Do you know someone that can install a Parabots autoresponder?

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I have purchased several of Kaviraj ("Kavi") Kodai's Parabots CGI Auotresponders and have them installed on several sites. They have worked well and until recently Kavi has provided excellent support. However, within the last 90 days or so it is like Kavi has fallen off the face of the earth. All of my emails have gone unanswered and I do not know why. I have heard that he used to hang in this forum and hope that someone knows him and knows what has happened.

At the least I hope that one of you are familiar with his CGI autoresponder and know how to install it and make it work. If so, I would be interesting in hiring you to fix mine.

All of the sites I have that use this autoreponder are with the same host. All of them work fine except for one. When I purchase the last autoresponder, Kavi installed his new PHP v3 version rather than the older CGI v2 version. I played with the new version for a little while and although it does have a new feature or two that are nice (like ability to add attachments), I did not like the way I had to paste the HTML into the system for the emails. The email never looked like it was supposed to based upon the code I had used. So I asked him if he would please replace it with the older CGI version.

He did, but it never worked right and then he disappeared. I was able to hire someone else that knew nothing about this software to get it going, although it lacked some of the features I have with all of the other sites. Then my host did an upgrade on the server and the last installed Parabots quite running (I believe it is on a different server than the rest that are working fine). I tried again to reach Kavi but to no avail. My host recommended a programmer in Portland that he thought could help. So I hired him but he could not fix it. I know it only takes Kavi 15 minutes to install one, so I am thinking that it must be pretty easy for someone that knows what they are doing. Are any of you familiar with this product and are you able to get me up and running?

I would appreciate any information on Kavi or assistance in helping me solve my problem. Thank you!

Mike Clough
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    Try the programming part of the forum.
    Programming Talk

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    To see if there are any errors, I'd recommend checking out your raw server logs. If a script is malfunctioning, there are usually indications there. By doing that, you can find out exactly which file is messing up and on what line of code the error is occurring.
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