How To Build Links With Bigger Blogs?

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I have a blog website that has over 100 articles and I've been trying to figure out an efficient way to build links to them individually. The articles are how-to's, tips, product reviews, and helpful information about things in my niche. If it was just a handful of pages, I'd just build links in my spare time, but I'd like to get all of my articles ranking higher in the SERP's. It is quality content, but I'm not getting enough link-backs from the viewers to make a big difference. Do you outsource the work? If so, in what way? Do I try to build a following on facebook/twitter? I have accounts for them, but I already have a full time job, so it's kind of hard to be posting all day.

I would also like to figure out some more ways of monetizing my site. Right now most of it is adsense and some amazon (product reviews don't get enough views right now). I suppose I should start another thread on that in a different section though...
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    It depends on how fast or slow you need to get this out there its up to you. Fast outsource slow build links after work 3 hours a nite.

    Outsource to fiverr or go the for hire section on here. You can also find people who will do this work on the digital point and wicked fire forums. try o desk, people for hire is nice but a little more expensive.

    Building links is easy work you can watch tv and do that.

    Search for some free books in the search engines on how to do this. type: how to + _____

    - create bookmarks for backlinks
    - create and post articles for backlinks
    - how to create a press release
    - how to create blog comments for backlinks (if these are wordpress blogs try searching for sites in your niche which have comment luv its great because it automatically pulls your last post and adds it to your comment.

    you also could write content and keyword optimize it to drive traffic from 3rd part sites to your site, these are all the free places you can get blogs but you must be very careful to do this slowly.

    There are people who know how to do this quickly on fiverr. I'm having an old age moment and can't remember what you call it but they build a few different kind of circles around your main site that link to each other. Oh yeah link wheels. duh

    Stay away from link farms where they post your link on articles in a directory of premade blogs
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    I have tried fiverr, but could never find any half ways decent gigs. I need to find a reliable outsource that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I would write content all day if I could, but due to my schedule, I maybe get a couple hours a day, which is good enough for one quality article.
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    Use social bookmarkings to get links as well as traffic to your individual pages.

    If you use Fiverr to outsource this, make sure you only purchase gigs that manually submit and do not use software or it can hurt your rankings.

    Also, your on page seo can be impacting you not reaching your maximum potential in the search engines. Make sure you are doing good keyword research and adding appropriate keywords in your articles, meta tags, meta descriptions, and titles.
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    good info guys thanks!
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    I provide link building service just visit my signature links....

    Making money while sleeping... how?? Pm me for more details.

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      Originally Posted by ayushsocial View Post

      I provide link building service just visit my signature links....
      I'll take a look at that when I have time. Gotta get ready for work (2nd shift sucks). Do you have anything that can back up that these are quality services? How do I know I will see positive results?
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    I suppose the manual posting is a lot stronger than the blasts. I'll look for some of those gigs and give it a try. Yes, my on-page seo IMO is good. I do keyword research for almost every article. The title, description, content, keywords, categories, etc, all have the keywords or similar phrases.
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    SEnuke and UAW along with AMR will help you increase your rankings. You can also use Fiverr and Odesk to outsource link building but you have to get the service from freelancers with at least 4.8 feedback.
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