This is for anyone that has outsourced Content to foreign countries...

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Hello Warriors,
I am conducting a little research about the pros & cons of outsourcing written content to foreign countries.
What kinds of problems have you had?
What was your best experience?
Would you hire a Ghost from another country again?

That kind of stuff.

Any and all of your experiences would be appreciated.

I would rather gain some knowledge from those who have used foreign ghost writers, rather than reading articles.

Thanks in advance warriors
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    Why outsource content to another country when you can get way better quality domestically?
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      Most people don't care what country the writer is from as long as they can come across as a native in writing. Which native depends on what country the marketer is targeting, of course.

      I've tried a number of writers that didn't speak English as a first language and it's almost always been negative overall. Even when the grammar is correct, the idioms and expressions tend to be quite different, as well as a certain oddity to phrasing sometimes.

      They do way better in English than I would in their language, but I always specify that I need someone with the skill level equivalent to a native speaker. Many that think they have those skills, do not.

      Would I do it again? Yes, if I could find the rare person who can write the way I want. It's only happened twice thus far, but you never know.
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    I outsourced a job uploading ads to craigslist from someone on elance and was not very happy with it. He took ages and didn't answer my emails until I got annoyed. I don't know if the ads are ghosted or what but I don't seem to have got any traffic from them. Thats not to say a person from Australia would do any better, but at least I 'd be able to understand what they said. - and yes, he did speak english - kind of...
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    PS and I agree with Tina that you want a native english writer for articles and such.
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    It's going to take time for you to find someone who can write well and is still available for work. Usually the good ones are already working and have a full plate. With that being said, the usage of slang in some writings needs to be watched.

    Aphasia: Loss of Language NOT Intelligence.

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