Why Did You Start An Internet Business?

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I'm trying to convince a friend about starting his own internet business and am having trouble coming up with the right words.

I know why I did it, but now I want to know why you did it and still do it...

What are the benefits, what do you love about it, what more do you get out of life...

I want to know it all, post below!!!


...i'm going to be sending this thread to my buddy, so post juicy persuasive lines below warriors :p
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    Because i like money. That's.. pretty much it.

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    I like money + I like to work for myself.
    Also, it is easy to get started on the internet, you can just buy a domain and you're on
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    I got fed up with the daily grind of a job, which is why I started on the Internet. I am involved in a few programs, so I am hoping that soon I will be able to fire my boss.

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    In my last "real" job as a company director, a few "war vets", some of them armed, extorted money from the company by essentially holding me in an affice and threatening me with violence (and my family when I tried to resist) until I agreed to give them the money they wanted. This happened a couple of times and left me with an irrational fear of working for anybody ever again - so I've been my own boss ever since.

    I chose internet marketing because I can do it anywhere in the world - all I need is an internet connection which is great because I can go where I want when I want.

    Sig not working today - too hung over...

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    It is hard to tell someone else why THEY should do something.

    In my case IM = FREEDOM.

    Freedom from debt, work, boss, false security, routine, boredom etc....

    I turned from corporate hostage to Entrepreneur.
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      Originally Posted by James Schramko View Post

      In my case IM = FREEDOM.

      Freedom from debt, work, boss, false security, routine, boredom etc....
      Second on that!
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        We started with online retail shops years ago as a way for my girlfriend to earn a living. She has "macular degeneration" and can not work a 9-5 job anymore. So we went online so she could work from home.
        In my searches...trying to find better ways to market our online retail shops, I stumbled across a Willie Crawford ebook...started following his advice, looked into & started affiliate marketing. Eventually I found my way here, to the WF, where I was introduced to a whole new way of looking at things.
        Late in 2008 I developed my own health issues & moved online fulltime.
        The freedom IM offers relieved much stress in our lives. The income earned is more than what I was making before. Our little online retail empire, our affiliate marketing ventures & our offline marketing/advertising business keeps us quite busy...but happy! I love residual income

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          I love working for myself. After working in the corporate world for 27 years, it was time to have my own time, and I love it. I also love the money. And I love internet network marketing. It's a lot of fun.
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    Certainly to make money and to start a work from home opportunity.
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    Freedom to give myself to what I consider truly important.
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    Because I wanted to take control of my life and make as much money I possibly want it. I started about two years ago and enjoying every minute of it. Don't have a lousy job and will never need one again. Earning $30k+ a month a job will NEVER give you this type of freedom...I also did this because I wanted my family to be secure. So there is my reason
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    Originally Posted by simmonsmike7 View Post

    I'm trying to convince a friend about starting his own internet business and am having trouble coming up with the right words.

    ...i'm going to be sending this thread to my buddy, so post juicy persuasive lines below warriors :p

    Here's my 2 cents; if HE doesn't want to start a business, don't waste your time trying to convince him.

    Starting any business needs incredible motivation; whether it's freedom, money, lifestyle, challenge or change that drives the entrepreneur doesn't matter. Yes, it can provide all that. But it can also be intensely frustrating, back breaking work, financial stringency until you cross the hump.

    Also important; not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, or even wants to be one.

    Yes, some people like to earn more money. Others believe in being frugal - a dollar saved... And there are others who believe money is the root of all evil. Not to mention those who'd rather have the security of a monthly wage as against the uncertainty of "there's gold in thar hills"

    Freedom from a routine? There are people who hate change, and love a routine.

    Challenge, adrenaline and the like? Some thrive on it; others detest it with a vengeance.

    Socializing, and meeting likeminded people? Haven't you come across any hermit like people at all, or even the shy types who don't want company?

    Bottomline - my take on the fish story

    Yes, you can provide the fish. Or teach someone how to fish. Point them to the best fishing spots, give them the tackle they'll need.

    But what if they're vegetarian, and DON"T eat fish?

