Can I use affiliate links on Facebook?

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I know that Facebook allows Amazon affiliate links, but do they allow clickbank affiliate links?
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    I would read their TOS for this.

    I would rather create my own website and then review that product on my own domain rather then sending people directly to an affiliate link.
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    You can do link cloaking for your affiliate links. Maybe you can't buy the FB ads for any aff links. Because each ad campaign on FB must be reviewed by FB staff before the ad goes to live. So you need generate traffic from elsewhere to your FB page/ profile/ group for the aff links.
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      I would definitely not follow the herd and follow other people who post affiliate links. It makes you look super spammy and know one will buy from you.

      I would send them to a blog instead or a youtube video works well.

      You can even send them to a fan page.

      If you look at groups on FB you can see everyone is trying to beat each other out by placing their affiliate links in groups

      Put out good info and trust me people will follow. Build a following and sent them to good content. Do that on a daily basis and you will see your following grow.

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    I don't know if it's allowed or not, but it sounds like a sure way to alienate your Facebook friends.
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    I heard that sending people from ad to your
    fanpage gives you significantly bigger clickthrough.

    Then you can impress them with your compementary
    or complimentary affiliate offer (better cloaked than
    not) by putting it right before their eyes on that fan

    This might make your ad also easier to pass on fb.

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    I have a fan page that has a lot of fans and a great activity, and I thought every few months to recommend a product from clckbank.
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    You can post affiliate links but I wouldn't.

    People are on Facebook for social reasons. Not to buy products. Surveys have been done to show that 90% would rather do business through email then any other source of communication.

    Thats why Facebook is great for list building. You can build relationships before they sign up to your list. Giving you a higher click through and sales.
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    Posting Affiliate links is not a good idea.And also Facebook don't allow to post affiliate links related to Make Money Online products.
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    My dad constantly posts links to new money making websites (mostly scams) I don't really want to remove him from my news feed because hes my dad but at the same time....

    Keep your Facebook profile clean, if you want to advertise affiliate links make a Facebook page and advertise on it.
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    You can post affiliate links but they wont really get you anywhere.

    People dont want to be spammed anymore, and also if the links to that site have been highlighted by other users and marked as spam your posts will be too, they may even put a warning page when people click through.

    For better results build a blog, add value with good reviews and demonstrations of the products, maybe interview the creator and send people to that, they are far less likely to get highlighted as spam and warning pages put up.

    You will also get better sales doing it this way especially if you offer a bonus or something for those that buy through your link, and you could also collect the optin too so you can then send other offers in future instead of relying on more traffic.
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      In my experience, I have had no problems posting affiliate links on a page or profile. Where I ran into issues was when I used PPC ads on Facebook, the ad would be approved, and would run normally, then it would apparently be re-reviewed and while facebook never took my ads down or gave me any grief over an ad that was already running, what they would do is place an interstitial page between my ad and the link destination warning that the website you were attempting to go to was non known to be reuputable and may be phishing or malware or some such language. I don't remember exactly, but it was basically very off-putting language that killed your CTR.

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