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Have you seen how many people are on the forum at this moment in time

Is this some sort of record

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    I saw that too! An incredible amount of people on this forum.
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    these types of posts always get SO many replies?

    What do they have to do with making money?????

    Anyway - I never asked before so I'm asking now.

    I am just curious is all . With this new forum software, I know there is a place to put a *cyber-coffee shop* for this type of convo in this new forum software.

    They use it on the UNPI Union I belong to so I'm pretty familiar with it.

    Also, I've been a member since about 1999 but that never showed up since the LAST forum change! lol

    BTW--Is there still the ol' Warrior *secret site*?

    Best Regards, Melanie

    Investigative Resources LLC
    Thank you for your valuable business!

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