    When I have something good to say, you'll see it here first.
    Connect on Google + : http://gplus.to/ikontent

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    i started because it is never ending there is always somthing new to do!!! i love it
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    For me, it's the freedom and also the knowledge that the extra work I put in and my good ideas make ME more money - not some company CEO.

    I used to have a very high paying job with great benefits. But I was miserable going to work every day. Now, I work for myself and wake up happy every day even though I make less than half of what I used to. Of course, by working for myself, though I have the potential to make much more than I ever could in my old job.

    Plus the freedom to work when I want is great. My mother died of cancer a couple of years ago and because I have this freedom I was able to go to every doctors appointment, scan and treatment (2 full days almost every week for a year). I don't think too many bosses would let you take 2 days off every week for a year straight.

    Gone Fishing
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      I don't have a glamorous story to tell.

      I turned to IM because I lost my job and needed to do something. Unable
      to find work at my age, I gave this a shot. It took me a long time to figure
      it out. It didn't come easy for me.

      Today, I look back at the early days and smile.

      I would rather be dead than ever go back to work for a boss ever again.
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    Work anywhere on the planet, at anytime you want.
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    For me - I like the idea of working for myself but also there is an opportunity online to make a real difference in many people's lives (for the better hopefully).

    We are becoming a true global community and I personally find it quite exciting to have such potential stretched out before me.

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    I'm trying to convince a friend about starting his own internet business and am having trouble coming up with the right words.
    I had this converstion with my very 1st mentor about 5 years ago about my best friend and his respose was "Ray some people will see this for the same golden opportunity you do and some won't. There is NOTHING you can or should try to do and change that. We are not in the business of convincing but sorting. The sooner you get that from your head to your heart the faster you will find success."

    This is as real as it gets. Nothing anybody gives you for their reason means anything it is about your prospect and their reason or lack of.
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    One word... FREEDOM!

    I'm not a slave to anyone! Well, maybe still the wife LOL

    For me there's nothing in the world better than knowing I don't have to show up to a JOB on time and be stuck in an office all day. I love living the work at home lifestyle where I don't feel stressed, rushed, annoyed, etc. etc. etc.

    This is a luxury that you have to build into your business. Otherwise you just a slave to your business. You have to leverage things like outsourcing to get real freedom.

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    I started because I had no car to get around no money, so it was really my only option, now I make a killing, have a car and plenty of money
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    In short, because I've never wanted a job. Not that I didn't want to work, I just couldn't think of any job that I could see myself doing and enjoying.

    Growing up I knew there was an avenue for me, I just didn't know what it was, thats because IM didn't exist yet, then in about 2000 a Corey Rudl salesletter told me exactly what I should be doing.

    So I was between various crappy jobs and collecting unemployment benefits, trying to get my internet business going (more fantasising, collecting and hoarding every ebook, and 'internet marketing wizinator' I possibly could), until I purchased 'Ranking Power', back then a monkey could make money with that software.

    I was a search engine page generator spammer who convinced myself I had a successful business, until google slapped all my websites upside the head and I was broke again.

    Then started the actual work. Product creation and list building.

    I've spoke to friends about doing what I do, they all would like to, but they're stuck in the rut of their fulltime jobs, and at least for me, internet marketing had a pretty big learning curve, and I don't have time for 1-on-1 coaching.

    When you seek happiness for yourself, it will always allude you.
    When you seek happiness for others, you will find it for yourself.

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    Freedom from the madness of having a job working for someone else, having to "kiss up" at some point in time. It only makes sense to do at least a little something "on the side" to generate you independent cash flow.
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    If your friend doesn't have the fire in the belly to be an entrepreneur, you are wasting both your and his or her time trying to convince them. This is a business, like most other businesses, it has a lot of work and hiccups to contend with. If the fire is not there, then they will probably be doomed for failure.

    I am sorry if this sounds negative, but I believe it strongly. If the fire is not there, you will not be doing them any favor.

    Tim Pears

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    I just feel that I am an entrepreneur at heart and wanted to be one after I graduate in May, but would never be able to get the start up funds or anything. I looked into IM and plan on to continue driving into it head on and be able to use it as my full time job...

    but for the time being I will also be starting a full-time job this summer so I will have to see how it goes.

