How do you market yourself on Warriors for hire?

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I found plenty of great information on how to market a wso, but how do you go about marketing your services on Warrior for Hire?
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    if you have good experience and knowledge can get works.. no need old profile or lot's of post ...

    you have to make a good explain ( quotation ) on you reply ..also include your past work ,,

    i got my first work when i have less than 20 post
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    Keep bumping your thread to the first page when it drops past the 5th or 6th page. Pay extra attention to your ad and create a catchy title. Take a look at your competition. Ask for testimonials.

    I just posted my thread a few days ago and I already got a lot of work.
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    When looking on the board, I see the average person has a lot of views while I'm not receiving no views. Would this be because I don't have a catchier headline?
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    Keep bumping your thread to the first page when it drops past the 5th or 6th page. Pay extra attention to your ad and create a catchy title. Take a look at your competition. Ask for testimonials.
    Timbonitus has hit the nail on the head. I do the same thing for my writing/proofreading business. You need to run a regular ad. Change the content sometimes and keep bumping it up. I always get more work when I bump it up so the $20 bump is well worth the money.

    However, there are lots of other ways to get work. Don't only market yourself in one place or you will always be looking for work.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    As far as selling on WSO and likes are concern, you need:

    1. Better and improved services than your competitor,
    your title is the most important and what people see first followed by how you
    showcase your service. Professionalism is vital.

    2. Offer free reviews at the initial stage thou am not a fan of these and
    get lots of honest reviews, ensure your clients leave a positive review at the end of the day.

    3. Always advertise.

    4. Make friends who are knowledgeable in your chosen niche and share ideas.

    5. Be the first to implement new ideas.
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    It's a mixture of a lot of things really.

    You'll notice on the warriors for hire section there are really established sellers who have tonnes of comments and reviews, just remember they all had to start off at one point with an empty thread.

    It's just a matter of creating a killer thread to really show off your skills and what you're selling. From there my advice is keep on investing in yourself, making the thread better graphically, making the copy better, adding better offers and ofcourse getting those all important reviews back.

    A lot of people tend to offer a few of their services for free in exchange for review copies.

    Hope this helps
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    How do you market yourself?

    Yes, you absolutely want to research your competition.

    You want to see what's working in your particular niche - just like writing for any audience.

    But you really need to focus on value and ROI with the Warrior Forum crowd.

    This is a finicky bunch of marketers.

    People on this forum want a deal.

    So create an irresistible offer that provides a ton of value for those who take action - while still making sure you're being compensated enough to feel appreciated (and not immediately prospecting for your next client.)

    A lot of people don't understand...

    If you're not paid enough to focus ONLY on the gig you've been hired for, your work suffers... and the results your client wants aren't reached.

    So always make sure you're organizing your time and rates in such a way that you've got more than enough money coming in to focus on the work you receive.

    Rather than constantly trying to get more clients.

    And as someone else said...

    Make sure you're marketing in multiple places.

    Don't become dependent on this forum for a constant stream of business.

    Always, always, always diversify your advertising to reach different audiences.

    And also...

    Once you get a client, make sure you go the distance for them. That keeps people coming back for more. You're also much more likely to get referrals if you go above and beyond for people.

    In terms of your copy itself...

    Strong, claim-making thread title...

    Strong benefit-heavy headline...

    Agitate the problem.

    Introduce your services.

    Insert your very best irresistible offer.

    Communicate what's on the table - IF prospects take action.

    Build consequence for NOT taking action.

    Write some compelling Post Scripts that sum everything up and direct prospects back to your call-to-action.

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    Well, since this thread popped back to the first page I guess I will add some more tips.

    1. Don't forget about your signature.

    Link to your thread from your signature and post as much as possible. Of course, don't get carried away. Posting hundreds of one or two sentence long posts per day is a great way to get yourself banned. Focus on providing value. Forget about your signature and focus on leaving a helpful reply to any thread you come across. If you do not have anything to contribute to the thread, move to the next one.

    2. Create a website and leave the link in your Warriors for Hire thread.

    I have been unable to do this yet. But from what I have heard, leaving a link to your website is an excellent way to bring in additional clients. Not only are you marketing your website but just showing potential clients that you HAVE your own website is perfect to prove authenticity. Don't forget to post some great samples of your work on your website.

    3. Leave a link to your thread in your Warrior Forum profile's visitor message.

    This helps as well. When someone clicks on your profile they will immediately see a post pointing them to your thread. I don't know how effective this is because I have not been tracking that link but it is just something that you can try. Definitely won't hurt your business.

    4. BUMP!

    It's a game of bumper carts in that section. Just keep bumping!
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    You can also link your signature to your warriors for hire thread to siphon off some extra traffic to your offer.
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