What is better for Google - hosted blog or article pages

by Brad Davidson 6 replies
Hi All

I wanted to toss this one out there.

I am working on some optimisation for my site and am about to upload some more content.

Recently, I have added an Articles link to my main page at the bottom and included some keyword rich articles.

I am also running a hosted blog on the site.

The content is effectively inter-changable as a blog post or an article.

I am curious to know if anyone has tested this or if there is a recommendation as to which one would be better - blog posts or articles - in Google's eyes.

I know that ideally to do both with different versions of the content is the way to go but if you only did one of the two, which one is better?


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    Blog posts and articles aren't different things. Blog posts can be articles and articles can be blog posts. One or the other, it doesn't matter. What matters is on page factors that differ if you were to have it as a blog post or article.
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      Do both of them... that would save you time and frustratyion of thinking.
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        Creating a different domain or at least a different sub-domain for each keyword phrase...exactly matching that phrase works best.

        After that a page that is 100% designed to match a single keyword phrase with title, alt tags for the image, file names of video and audio etc all very close or matching the keyword phrase is most likely to get ranked higher in Google.

        But blog posts are very practical.

        There's a whole lot more work and some expense in doing what I've suggested above.

        Internet marketing can be time consuming and going for the absolute best route may not the the quickest way to succeed.

        You may get their quicker with 300 blog posts over 6 months because you can find the time to do it instead of 50 domains with another 250 subdomains and keyword targeted pages.

        Kindest regards,
        Andrew Cavanagh
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          Thanks Andrew

          Great point on the subdomains, I was just considering html pages with articles in a directory linked to the main page (that's how it is now) but moving to subdomains for the main targeted keywords in a logical progression sounds like a great next step.

          I am at the optimisation stage so getting enough traffic from the first wave of 'easy to do' stuff for the main keywords so I am trying to do stuff that is the next level up that will have more of a long term place in google's heart (and on their search rankings)

          Your suggestions are on the to-do list already. The content is there so it is just a matter getting it going. I didn't want to head in one direction and then change halfway through.



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