What means "Visitor Value" in warrior affiliate overview?

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Edit: in the WarriorPlus overview

What is the exact meaning of "Visitors Value", first I thought it was the turnover, but that can't be after watching the stats more closely.

Some have 13,000.- others only a couple of cents.
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    I can't speak to W+ specifically, but in general, Visitor Value is the average return for sending a prospect to the vendor's sales page.

    For example, if I offer a product with a $100 commission, and affiliates have to send 100 visitors to make a sale, on average, then my VV for that product would be $1.

    So Visitor Value is your total gain (or loss) divided by the number of visitors sent.

    This is very important in determining a) whether you can promote that product at a profit and b) whether another product might offer you, as a promoter, a better value for your time/expense.
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    so if i have no sale then there will be no earnings?
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