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by Jamaal
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Hey WF members... I have a question regarding video marketing...

For those who offers this as a service what do you normally charge and what services do you offer for your price?

I'm trying to get a feel of general video marketing pricing for my future clients.
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    specialized in whiteboard animation only for now, I charge $47 for basic video, and $499 for custom video. cheaper for bulk price. hope it helps
    Send Me PM For Details, Limited Offer!

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    You can charge anywhere from $20 on up to thousands, depending in the business you are selling to.

    A great way to make easy money is to outsource the video creation to somebody on and pay only $5 for the video and then resell it for much more. It's amazing how many type of videos are available for $5, including the whiteboard animation!

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    These guys are both right on point; it all comes down to who your market is.

    Are you selling to a small startup, a Pizzaria, or a media conglomerate?

    Figure out who's paying.

    A small individual startup = $50-200

    Pizza Shop = $200 - $500

    Big Company = $1000's

    Is this price gauging? Not at all. In fact, it's all perspective in regards to how much the product is worth to them.

    Some dude selling a $6 ebook won't make much out of it really compared to a 5 star hotel.

    Graphic designers might charge an individual $200 for a logo design, but if a major fortune 500 company wants a logo design, they'll be paying HUGE.
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    You would need to be flexible in your pricing and charge different rates depending on the business of your offline client. You can start your packages from $20-$30 and go upwards to even $1000.

    Simple videos can be outsourced on fiverr for five bucks and you can easily charge $20 or more for each video. Examples of the kind of videos you can outsource on fiverr are (these are not mine, nor am I associated in any way with the video creators or biz owners):

    Hope you get the idea.
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  • videos and video marketing are different.

    For VIDEO MARKETINg i actually ranked videos for local businesses and charged $99 per month for a package consisting of the actual video and for having that video rank #1 on youtube for 2 terms.

    the key with this is that since you are ranking for local terms that include the name of the region (chinese restaurat toronto, ontario) then its fairly easy to just rank it and have it stay there for 2-4 months without extra work ... Because if you rank it 1st place then it will by itself get addittional views having it stay in possition.

    So you can rank it once, and then collect risidual income.
    $99 is not that much, but its ok for some extra cash here and there.

    The strategy i used was to actually find businesses that are currently spending money on SEO since they obviously care about appearing in the search resultts, then create and rank a video for them, and contact theem with it already done.
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    thank you all for your great feedback!
    I definitely learned a few things, especially about charging separate to rank the video #1.

    I have a question regarding the monthly charge for video marketing... Once the video is ranked #1 for the term, do you continue to charge the client a monthly fee? Or wait and hope they don't cancel?

    - Thanks
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    If you looking to make a video, please go to or - Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online and make your profile there. After making your profile post a Job regarding your specific need for video marketing. You will be getting a list of candidates and also the rates would be in ur range too... try it and then see yourself
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