Help with marketing layout!!

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Help with marketing layout!!

I am marketing a company made replicated website, would it be beneficial to create a blog/page and link in to my replicated page then create back links to my blog/page?

Or should I just create back links for my replicated website?
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    Press releases; Online press releases are just the BEST way of releasing news all over the internet. Doing a press release can cause such a buzz and your news article can be picked up and placed on sites such as Yahoo News, Google News. most recommended is PR WEB.
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      Hello jpastor.

      Everyone needs to have their own name domain name. I
      cannot stress this enough. Your six figure income will
      come mainly from people finding out who you are on
      your only true real estate on the internet, your own

      I have been online since 1998, and promoting affiliate
      sites only, just doesn't do the trick.
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    You could do both, but the blog needs to have good unique content. If it doesnt then focuse on backlinks and the press releases.
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      So Press Release and Back links to my replicated site?
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        It all depends on whether you want to put your effort, time, energy (and money?) into building up a page on a property which you yourself own and control, or one on a property that belongs to someone else.
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          Alexa said it just right. You should put your efforts into building something that you own, not another person's property. Another company's replicated site is just what it is, "a replicated site". Many other affiliates will have the same site. Google will probably only show one, rather that all. A blog, or website that you own can be used to filter traffic through, to your replicated site.

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