Would you pay for custom squeeze pages?

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In my business I've been doing a lot of list building and normally I use optimizepress or have one of my employees build them for me in HTML.

I've seen several people around the forum asking about where to get good squeeze pages and who to have design them.

I live in the Philippines and have an outsourcing center here. So I'm considering creating a service where we create new squeeze pages everyday. They will be in HTML with all PSD files to edit how you like.

Here's how I planned to do it:

- Start out with around 50 custom squeeze pages
- Build 5 + new squeeze pages everyday
- Users can submit squeeze pages they like and would like created. I would allow the users to submit ideas, what they would like on the page, but if we create the squeeze page, the file is available for everyone.
- Plan to expand this later if it takes off with blog designs for capturing leads and banner graphics for media buys.

Now if I do this I planned to charge around $37 a month. Do you think this service would be in demand here on the forum.

I see people charge $50 + for 1 custom squeeze page and I've charged more than that previously when we did design here.

If this is a service you would be interested in, what would be a fair price you would be willing to pay monthly?

I'm looking for any input before I put one of my designers on this full time. I mainly want to do this for myself so I have 100's of squeeze pages to access at any given time. I will be doing a lot of paid traffic this year and plan to be creating a lot of these anyway.
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    Could work out good but remember there are folks on Fiverr offering squeeze pages for 5$ so if you offer more or better job you should go for it
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    I would be interested but the sqeeze pages would need to be unique and different to be worth $37 to me. I am the middle of testing out different squeeze pages now and could always use more to test with.
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