    Future Options Trading, a free subscription on trading the commodity markets.
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    Because I am a momma first and foremost and couldn't stand the thought of an institution raising my children...or being a part of one myself. Struggled to find my fit in the "real world" and found my fit just fine in the online world. Wouldn't trade my life and my business for any 9-5 slave to the boss type job again. I have the freedom to work when I want, where I want and essentially do what I want.

    Sure the reliability you have with the 9-5 isn't the same but at the same time you make your own days and hell if you don't want to do shit all today..tomorrow is just a day away and you can play catch up...don't know many real life jobs that give that type of freedom.

    Plus you get to meet wonderful peeps from all over the globe that are quite outside the regular box of people most would meet in the normal J.O.B world.

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      I actually just wanted to earn some money for Christmas.

      But once the money started coming in, I was hooked.
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    Its all about the money. Was staying vacant for the past two weeks and thought Y not giv a try earning online.. and thus I m here.!
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    After getting my (voluntary) retirement I wanted to make money but with freedom.
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    One word - Like

    I like that process to find marketing methods thru thinking.
    I like talking with other people from different countries.
    I like the feeling when I try to see my work product.
    Thank internet business
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    I started I.M because I always hated working for other people, especially when I knew I could to the job more efficient than my boss. I also wanted the freedom to work from home, and the ability to create my own wealth.
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    I started for money, then it turned into an addiction.
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    I am betting that you told him why you started your own IM business and the reason he isn't biting is because why you started is not what he wants.

    Maybe you started because you wanted to be able to wake up at noon, but just because you might want that he probably doesn't. maybe you started for Freedom, but what is he doesn't want freedom?

    here is what you must do

    If he wants money then talk about how IM can bring him money.

    If he wants Freedom talk about how IM can bring him Freedom.

    If he wants to sleep in until noon then talk about how he can do that.

    The point being figure out what is it that he wants and then show him how IM can do that for him.

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  • Profile picture of the author jayden.fellze
    There's freedom and independence when having an online business. I like having my own business, i want to be my own boss. Money comes along when there is perseverance. It also gives you the chance to work at the comforts of our own home.
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    To make good amount of decent income from home without boss.I like internet marketing
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  • Profile picture of the author Rory Wilkinson
    To make lots of money and fast!

    Lol. But seriously, to be able to have the freedom to earn money 24-7, no matter where you are in the world. There are really no other opportunities like it out there.

    Oh yeah and the money isn't bad
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    Don't quit! Keep going, you are so much closer than you think!
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    It seems that the responses are really similar to mine. I was really keen on having a regular career, but after a couple of years I just couldn't fit into the 9-5 (read 7 - 10) grind and the inflexibility of it. In fact, I realised that I had always wanted to work for myself and build businesses of my own. That was my overriding reason. I also love seeing results on a daily basis rather than waiting years to find out if I managed to get a promotion - and then it always seemed like despite my best efforts there was always some 'political' stuff going on behind the scenes that I couldn't control and couldn't predict. I really got fed up with it.
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    I started an internet business to live a better lifestyle and be in control of my own life. Also an Internet business is great for a more mobile lifestyle so you are not trapped in one place where the job is. Not quite there yet but still working towards it.
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      Because working for for someone else sucks! Why am I going to work my tail off so that someone else can make all the money. On top of that I have to do everything they basically tell me to do, or I get canned.

      Although IM has it's ups and downs, it sure beats working for someone else.
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    I started my own online business because I wanted control of my time and financial freedom. Well, for the first year I was flat broke and barely had time to eat or sleep. I basically survived on Red Bull and Skittles.

    I'm at a point in my career where I have time to enjoy dinner with my boyfriend (not Skittles and Red Bull) each night, like a grown woman should. The transition was slow, but totally worth it. Although, admittedly as a writer, I earn a pittance compared to what the IMers are earning on this forum.

    My name's not Sally.

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    • Profile picture of the author tyroneshum
      Hi everyone.

