What steps do you take when hiring a freelance article writer?

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I am working on perfecting my sales pitch for my freelance writing business. I was wondering if some warriors could give me some input on this subject...

What steps do you go through in your mind before hiring a freelance writer?

For example:

Step 1: Read writer background information
Step 2: Check portfolio
Step 3: Check rates


Thanks in advance...
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    i found when communicating with them you can see how good or bad their writting is .regardless of what they say as usually they can tell fibs .ai also read the reviewes ..as for the prices they can be negotiated
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    Hi Jim,

    Test small..
    let's say if you have 100 articles to outsource..
    you may try to outsource 20 to 5 freelance writer.

    Then, you may judge from your own due diligent.
    Such as:
    How fast is their response rate ? response to your email..
    If they complete on time..
    If they got any messenger that you can contact through.. (save time)

    Cornel Tanady

    "A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words"

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    Testimonials...that is your answer. Once people see your testimonials, the price will become less and less important. IM'ers are looking for content that produces...if you want to get more business than you can handle, write $5/articles...if you want to stay SANE and begin to make some serious money, then get some serious testimonials and treat your article business...like a BUSINESS.

    A website
    good communication
    true knowledge of article marketing
    in depth experience in multiple niches
    ability to do effective multiple formats (regular niche articles, product reviews, ebooks)

    Jim, PM me if I can help further...I make thousands part time by following the principles above...good luck my friend!

    Mac the Knife
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    The first thing you want to do is to check how well they can write. Check their blog if they have one. Else read the mail they send to you. Are they grammatically good?

    Next, see their testimonials. This is the next best thing to do.
    Sit back and relax, while you take advantage of this freelance writer.
    Special Price:$10 per article (normally $25). PM Me for details.
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