Already take action and no success

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Before to start if this dont belong to here please move it or delete. thanks.
Hello this is to ask for advice and orientation.
I already take action to sales an ebook, 45 days ago, built a sales page from the ebook, I think all the necesary info is there, getting a little bit traffic some times I get 50 visits or even a little bit more than 100 visit, but Ive got no sales, so I think my sales pages is really bad. I already check about my product and everybody is searching for a solution.

today I start in fiverr I create a gig but this gigs doesnt appear where appear all gigs, in fact I go to my profile and my collection and appear a padlock in the pic of my gigs with a message " only people with a direct link can view this collection" so how people on fiverr going to see my gigs.?
what more do I need to wait or do for my gigs appear where are the rest of public gigs.

what do you recommend me please need to make money urgently. dont care if I start low.
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