Doing a Charity product launch - seeking a suggestion

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Hello y'all:

I have a product that I am going to do a relaunch this morning for in order to raise funds for a local family that lost everything in a fire on Christmas morning. I have 1300 FB friends (of which all I really do know) and want to use the power of FB groups, pages, likes, and shares to get the word out. My goal is to get $100,000 for this family to really help them to have, as the character Gene Kranz said in Apollo 13, their "finest hour."

Anyway, though I haven't written much sales copy, I have used a bit of what I have found to be successful and put it into mine.

My main question is about the mechanics of it. Sure, I can create a FB fan page/group, but, I need a sales page to incorporate my long sales copy. It's been a while, but I guess I can't make a site on Blogger any more, can I? (Though, I may just can't get into it.)

Once I get that, getting people to read and share won't be that much of an issue.

I already have the book uploaded on (which I have used before.)

Any other thoughts about things I could do to make it work even better?


Jeremy James
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    Go for the hail mary pass brother.

    You're doing a VERY good cause.

    So, create some creative crowd sourcing projects, tell them exactly what you're doing; crowd sourcing projects LOVE to be shared on social media sites; and if you have 1,300 REAL friends, they can help you spread the word like wild fire.

    So, check up on these sites:

    Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money

    (Those are the three biggest crowdsourcing sites I know).

    I would only create a crowdsourcing project on ONE of those sites, but visit them and see which one you like the best.

    Once you have your crowd sourcing project setup, start promoting it on your Social Media channels.

    Also, if you have money to invest, do this.

    1) Search Fiverr for the BEST and biggest people (and the BEST ratings) with social media profiles, and get them to promote. I would spend like $20 here (on 4 different people).

    2) Find the BEST person to write and promote a Press Release promoting your crowd sourcing project. (This will cost like $15, make sure they promote the press release on a PAID website).

    Do that, and that's "leverage on steroids".

    Go get em tiger.

    PS: Your crowd source is likely to succeed and has potential because you're raising money for a charitable cause, with this "injection of steroids" the sky's the limit.
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    Yeah Kickstarter might be a brilliant idea. Do they do charity stuff?
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    Just make sure your Sales letter has some Psychological Triggers like Scarcity, Social Proof. These 2 are enough to get high conversions. You can get free reviews if you explain the cause of Launch on WF
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    Well, so far, I am just doing it organically. I "launched" a little bit less than a hour ago. Before I spend any money on traffic or likes, I am going to see what I have here.

    By the way (hope I am not busting the rules - if I am, just delete,) here is my sales copy:

    kf4qhks WordPress | Just another WordPress site

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    To be blunt...

    the copy sucks.

    I think you're better off creating a kickstarter fund and going over to reddit and facebook to spread the story of what happened.

    Good luck with what ever you decide to do!
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      Originally Posted by TheSalesBooster View Post

      To be blunt...

      the copy sucks.
      Hi Jeremy,

      congrats to your noble cause!

      I agree with TheSalesBooster... the copy sucks - big time! Sorry, Jeremy, but why not tell everything straight and without all those beatings around the bush? Keep it simple! Change your Header "kf4qhks WordPress" and give your post some related name to "Charity for people in need - get your nice discounted xxx today"... Just put the burning house image on top - powerful - and tell what happened in two sentences and what you want to do in the next paragraph, SHORTLY!

      People just don't have the time read all your copy and it is not clear what you are getting to, so people will leave, as you state yourself in the second paragraph.

      So after your SHORT pitch make your call to action - keep in mind having an opt in form above the fold where you will capture people's names and emails in exchange of giving them some nice advice about something related (the 3 first chapters of your ebook or what to do in case of fires and how to get an insurance... so you even can monetize the whole thing... if you want to

      After the buy button you can always expand as long as you wish for those people who just want to learn more about it.

      In case you haven't started your crowdfunding campaign yet, I do not agree with TheSalesBooster to make it on Kickstarter, I think indiegogo is better, because you can make a campaign and get most of the collected money even if you do not reach your projected goal.

      Paste your FB group into this thread so that warriors can help liking and sharing.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind regrads,
      Failing forward fast
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        If you want to trigger that deep urge to help someone in need, use video... Words are words but having something visual will really hit them hard. Why not create a video with the family? Pictures of the devastation, pictures of the toys which would of been opened on christmas day, news coverage etc... Skip through all the sales page crap, if you truly want to help that family, youtube video, facebook, let it go viral. Put up a simple gift aid website linked to the facebook page / account which the video is on and let it go from there.

        I saw a girl today who put up a picture of herself, within a week it has 70k likes because she was being bullied at school and it was a big middle finger to them. It triggers that human response to help someone out in need.
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          Originally Posted by butters View Post

          If you want to trigger that deep urge to help someone in need, use video...
          BUMMER!!! Of course, Lee, why didn't I think of that one :confused:

          You are absolutely right on this one, best way to deliver the message!

          Failing forward fast
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    You can also get free stuff from the freebie sections of Craigslist, sell them on EBay or in local stores right away.
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    I have a couple of fund raising items that I will be working on soon too, and there is some great advice here.

    Thanks for sharing everyone.

    By the way, there is another resource that is very similar to RocketHub that might be helpful for raising money:

    Good luck!

    - Pete

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