From scratch, how far can I get in 5 months?

by torrr
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To begin with, I have never made a penny online. But now I am willing to give it a shot. I bought the membership and I'm ready to go.

I'm not going to start my own company. I'm looking for something smaller, but that pays. I'm asking you how far I can get, and where do I begin. I'm overwhelmed by all these articles and ebooks.

My goal is 10-$15k in 5 months. And have a steady income by then.

Is this easy, hard or even possible?
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    The best and quickest way to achieve your goal is to create your own information products.

    So first you need to choose a niche (go to clickbank and see what niches are popular for information)

    Then you need to buy a domain and set up a simple blog and tell people why you're starting that blog (make sure you solve a problem)

    Last you need to create your own product and sell it to your target market.

    I know this is a very basic outline but I would definitely say product creation is the best way to achieve your desired income in the time frame.
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    I am a bigger believer in building a solid foundation with articles, SEO, a sales funnel and long-term relationships. If you are trying to get rich quick with instant this or that it's a different approach then trying to learn and do long-term relationships in affiliate or something. I always offer more info on the sales funnel on my facebook page.
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    Essentially what you are asking is what everyone on this site hopes for. Is it possible? Yes.

    But what you need to know is that in order to make the income of a full time job you need to treat it as a full time job.

    Set tasks and do them!

    Do not assume that you can spend all day looking at facebook or playing video games. If you do not dedicate 8-12 hours per day to WORK you will not achieve that goal.
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      Originally Posted by Dustin Blevins View Post

      Do not assume that you can spend all day looking at facebook or playing video games. If you do not dedicate 8-12 hours per day to WORK you will not achieve that goal.
      You obviously didn't see the latest product which promised that you could earn with $20,000 a month with only 1 hours work a day .
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    10-15 grand in 5 months starting from scratch? More like 5 grand if you work your balls off and don't suffer from info overload since you're brand new. (and I'm being generous, actually) If you start making 1000/month after the first 5 months, then you'd be making incredible results. No, really. Do you have any idea where to start, or what business model to pursue?
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    If you keep your head straight and understand what you are doing, it would be very possible.

    What I say to everyone is, stop thinking about money. This thought process will only hinder you in the end.

    Start thinking about how you can help people and the value you can give them.

    Become an affiliate and make a squeeze page. Set up an auto responder. That is basically all you need to make some kind of income.

    If you where to out source all your work to the right people, you could hit that mark. Then get a good ad campaign. Could make lots of sales.
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    Sell some $300 products. And invest alot into advertising. $10k - $15k a month isn't anything to sneeze at. It's tough, and if you dont know how to sell a $7 ebook successfully online.... how do you expect to sell $300 products online and make $10k a month?
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  • ...take it easy champ, you said you just joined a membership well just go with it! i remember i was thinking the exact same way you're thinking now but i'll tell ya "move fast and break things" yeah fail fast contrary to what most people think here making a million a second is possible but the faster you're able to absorb things the faster the money comes and don't kid yourself it's work!
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    Depends on your skill level...if you know nothing, and need to learn everything, it would be a very tough journey for you..

    But is a good start!...Lets get back to work!

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      Yes it is very possible to generate $10,000 within 5 months.

      Nothing is impossible when it comes to the Internet. After all, there are billions of potential customers out there.

      Some people take the right route immediately and make a lot, while others take the wrong route and make next to nothing even if they've been doing this for years... There is no 'black and white' correlation between experience and income.

      5 months is roughly 150 days. $10,000 / 150 = $67 average income per day...

      Hardly impossible. In fact, when you look at the numbers like it. It's very possible to eclipse $10,000 in 5 months...

      The key is finding the right business model and running with it. Make sure you select a business model that pays. Too many people make the mistake of picking a model that makes chump change. Think big and run with it.

      Best of luck,
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    The West Brom fan is correct, although I don't agree with his choice of club!!!

    Look at it as $67 per day and you'll have a better idea of how to achieve, but it normal cases - don't expect to achieve even that until five months from now
    Most think that it was God who created man in his own image but it was us who created God in ours.

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    Originally Posted by torrr View Post

    To begin with, I have never made a penny online.

    But now I am willing to give it a shot. I bought the membership and I'm ready to go.
    Buying the membership here does not guarantee you will make any money - but it does expand who you can connect with.
    I'm not going to start my own company. I'm looking for something smaller, but that pays.
    You are talking about freelancing. Although even some freelancers will create a company identity.

    Just curious - why would you not consider starting a company?

    I'm asking you how far I can get,
    You will get as far as you go...
    and where do I begin. I'm overwhelmed by all these articles and ebooks.
    You begin at the beginning after you begin with the end in mind first.
    My goal is 10-$15k in 5 months. And have a steady income by then.
    This is not enough information.

    You have 5 months, you have a financial goal, so now you need to picture the rest of the picture.
    What do you see yourself selling/promoting?
    A service? A product? Your product?

