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Hope everybody's doing well. I started my site up a little while ago, it's called
Welcome, it's a mixed martial arts blog.

Now I think I'm going to be learning more about MMA workouts so that I can specialize, since doing news is just too competitive and nothing unique I can really offer to get noticed.

I understand the best method is to build a list as an authority in the market, and then promote great offers to my list. However, how can I make myself an authority for mixed martial art workouts? I mean, I've been training for about 4 years, but there's no disputing I'm physically mediocre, and there's no way I can be looked at as an authority for working out.

For internet marketing it's much more simple, people are looked at as an authority just by stating they made x amount of dollars, and then they have a few testimonials to back it up. But with fitness, it's a bit more tricky. Obviously people want to see someone in great shape, with a good story, to be giving them advice about workouts.

Anybody here know the best angle for me to work? I'm a bit confused at the moment.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, first of all want to say that you are definitely moving in the right direction. Having an authority site, creating a brand and building a list from a site is the way to go.

    Obviously there is no way you are going to be an authority within first few month, it's going to take maybe over 1 year or less depending on how you go about growing your site and building your audience.

    Here is one way I think you can do it:
    It's a good thing that you think you are not perfect, means there is space for work. See what you would like to improve in yourself physically and as a MMA fighter, make a plan to make a better you and stick to it.

    To show your results and new techniques, create a YouTube channel where you can show people your improvements and teach people how to become physically stronger and be a better fighter. If you participate in any competitions make sure to put that up too, but don't stop yourself there, just see what else you can put on your channel that is MMA, fitness or health related (that will take some research - look at other Youtube channels, go on different MMA websites and be creative).

    If you provide good information in your videos people will definitely look up your website too (for that you can have a call to action at the end of your videos), and will share your video.

    Besides that join MMA and fitness forums. If you are a big fan of MMA I'm sure you will have no problem communicating to other MMA fans on forums. Make sure to put your wesbite in a signature and to make your signature compelling, exciting so when people see it they go WTF. It can be something controversial or funny or anything that will create an emotion in other people ex. "You suck at fighting. My grandma can fight better", well you get the idea.

    Forums and YouTube alone can give you tons of traffic and followers but also don't forget about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and making use of mini website which you can rank for related low competition keywords (for that I really suggest you check out a WSO called Dream Niches).

    To take it a step further, talk to people in the same and related niche to advertise on their sites, but that's more advanced and will be possible after you get your feet wet first.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck. Cheers!

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      Killer response man, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

      Thanks, my brother is an expert in internet marketing, and I'm glad you agree that he pointed me in the right direction.

      Like I said, I'm decent at MMA, and at working out. Nothing to turn any heads, but at the same time you're right, if I make my videos more of an educational journey where I improve in them, that can be a lot more inspiring to a potential visitor.

      I just want to be able to provide unique value, so that I can get my site noticed, and feel valuable to the visitors at the same time.

      I'm definitely already pretty active in a few different forums, and I do have my signature placed. But obviously, I need much more quality content on my site before I'll have some avid viewers. I get around 15 a day right now. I'm sure when I have a little more money to invest, I can pay some great writers to pretty up some of my posts.

      Thanks again,

      If you want to reach for your dreams, first you've got to roll up your sleeves

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        That's definitely a good start.

        As for content, have your own twist on it, make predictions if you are really deep in UFC, check out personal websites of UFC/MMA fighters and other UFC/MMA sources there could be more information there as well.

        Glad to help. Cheers

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