      Great question simmonsmike! I actually stumbled across setting up my own Internet Business. I always knew that I wanted to run a business and when I found an opportunity in a very niche market I took it up straight away and have never looked back. It has given me freedom and time to do the things I enjoy. I like not having to work for someone and enjoy having assistants working for me. That's power!

      Honestly, it's the freedom and flexibility and control of your own destiny.

      I love Internet Businesses and it's just like buying property. Only difference is it's all virtual and low maintenance.

      I hope your friend can see everyone's point of view here. Though he has to have a passion for it and be convinced within himself that there is something for him, otherwise his forcing himself to do something that his not comfortable with.

      Thanks for a great post!
      Follow me on my 90 Day Challenge to rank no. 1 on Google
      Connect with me at: outsourcinglive.com/google-plus
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    Full time since 1999...

    I had a choice to make....stay 'in' and apply for a commission in the US Air Force after having earned my B.S. or jump out into the dot com rave and mix it up a bit.

    I decided to roll the dice on the dot com wave...and I can not complain about that decision. It's allowed me to live where I want, when I want, etc...it hasn't all been easy though. I've had some horrible years and some nutty-great years.

    You get what you put into it.

    Sean Mitchell -
    Online Marketing & Tech Consultant Since 1999
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    I love the fact that i set my own wage. The harder i work, the more i get paid. And knowing that what i do helps other people make me feel like im accomplishing something

    Coding these games right now
    Zombie Corps
    Ninja Killaz
    Mono D

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    • Profile picture of the author Terri LC
      Even though I have yet to make $, I would NEVER stop my goal to be financially free online.

      Your friend needs to have a strong WHY, one that is strong enough to see him through all the pitfalls, frustrations and learning curves.

      I wish my whole family who seems to be struggling could find their way online, but it's true, you can't force anyone to do anything. I also look forward to helping others one day, those who are where I am right now.

      I look forward to the 30 second commute to my home office!
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    I want freedom, I don't want to have a boss, wake very early in the morning and work 8 hours to a company make them rich. I prefer to work for my self and make my self rich than make my boss rich.
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    During a time of uncertainty in the mid 90's we were looking to emigrate. My wife (at the time) could get a work permit but I would have had to start over in insurance in a new country so I looked for something to do from home and stumbled across a book advertised in a bizopp magazine about doing business on the Internet. And the rest is history - fulltime since 2003.

    And the emigration never happened.

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  • Profile picture of the author StageREM
    I entered the world of internet marketing because I needed to supplement my income. Well as many of you are aware it can be quite a learning process that results in a slow start. I thought I was doing something wrong, but I just didn't realize the challenge of creating a successful business online or offline. I enjoy what I do because I get to learn new methods and discover what works for me without answeringto a boss.
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    • Profile picture of the author countonuspr
      I can be with my kids anytime I want. I never have missed the most important parts of their lives like their first words, their first steps, etc. Plus I can go bowling with the family or go to a movie and check my e-mail on my Blackberry phone once we get back in the car and see that I made money while we were out having fun!

      I have more time to serve at my church and just overall more time!
      Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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  • Profile picture of the author KC-Coop
    For the freedom, the flexibility and the money. I wanted to be able to work only a few hours a day, which I've accomplished since I average 2 hour work days now and I wanted to wake up in the morning and already have made more money that day than most people make in a week or even a month
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  • Profile picture of the author blargins
    For me, I have turned to IM out of necessity. I live in a country (France) where work is very hard to find if you don't live in a major town. The French also tend to give work to their own before foreigners as well. No apparent thing as equal opportunites here. Plus my level of French is nowhere near work standard, a major problem.

    I started my own French property website to sell advertising space to French real etate agents. This was all very well and good until our beloved leaders and banks stuffed up the economy and no-one is buying real estate in France at all now. It's really dead here. That project is now on the back burner until happier times.

    So, I have had to look at alternatives to making money. I don't want to move back to Oz or the UK, I am very happy in France, so IM provides the perfect solution as all is in English. I need to stay at home and look after my sick wife (she is better but still needs my loving care), and I have converted an old shed on my property into an office, so really I have all the tools I need to make a go of it.