    Is this easy, hard or even possible?
    All the above and none of the above.

    (I would make a horrible psychic.)

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Here's a great thread in the warroom that you should seriously consider following and implementing....
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    Originally Posted by torrr View Post


    My goal is 10-$15k in 5 months. And have a steady income by then.

    Is this easy, hard or even possible?
    At first it is possible for you to achieve such a thing like that.All you have to do is choose internet business model you have or can develop passion for( like information marketing, affiliate marketing, website flipping for instance), be ready to take massive ACTION with the knowledge you acquire on the model you choose then stick to it on till you reach desire goal. hope this help
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    The first 5 months are difficult. I earned like $10/day after the first month. The sixth month i hit 50/day, then 100, 200,500..
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    Well, my humble opinion is that you should start to get involved in the forum right away. You should read everything you can in this part of the forum and do it every day.

    If you are short of cash, you can always write some articles at or start a frellance career at Elance. I cannot stress enough the fact that you need to read all ou can in the forum each day as this industry is evolving fast.
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    Thank you all for answering.
    I can see that some of you say it's possible, and some of you say it'll be hard.
    I will start reading and try to find a business model, and work hard.

    In my current situation I wont be able to work 8~ hours/day on this. So it looks like I wont really get to my goal in 5 months. But that wont shut me down, I will be successful, just a bit later.
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    Pick one method and stick with it until you have learned everything you can find and implemented it. The biggest problem is jumping from program to program. Personally I like and think list building is the best.

    Clint Myers

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    Hello Torrr,

    You are off to a great start by having a clearly defined goal to aim for, however to increase your odds of achieving your goal you need to develop a burning desire for it and commit to it (don't just be willing to give it a shot). You will need to do the following things :

    1.) Develop or get a plan that you feel will allow you to achieve your goal. This plan should include choosing your business model (affiliate marketing, promoting physical products, freelancing (creating content for other), etc… And building an email list.

    2.) Implement your action plan on a daily, consistent basis. This is where 80% (or more) of your efforts should be spent.

    3.) Track and monitor your progress. This will allow you to see what is working vs what is not working.

    4.) Make changes and improvements as you progress. This will allow you to constantly work on improving and getting better and better.

    You can make money by being able to create or give value to others at a good price, one that allows you to make a profit. You make a lot of money by creating and giving a whole lot of extra value or service to even more people. If you are able to develop or follow a system that will allow you to do those things, then yes you can and will achieve your income goals.

    Click here and learn more of the basics of affiliate marketing => Online Affiliate Marketing Info

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    Ain't gonna happen.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      Ain't gonna happen.
      And you are not God to make that statement.
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    You're going to need a few grand to spend and you'll have to work 80hrs per week and you'll need access to a mentor who can coach you 1 on 1.

    Given those circumstances and the right personal characteristics you might be able to get somewhere approaching those figures.
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    I suppose you will get a lot of different answers to your question some negative some positive,your objective is possible but you must avoid information over load, stick to one method at a time and, try to choose the traffic strategy that you are most comfortable with and do not give up.
    good luck.
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    If you are willing to put the hours in, invest cash, learn and get yourself out there plus take a few risks along the way then yes you can get these results in 5 months, I wouldn't count on it and maybe a few grand a month will be more realistic but it isn't unthinkable.

    You really need to find the market and model you want to pursue fast and then move quickly and efficiently while leveraging every available option to get you there.

    If you need any Free advice inbox me and I will be happy to do what I can.
    Want To Make Your First £10,000 Online?
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    I hate to tell you this, but in my opinion it's not very realistic.
    First of all, if you really want to set things up right, you need some planning.
    Then, you need to learn stuff, and you do that by making mistakes.
    You'll most likely be working inefficiently for the first period, as I am still doing.
    Set the goal to learn as much as possible in a month rather than making money in a set period of time. This will result in you becoming better at this stuff, and will automatically convert into revenue, if you do it right. Spend your time reading articles and posts, they are really helpful. Then start by just setting something up, use tools to analyze your results, and adjust accordingly. Good luck.

    No marketing, just good free music to stimulate you while working:

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    Have to agree with the people who are saying you need to build some relationships. If you go it alone you will not get very far as a newbie. If you join some kind of membership forum or mentorship program make sure to use it to the fullest. Ask lots of questions. A few questions asked can save you from making mistakes that waste your time and money. Pick a method, decide on a business model, and then work with it long term. Do not get caught in the trap of giving up on a method when you've only put a month or two into it. It takes time to grow a steady income online just like in any other business.
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      The absolute Bunk being posted on here by people who have no idea how to
      make a penny - and passing themselves off as experts - is precisely why the
      rest of the business community equates the Internet Marketing community to
      pyramid and MLM schemes.

      This is a business. It is not the business of Making Money Online. It is the
      business of marketing. Making 10-15k/mo. with no experience is virtually
      impossible, unless you are an extremely gifted software developer who
      is capable of designing applications that people are already looking for.

