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by kamila
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Before to start if this dont belong to here please move it or delete. thanks.
Hello this is to ask for advice and orientation.
I already take action to sales an ebook, 45 days ago, built a sales page from the ebook, I think all the necesary info is there, getting a little bit traffic some times I get 50 visits or even a little bit more than 100 visit, but Ive got no sales, so I think my sales pages is really bad. I already check about my product and everybody is searching for a solution.

today I start in fiverr I create a gig but this gigs doesnt appear where appear all gigs, in fact I go to my profile and my collection and appear a padlock in the pic of my gigs with a message " only people with a direct link can view this collection" so how people on fiverr going to see my gigs.?
what more do I need to wait or do for my gigs appear where are the rest of public gigs.

what do you recommend me please need to make money urgently. dont care if I start low.
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    Keep building up your traffic. Do ONE THING daily to build up your traffic. Next week, do TWO THINGS daily to boost traffic. The next week, do THREE THINGS, etc.

    Next, study your sales page and come up with a variation. See which gets a LOWER BOUNCE rate.
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    Yes I have to agree that if your sales pages is written by you, I believe that there would be errors in it. People do not like to read broken English or see grammar errors in a sales page. If your book is the same you are going to have a lot of trouble selling it.
    I commend you for trying but you need to get a sales page professional done.
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      On top of what the others wrote here, I would like to add that you need to have enough traffic to test your sales page, so focus on bringing more traffic and every time change your sales page, add things to it, see how other successful products' sales pages look like and copy designs and methods and then see how it effects your sales.

      If you believe in your product, and you know it can bring value to people who will buy it then don't give up on it too quickly.

      Good luck

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    it could be the sales page or the traffic, or it could be that you are just sending traffic directly to a sales page, in most cases you need to focus on building a list, and providing some helpful information to your leads to warm them up some.

    It would be rare to send traffic directly to a sales page and earn profits unless the traffic source was really good.
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