolicited e-mails is spamming, so how have they opted-in to receive e-mails from you?

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    Even if you did do something like that which I don't recommend your opt in rate would probably be quite disappointing.
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    Did you buy the 1,000 email addresses? If so, then you started off on the wrong foot. Probably wont be profitable this way.

    Start from scratch and build your opt-in email list the old fashioned way.

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    your user name is leadsuccess, how come you don't know that?
    by the way, there are lots of bulk sending software out there that can do the job for you, but your email address will be suspended sooner or later, and the traffic does not convert
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    Yeah, your money is gone on that one!

    To answer your questions though, assuming that you actually have permission to email this list (and can prove it), just set up a squeeze page, hook it up to Aweber, and offer them a cracking report for free.

    I assume that if you've bought this list then it was targeted at a specific demographic, so just make sure that the squeeze page and report are very tightly aligned to them.

    With a great squeeze page you'll maybe get between 30 - 50% of them on to your list.

    Good luck!

    PS: if you don't have permission to email this list, just throw it away, and as Randall says, start again and build your list the old fashioned way.

    Otherwise your Aweber account will get banned.

    Funnily enough, spam is now a highly sophisticated and low margin business model that is actually a lot harder to set up and run profitably than a regular online business is, and based on your questions, it's probably not a business model that you're cut out for!
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    • Thank you everyone for the replies especially johndetlefs

      I have not dealt in email marketing in a long time, most of my list building and awareness comes from SEO and other avenues. The list of the 1,000 was given to me by an associate that was selling their properties, I would not buy a list typically. So they never opted into my website or newsletter personally. That is why I asked the question, I don't want to get into any hot water with aWeber over a 1,000 names. So probably going to at least email them once and go the route of the squeeze page, see how that works. After all they would simply be re-plants.

      This same person wants to actually sell his other list of 60,000 but I would not take that type of chance, I knew enough to ask the question first. The 1k list was a sample to see if it was a viable option, from the looks of the optin rate it's not lol.
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    facetious much?

    On a serious note, if he wants to sell his list would he be willing to sell you the whole account ie: business?

    At least that way you could send to the account without any issues and wouldn't have to worry about re-opting in anybody.

    I assume that you've probably already thought of this, but thought i'd throw it in there!
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  • No I was being serious in my thanks to you an everyone, people take their time to answer, I truly appreciate it.

    I don't think he would sell me the biz, but won't hurt to ask. I don't want to mess around throwing away good money on lists that will never convert, truly good advice, sometimes just need to hear it from others.
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    Sending email to 1000+ email address directly is sometime not worthy, But make a chunk of 250 emails per import and send a email with a note.
    Note will contain the information about, how you got their email address. ex: You got their address, because you are partner of some one.
    So that, most people will either unsubscribe or continue following, rather than complain.
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    Hope you did not purchase a email list of 1,000. If so, you have started the wrong way and will not make much money, if any.

    I would start over and build your opt ins the right way, by....

    Solo ads
    Forum marketing
    Looking for smokin' HOT buyer traffic? Broadcast your special offer to over 40,000 of my highly responsive subscribers | Buyers list included

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    So you are saying the you bought that list of 1000 emails?!......

    Not the way to go because these people will not recognize you and will probably report you as spam.

    You would be better off if you actually got an account with Aweber, built a website, create an opt in form there, and show people who you are and what they are signing up to.

    This is the best way to go in my view.
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    A 'cold' list like that, of only 1000, is almost worthless.. what you are talking about doing is spamming, and spammers with this sort of list require hundreds of thousands of such emails - if not millions.

    btw - I got a PM recently being offered a list of 60k as well.. I ignored it. The internet is full of such lists - it is very hard to email them without being shutdown. successful spammers have/need very serious operations to be able to do such things - as pointed out, it's easier to go the legit route.


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