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I'm going to build a website with special videos and lock them with cpa content locking.
I'm wondering how to do it so I will get maximum conversions:
should I put only downloading links to download the videos (after they download the videos they will have to complete an offer to get the password to open the videos)
or should I include also (with the downloading links) the embedded videos that people will be able to watch online with a password that they will get after they complete an offer so in the end people will have 2 options how to get the videos.
What do you advise me to do to get the maximum conversions?
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    Post lots of snippet videos first with a lot of content that OPENS THE MIND of the reader to the opportunity. Hype up the fact that it is free. There are certain CPA programs that specialize in content unlocking. Your traffic has to be US traffic though to get the most bang out of your buck. Developing country traffic doesn't yield much CPA cash for many niches.
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