Any way of blocking unwanted PM's?

by Frank Ayres 2 replies
Is there anyway to stop someone sending me PMs

I told a supposedly reputable member of this forum that i thought something he said in a post was wrong and now i have recieved about 5 PMs from him having a go at me.
I have told him a couple of times to stop sending them to me and he has continued.

I consider this harassment and don't think i should have to put up with it.

Apart from Reporting him to admin is there anyway of blocking him?
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    Originally Posted by Dan Grossman

    Originally Posted by SpudDS

    Originally Posted by Dan Grossman

    Now you're the one trashing his thread.
    Why dont you get a life and leave me alone, i have better things to do than keep on answering your stupid PMS
    Then don't?
    That'd be one request, and the last PM I sent. I didn't have a go at you, I sent you one PM that I disagreed with what you wrote and one giving an analogy in response to your rebuttal. 4 PMs including the quoted, wondering why you became defensive and rude when I was just trying to politely continue conversation...

    Originally Posted by Warrior Forum Rules #1

    If you have a problem with another Warrior, a Guru, or God, take it up with them directly. Not here. No exceptions.
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      You didnt only send 2.
      You sent the 2 you mentioned plus the 2 in the quote above.

      Why because i disagreed with you on a post did you think it was ok to send me about 4 PMs that i didnt want?

      also after i sent you the PM you quoted asking you to leave me alone why did you then think it was OK to send another one?

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