Who else clicks ads (to be nice and to be mean)?

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When I read something that really gives me value and makes me happy that I took the time to read it, I tend to click on someone's ads and spend some extra time on my visit to the site I clicked. I do this as my own sort of "tip jar" donation - Don't get me wrong: I may or may not have the direct intention of buying/converting for the advertisers on a given site, but I DO take the time to make sure I click something that at least interests me, and that I am likely going to look around in for a few minutes, so I can be a quality visitor, even if I don't end up converting for the advertiser (Depending on the resulting clicked through material, I do end up converting sometimes).

Likewise, when I see people advertising crap, or using misleading advertising, or trying to be slick (political advertisements that are not official and are very low-class/pathetic/scams that prey on the stupid, like the ones found aside many youtube videos for example) get clicked just to cost that advertiser some money.

Whenever I see something scammy, in other words, or dishonest, or in my opinion immoral, I click with no intention whatsoever to convert, and go the extra length to look around a little, or leave the tab open a while, so that it looks legit, and I get to cost some lowlife some ROI.

I know that second one is dirty, but I am sick of bullcrap ads and "advertising vultures", and I may not be able to stop them, but I can cost them.

I figure it to be about as indecent as giving a quality site owner's ads my attention is decent. It equals itself out.

Anyway, a fun little thread, to see how many people are like me, or similar with differences. What about you guys?
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    Don't get stuck on these things. You should spend more thoughts on your business
    and how to make it better.

    Unless you already achieved everything you wanted *jealous*
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    I happily click on ads that interest me.

    I personally think it is inmature and immoral to click on someones ad just to cost them money. If the ad looks like a scam or a dodgy ad I won't click on it. In my opinion your lowering yourself to the same level as the scamers and con artists.
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    To be honest, I don't understand how the second could give them any lesson. But I click anything that draws my eyes.

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    Seriously? I wouldn't click on an ad of my worst enemy for entertainment, payback, punishment or whatever you're insinuating here. I click on ads that are compelling or interesting.... because I'd like to see more or get more info. Anyone that's ever spent a dime on PPC knows just how painful a useless click can be. Let's get back to work :/
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