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Sorry for the noobish question but what exactly do people mean when they say "buying media advertising"?
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    I want to know also.
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    I think media ads especially refers to video ads, banner ads.
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    you might be confused about media buying. Media buying iis just using videos or banners in websites related to these offers. You should use Google Global to find sites per country, and search for related sites in gtoogle. SEMrush will tell you about the visitors per months that the site is getting. A 1% CTR is common in media buying.
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    Googled it for you: Let me google that for you
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    Ah so banner and video ads on relevant sites. Thanks.
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      Originally Posted by albert12 View Post

      Ah so banner and video ads on relevant sites. Thanks.
      Yes, and one of the best way to generate traffic you can find.
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    So what would you say about

    Social media
    Education media
    Media Marketing
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    Media Buying, a sub function of advertising management, is the procurement of media real estate at optimal placement and price. The main task of media buying lies within the negotiation of price and placement to ensure the best possible value can be secured.

    Print ads in newspapers, 30 second spots on prime-time television, banner ads on websites -- each can be considered a media buy. Selecting your media buy should be an occasion for you to do some serious introspection on what it is you are selling, who you think your target customers are, and where you are likely to reach them for the lowest cost.

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