No followers on Twitter and G+ - ditch them or not ?

by mcerny
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Hi warriors.

I have a website (blog) that has been up for two months now. I'm currently using Twitter, Facebook and G+ - I have a like/follow box in the sidebar, links to the profile pages and like/+1/tweet buttons for every post.

I post everything that's on the website to all three social networks..

The problem is, there are almost no followers on G+ and Twitter compared to FB (which is still weak). FB has around 150 fans (ridiculous, I know), and twitter and g+ have around 10 each :confused:

I'm thinking about getting rid of the follow buttons and links for G+ and Twitter and just focus on Facebook (I'll keep the share/tweet/+1 buttons on posts).

Is that a good idea ? Is there anything I'd be missing ?

I know G+ is a very good thing to have for SEO. Is the +1 button enough, or should I keep sharing my blog posts to the g+ page ?
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    I wouldn't ditch them. Even if you aren't getting much traffic there is good evidence Google takes a site's social media presence into account when ranking it.

    Just my view, and perhaps SEO experts could expand?
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    I always advice my student to encourage visitors to share their content on social net sites. Don't just put the buttons there and expect that they would click.

    At the end of every post, you could have something like "If you like this post, please share with your friends and family on Facebook". That has always worked for me.
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  • Mcerny,

    I know it can be frustrating when you don’t see movement on your networks. Before you stop using them or do anything else, are you sure that the audience you are trying to reach is active on these networks? Sometimes you have to listen to see if your target market is actually using these networks in order to be effective there. It may not be your content or your effort but that people on those networks simply aren’t’ interested in your content.

    If you still think that they are, have you tried setting up scenarios that encourage people to share content or follow you on these networks. This would of course probably cost you some money (i.e. promotional offer or free giveaway, paid advertising, etc).

    Perhaps you can find some ideas in this post,

    25 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers


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    We customize your Blog, eBook, Press Release and Sale Copy content with your message.

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    I would keep them.

    Are you following anyone in your niche? Are you being social and connecting with these people?

    If not, you will see a big change once you do. Follow some people and say "HI".

    I had this problem with twitter. Once I started to follow other people, they would follow me back and have a conversation. Now I get a few followers every day.
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      I guess the problem is that I personally don't use them much. I only use facebook.

      I will still keep the +1 and twitter buttons that's for sure. I think I'll even add a delicious bookmark button.

      And no, I don't usually encourage people to share. I'm gonna start doing that.

      Thank you for the answers.
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    I was never a firm believer in getting followers in any of these social media places to get more traffic. I still don't like them and will not use them ever because frankly, I tried Twitter to build my business and found out that it is useless for me.

    FB and twitter, again it's my own view, are good only if you use their pay per click platform.
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