      Short of that, you have to love this business. You have to love the game, and
      you have to be willing to commit to it long term to master it, just like any
      other skill. Even then, just like any other business, it can fail.

      Consider this for a second. This is the equivalent of asking "if I buy this $7
      ebook on engine building help me build a Porche engine? The answer is no.
      Only experience building Porche engines will get you there, and that takes
      time and practice.

      Advice? Get a job. Keep a job. Do this on the side as you learn. When you
      visit this site, bear in mind that everyone here, including me, has something
      to sell you. Most of them will tell you what you want to hear so that you will
      buy their stuff.

      I have never known anyone - anyone - of the hundreds of people that I have
      worked for, and worked with in IM, to make that kind of money out of the gate.
      I've known plenty who make that much and a whole lot more after working
      and learning, and growing as a marketer. if you love the game it may love
      you back eventually, but it will take a long time, and a lot of work.

      Sorry to be harsh, but depending on where you heart really is, this will either
      discourage you, or encourage you.

      If you're exited about learning marketing, what it takes to push buying buttons
      split testing for conversions, formulating value messages, writing incessantly,
      trying to get inside your ideal prospects head to figure out what makes them
      say "yes" and buy your stuff; if you're excited about working long hours
      learning this trade, and if you don't really care that you may fail, you just
      want to give it a shot, then yes the crazy life of an IMer may be the one for you.

      If you're heart is JUST focused on living the high life making 180k/year, this
      isn't the business for you. There are better, more attractive, easier ways to
      do it. If you have the credit, Real Estate, in spite of the bubble burst, is on
      its way back up, and is still the easiest, quickest way to build long term
      wealth and income.

      I am going to append this message, and correct myself. There is a way to
      make this kind of money quickly in marketing, but it is NOT in internet
      marketing, but rather offline marketing.

      Go over to the Offline Forum and search for the Bob Ross postcard mailing system.
      Even if you decide not to do postcards, it's a great primer for local marketing.
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    How hard to you plan on working? I would offer a service of some kind and then invest a percentage of my earnings into creating a informational product, email list, etc. Generally, you will need to work very hard to achieve your goal.
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    The title caught my eye and to be honest, i really didn't know what to reply but here it is.

    1) Depends on the amount of knowledge to start with
    2) Budget
    3) Time available on the web
    4) What you intend to do
    5) What tools you will use to achieve this

    At first, before you start buying everything, read, read and read

    I have been online since 97. You can't learn and understand everything in a few weeks/months.
    Don't think to big why ? You will stop trying. So start with 1$/day as goal !!!!
    I know it's stupid to say this but it's the reality.
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    Explore the Warroom; there are many approaches that work in there. You said you're overwhelmed, which probably means you're learning a lot of different methods, ideas, and approaches without implementing them (don't feel bad; it happens to most of us).

    You have to give yourself a deadline to make a decision about what to actually implement. Explore the Warroom, think about what you want to do, but then make a decision, and don't take too long; maybe 2-3 days of exploring options and considering what sounds most doable and enjoyable for you, that hopefully leverages your skills, knowledge and talents.

    Then, once you make a decision, start spending several solid hours per day doing it without distraction. If you get stuck, ask for help, but be specific, not like this thread.

    Be very careful about the advice you take; at the end of the day, you're the only one who decides how much you can make and how long it will take you.

    One thing you need to keep in mind; a lot of Warriors will discourage you when you post this way. It's so general that it makes you seem like you can't be bothered to do your own research, because it's a question you could answer with the help of research, and nobody can do it for you. So you will get people telling you that you won't make it.

    If you take anyone's word for what you can't do, then you're sunk. If you've read many threads in the Warroom, or even this area, you will know that there are people who grabbed the bull by the short hairs and built a five figure month by their second month; it isn't impossible.

    If you put together a system, for example, to generate $1k per month SEO clients, and really work it, there is nobody stopping you from getting 4 clients per month; that is just one per week. If you did that, it would take you 10 weeks to get to five figures per month. (I'm not at that level, so this advice is as much for me as for you, but I know people that did exactly that, and I'm working on it too).

    If you suck at sales, and are interested in the above approach, you might try joining Bring The Fresh, or OMG machines, or both. I believe it's OMG machines that has you build sites, SEO them for local biz search terms, and then rent them to people with sponsored ads that aren't on page 1 of organic results. Target expensive keywords, and you can give them a bargain while still raking it in.

    There are a lot of things that can get you to your goal, but the main obstacle for most people is themselves, and I suggest you never ask people to set limits for you.

    I know you posted hoping for encouragement, and you got it, but you also will always get people giving you limits and saying what you can't do. Do not let other people set limits for you, and try to expand your mind about what's possible; our own internal limits are the biggest obstacle; if you can knock those down, you can easily accomplish what seemed impossible before.
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