    My only regret is that I didn't go into IM before. Even last year when the economy was looking grim, I should have just quit this property web site and got into an area where making money was possible.

    Although I am yet to make my first cent in IM, I am enjoying my journey so far and have learnt so much over the past month.

    In fact this is a perfect opportunity to thank everyone here for their posts and replies as I think I have learnt more here than on any SEO website. The information here is real and practical. SEO websites seem more theory and of course geared at making sales for themselves. It's really just a case of sifting through what is relevant to me and to try and keep focussed.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tyrus Antas
    I was a computer programmer already spending more time than I should online. Then I started listening to Tony Robbins(really) and decided I wanted to go independent. Quit my job and 6 years later everything went really good.

    I'm also a little bit rebellious in nature so becoming an entrepreneur was a natural path for me.

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  • Profile picture of the author morwanneg
    Because it's easy to earn huge money online rather than working your a** off in a day job. I also don't want anyone bossing me around so i started an online biz.
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  • Profile picture of the author rainbowsoul
    I find internet business more flexible way to do business. And who does not love freedom! Really, all those links and threads help a lot to find your solutions in business and keeps you straight forward.
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  • Profile picture of the author sree94
    I started mine to make an extra $1000 a month

    I never dreamed it would become the obsession for me that it has. Now, I make that number easily, AND WANT MORE!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author falcon_warrior
    You basically have control over time. Nowadays it seems that people focus on their work so much, that it splits their family apart. I got into IM because the hours are flexible and I don't have to lose time with the people around me
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  • Profile picture of the author internote007
    The reasons are simple: Be my own boss and have the freedom to do whatever I like!
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  • Profile picture of the author fishman9444
    Thanks for listening.
    I am starting an internet business for a couple reasons.

    1. My business as a building contractor has stop completely. If any opportunities for bidding on a job come up, I'm usually under-bid by others who pretty much do the jobs for nothing. They either take the job knowing they will make zero profit to keep their employees/crews busy or they themselves are working for daily wages. No sense working for free. That industry is dead for now.

    2. I dont want a JOB. I will never work for someone else again. And it would never equal what I was making.

    3. I am attracted to an internet business for the potential money and the freedom to work from anywhere. In six years, I want to move somewhere far, far away and this is the perfect business to take with me.

    I have spent the last two months researching an internet business. There are definitely many directions you can go to make money. I finally settled on one direction and I am now pursuing it. I know it will not be easy, but I have plenty of time during the day to figure it out. lol

    Someday I will get back to building homes, but I want that to be my hobby.

    By the way, this warrior forum rocks!
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  • Profile picture of the author Leon McKee
    1) Income Freedom

    2) Time Freedom

    3) Location Freedom

    However, I started my marketing business back in the 80's within the Direct Response industry and have evolved into the Internet Marketing medium. The original reason I ventured out was that I was a latchkey child of the 70's and did not want the same for my "future" children. The short story is that when I was 16, in 1980, my 9 year-old brother came home from from school and took his own life. I would call this the defining day of my life as we where "home alone".

    I would strongly suggest that in today's economic environment everyone should build multiple streams of income. Your friend could have one income stream from a job, one from investments, one from savings and several from their own internet "based" business. I'm also fond of telling folks to "kill the debt before it kills you".

    You've heard the saying about planning to fail verses failing to plan I'm sure!

    Leon McKee

    P.S. I've also experienced what it's like to be "downsized" from a major corporation simply because your job code is eliminated. The great thing about this experience was that my business income had surpassed my paid employment so the transition to the various freedoms was seamless. OK, except for my bruised pride

    P.P.S Be prepared!
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  • Profile picture of the author blagoj
    Because it's easier to make money online than offline!
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  • Profile picture of the author Colin_Bird
    For the freedom to do WHAT I like, WHEN I like, WHERE I like.

    It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it - you NEVER stop learning. That's a real buzz!
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  • Profile picture of the author LonnieSmalley
    I started because I had a hard time holding down a regular job not because I wasn't good at what I did but instead it was because I was always having to miss work due to an illness. I started working online and love it. I enjoy the freedom of choosing my own hours and what I sale.
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