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Hello Everyone,

First off, I'm not sure if this is posted in the proper section so please point me in the right direction if I'm wrong, thanks!

Anyway, moving on...

I have many "faucets" running for my businesses. I like it that way because if one gets clogged I still have others pumping out water (money) for me. Awesome right?

Well, I've decided to try and turn on a new faucet for me, writing. I do plenty of it on my own for myself and friends/family so I figured why not make it something I do part time for some extra cash.

So, a question, where (outside of the WF) would be a good place to market writing articles for people's blogs or PR's and such?

Also, I'd like to offer a few (3-5) people 1 article each, of 400 words in return for a review of said services. First come first serve type deal.

As always I appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and advice I get. Thanks guys!
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  • Lwysiwyg,

    Have you tried starting out with some of the services offered by sites like elance? I know that you would be working for someone else (which is probably not your end goal) but it would help you develop a following or get an “in” to marketing to people you have already done work for.

    In the meantime or instead of doing that, you could make a website that markets those services and start promoting it however you can. If your budget is limited you could do some SEO for your site to start getting it some exposure in search or you could use paid advertising to start getting some clientele.

    Really the best thing you can do is “hit the bricks” and start networking and selling to people. Once you generate a little buzz you should start to see things like word-of-mouth and referrals taking off.

    Also, you could offer your services for sale in the appropriate sections of this forum and other relevant forums. It would help to have a website first so people could have something tangible to look at in order to learn more about you and your services.

    Here is a link to an article about marketing yourself. It offers some insights that apply to being successful with anything from starting a business to getting a job. Its all about how you approach people and where you go from there,

    8 Steps to Marketing Yourself in Today's Economy

    Good luck!

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    If you are a strong writer you can get a premium rate ($20-30 per 500 words) on sites like odesk or elance.

    You will most likely need to do some cheaper jobs first to get a good feedback score though.
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